Canva - Blue and Black Butterfly on Gree


Infiniti's given name is Vanessa, which means Butterfly...

And now she is,

Infiniti-The Healing Butterfly

Infiniti has always loved butterflies, but it wasn't until around 2012  that she could really identify with their messages of change, metamorphosis and evolution.  Always happy with the name Vanessa, it was odd to change it to INFINITI when she was guided to in 2017.  However, "INFINITI" is her Spirit Name and it is to remind others of their infinite Soul's, their infinite power.  She is to show by living her own magical life, that we can change and become something completely different if  we believe we have the power to do so.  No one who knew her before can fathom her own evolution.  From chronically ill and super-sick to a person who can heal people and animals worldwide is a change no one could have imagined-especially her!  Her own amazing journey has taught her about what is real and what is really possible. This is what she wants to help others discover as well. 

Home Life

Infiniti lives and works from home in the Southern California, San Bernardino Mountains with her many pets including her "original cats", her Dog Rosie, her one legged rescue Dove, Ariel and the "house cats" that are now her family too-the ones that came with the house she moved into in April of 2019. She grew up and lived most of her life in Orange County, California and even though she was sick most of the time, one of her favorite things to do has always been swimming and snorkeling in the Laguna Beach waters in the summer. She's obsessed with nature, art and animals and considers herself an eternal child at heart. Always taking photos, videos, singing, dancing and talking with her many animals or "the wild things". She spends her time connecting to her guides, healing people & animals, which she is very addicted to. She is also an artist and very passionate about her Divinely Guided Art. Much like her experience from sick to well, she went from not being able to draw to being able to quite miraculously. As her abilities have increased for healing, psychic work, being a medium and healer, so did her art.  She truly feels that her art is a form of channeling and that it's a split between remembering how she's been an artist in previous incarnations AND tapping into guides who come through her to guide her art. It may sound weird, but given everything else she can do through intention-it's right in line. She is always working on her various art projects in pencil, digital, water color and macro photography. Creating is what balances everyone, but for some people it's imperative and this is true for Infiniti.

"The Key Is To Create" was a messaged channeled to her many years ago- one that she didn't understand for a long time. Now, it is her life, and she knows how important it is for others and hopes to help other Lightworker's pursue their creative sides as well. In that effort, she has another website, called "The Key Is To" where she sells her art and she is looking to gather other creators for her creator's portal so more and more people can feel the SOUL POWER of CREATING.  Visit, to see all that she has available for instant download and print.  Aside from her passion for art, she is obsessed with staying connected to her Spirit Tribe and being guided in everything she does, she is always paying attention to messages, signs and synchronicities and reminds you to do the same! 

Training & Certifications

Life and being a Psychic Physical Empath, Medical Medium, Psychic, Channel and Natural Healer and being guided by The Light, being connected to her Spirit Tribe and Divine Beings has been and is her ongoing (infinite) training. She's beyond qualified to do what she was made to do.  Being alive for 47 years in her body, and living with horrible pain and the chronic illness of Fibromyalgia and then curing herself, digging deep within herself and her soul and knowing what she is and is here to do, doing research on countless topics and going to Spiritual School in her own life,  and working with energy tirelessly for the last 8 years now has been her real life training. The people and animals she has worked with thus far, their testimonials and their recoveries, their progress away from their previous lives, and her amazing abilities to feel and connect with the body, soul and spirit Tribe of the people she works with is what she has built her practice upon. Hopefully you're not one who needs to see a piece of paper from an institution to verify her existence and her many abilities.

As a naturally gifted person who's been getting messages & healing people and animals her entire life-the "certificate" are the results- the immediate results that transpire when working with her.  She is "The Real Deal" with multiple highly evolved abilities all working together to help her clients in multiple ways. You will feel her working with your energy when you are connected to her for even simple psychic work, but prepare yourself to feel deep and intense energy when working with her in healing sessions. 

For more about Infiniti & her story, click the link below.

My Philosophy

YOU 100% Empowered!

Crystal Clear Intentions...

"I want to get you to the best possible energetic status possible. I want you as healed, cured, healthy, pain free as 100% as I can get you.

I want to help you to connect to your Spirit Tribe, your Soul so you can live your best life. I am not one to hope for dependency from you, quite the opposite!


While I am always & forever here for all of my clients/friends, I want you to be empowered to know yourself, your body and how to fix it, or at least how to regulate it on a daily basis. 

Come to me when you need help to clear, heal or connect but I will always empower you to do these things for yourself, to learn as you go. 


I want you to be as connected spiritually as you are willing to be, and I am your guide to help get you there.


I will empower and cheer you on and always be here for you, but I am not pushy, I won't chase, I won't force a healing ever, but I will always encourage you to push yourself, to be responsible to yourself and your metamorphosis. 

Empowering you to your ultimate evolution is what I'm all about."