Meet Dave

Dave Haskins is an astrologer who looks to empower others by helping them understand and own their unique blueprint as represented through astrology.


Dave felt very disempowered through much of his life due to the limitations of traditional religion and other limiting beliefs in society. 


This compelled him to explore and master astrology, so he could bring the nonjudgmental message of worthiness to everyone he works with and as supported by universal truths.

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My Story

Dave started his work as an astrologer 10 years ago. First learning it for and about himself, then making it his mission to help others understand themselves through this fascinatingly accurate tool.

He felt inspired to reach more people during a time when so many people were looking for answers to their lives and how they fit into the bigger picture.  


Dave’s work has been a powerful step in empowerment, awareness and self-love for many, and his clients continually refer their loved ones to him.


He is a Psychic Empath who is sought out for his expertise as an astrologer, teacher, coach and healer.


As part of the EVOLVE NOW program, you will experience firsthand Dave’s encouraging, supportive way of incorporating astrology into your healing journey. His intuitive nature, spiritual connections and astrological expertise is at the highest of levels. 

Dave’s special skill of tying the astrology to your Soul Story is liberating and an exceptional enhancement to the overall program.


Come unearth your Soul Story with Dave as seen in the stars, and as laid out through this very robust program that looks to empower you!


The universe brings us the people who are meant to be in our world.