"ALL of my clients are immediately relived of pain
after ONE session with me."

When you have a Chronic Condition

or any constant illness or disease or pain-

life is miserable.

Are You Ready To ESCAPE The Pain?

The Prison? The Desperation?

The Depression? The Isolation?

The Guilt?

Are you DONE 

Watching your kids grow up "without you"?

Missing time with friends and family?

Missing time with them because you're in bed,

in too much PAIN or too EXHAUSTED

to spend quality time together?

Have You Been Wishing









Would You Believe It When It Showed Up?

Letting go of the fear of the unknown
is the first step in deciding to travel to places beyond your scope
of experience or understanding.
Become something different than what you currently are.
It truly is within YOUR power.  
Miracles Are Back In Style
"She gave me hope. I can’t explain what she does because most of the time she would be out of my line of sight. All I know is that as she did whatever she did—most times without even touching me, although sometimes she brushed my arms down, and the like—I could feel a change of the intensity within minutes. Skeptics would say, you were open to believing and you made yourself feel better. Part of that is true. I was open to it. It was said Jesus couldn’t do miracles because their faith was weak, so I was open to God using her to help me do more than exist."
"My emotions and thoughts have become so much clearer. I'm also much more focused. I could go on and on with wonderful things to say about my healing but I will keep this short and sweet. Infiniti is amazing! She is sweet, kind, wise, and strong in all the right places. If you are serious about clearing and healing so you can grow to your highest potential, a healing by Infiniti is a great place to start."
"She has been so on point with being guided by my guides that I am so happy I have made her a part of my life. She has helped me avoid situations and also kept me on track. She is such a wonderful soul and genuinely interested in my well being, I cannot thank her enough. "
"She has brought be back from the brink of impossible headaches, low back pain that made me want to go back to bed with an ice pack. Sciatica, lumbar, neck and thoracic, and, of course, carpal tunnel have all improved with her treatments."
no longer feeling pain 24/7, no longer being exhausted "for no reason", no longer avoiding the world because of "how you'll pay for it later" no longer managing your body so you can survive another day, hour, minute...
I know exactly how that is and I know imagining it all being a memory probably  sounds like a fantasy-but it's not.
It is real. 100% real. 
You were NOT meant to live in misery & pain & isolation. 
It can be different-
I'll show you. 


Infiniti Dismantled Fibromyalgia 
For Herself-In 90 Seconds.
After a lifetime of suffering physically, and 15 years after her Fibromyalgia diagnosis. After her son was grown. He suffered with her through the hell of a "sometimes" Mom because of Severe Fibromyalgia. 
Imagine Healing From The Comfort Of Your Own Bed-
Anywhere In The World. 
INFINITI is "The Real Deal"
Medical Medium, Psychic Physical Empath
Distance Infinite Love-Light Healer,
& Spiritual Liaison 
Her one and only true problem was not understanding herself----
She didn't know how her body worked and what her body was doing without her knowing it that cause ALL of the problems.
She, like most people didn't know ANYTHING about how her own body operated or how to make it feel right when it didn't. She just knew to take the pills she was given, try to be as still and quiet and make it day by day.
But it wasn't just when she was in her mid 20's that she had problems-she was always in pain of some sort her entire life and -it took much longer back then to get a diagnosis but for her entire life she was in some sort of physical discomfort or issue or multiple issues.
From sudden and horrible headaches and migraines, to joint pain, to exhaustion, to depression, to IBS, AT THE SAME TIME-and all sorts of things that would come and go.
If you know Fibro, that's how it goes. It's multiple horrible things going on all at once and it's torture.
Finally, when she was 25 she was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She fit the criteria to a T-very severely
"You're the most severe case I've ever seen"
Said Infiniti's Board Certified Rheumatologist specializing and being one of the pioneers in diagnosing and treating Fibromyalgia back in the early and mid '90's when Infiniti was struggling to figure out what was wrong with her.
This was when most of the medical community did not believe in this condition, when there were no specific pharmaceuticals  for it either.
This was back when the best you could do was manage it with a cocktail of medications, and TRY to understand what set things off.
At one point Infiniti was on 10 different medications for not only Fibro but Hashimotos Disease as well, (which is also common with people with Fibromyalgia).
In total, she had 5 Specialists. Also, common. Also, not fun and exhausting on you and your family. 
Then one day  (approaching 10 years ago) that she cured herself/rid her body of the energy causing ALL of these issues, and she's never looked back since.
THIS WAS NOT a new lifestyle or diet that "made her feel better" it was one massive event where she rid herself of the issue causing the Fibromyalgia-which a condition that's been around for HUNDREDS OF YEARS, despite what modern medicine would say.
There's nothing "new" about it, it's just that there's more people who are living now who are all having the same reaction. 

"When we sat down for her to heal my knee, the energy and heat coming from her and her touch was very, very hot and I felt it throughout my body. After a few minutes there was no pain or swelling and it has been like that ever since. Almost every single night for years and years I had to put a pad on my knee for the pain and swelling, but not since Infiniti healed it.

Better yet, WHY is it a thing AND WHAT causes it- specifically for YOU?
Because as you know, everyone experiences this condition VERY differently.
There is a reason for that.
There is a general reason and then your specific reasons for why your particular body does the confusing things it does.
Don' t you want to know, aren't you ready for the answers?
Why it's like you are on a boat, alone on the ocean, in a storm, without a compass or a map and nothing makes sense.
You are not in control of what your body is doing or experiencing. 
There's a reason for that.
It's not random and it's not something YOU are doing or not doing. 
It's what you don't know. It's what nearly no body knows. 
The million dollar questions:
"What causes Fibromyalgia?" AND "How to get rid of it?"
Let's face it-both of these questions have been abandoned
with the answers: "Who know's?" AND  "We can't." 
How frustrating to never have the reasons why.
Eliminate Chronic Illnesses?
Eliminate Chronic Pain?
It's absolutely possible.
But to fix a problem you need to know the cause of the problem and this has been the issue all along with Fibromyalgia, not understanding WHY this is happening to a particular set of people-young and old.
When you don't know the cause of a problem then you cannot fix it effectively- at best you are managing the mess but you are not getting rid of the problem causing the mess. 
And this is what has been so elusive to everyone BUT, Infiniti lived it her entire life and then in an instant- it was all GONE. 
Via her divine connection and the information she was given, she was able to deal with the root problem, and once that happened- there was no longer a mess to manage.
She knows exactly what the problem is and she has the abilities, Divine support and proven history to eliminate the problem for you as well.
Simply put: It's about plugging one machine (Infiniti) into another machine (You).
This not only gets the hidden, coded information about your one of a kind machine, but a cleaning, rebooting and recharging of the machine takes place. 
This deletes the charges causing the Fibromyalgia "Program".
Then we begin a downloading process of how to work with this "refurbished" machine.
"Infiniti is no ordinary healer.
This is not your general energetic healing by any means.
Infiniti is wise beyond words and if you have the opportunity to have her as your healer, prepare for your life to change in beautiful ways."
So, What's The Problem?
Why Am I Sick?

First, here's the good news-

Your Physical BODY is not actually "sick".

Second, you have more than one body,

and it's the OTHER BODIES that ARE SICK...

You have 5 Bodies, even more if you count ALL of them,

however for practical reasons we are going to discuss

The Main 5 Bodies that humans are comprised of

but usually & VERY UNFORTUNATELY we only work with

ONE of them, the Physical body.

That's like doing a book report and only reading every 5th chapter of the book! 


That's NOT the entire story.

The PHYSICAL Energy Body
The Organic, the flesh, bones, organs. It works with the matrix of the rest of the bodies. This body is highly affected by negative energy.
The ETHERIC Energy Body
The Closest & most sensitive energy body that works with the Physical Body,
but it resides just outside and around the Physical Body.
This body is highly affected by negative energy.
The EMOTIONAL Energy Body
The Third Energy Body is where our emotions are stored. This body can cause a lot of harm to the overall body and mental state, especially when in fear or when triggered at all. This body as well as the The Etheric bodies, are very absorbent and sticky. They also are sensitive to the past and hold on to trauma. This body is highly affected by negative energy.
The MENTAL Energy Body
Our Mental Energy. What we think about, put our focus into. Where a lot of ideas come from. You could say that THE EGO usually a blend of the EMOTIONAL & MENTAL bodies, however-depending on the person, the ETHERIC body could trigger the other ones if it is the more sensitive body, or more affected at any given time.This body also is in charge of maintaining our foundational structures, aka things we believe in, our BELIEF system.
Regardless of if it being correct or not.
This body is highly affected by negative energy.
The SPIRITUAL Energy Body
This body is the connection we have to our Souls, Spirit Tribe, Mother-Father God, All Beings Divine, The Universe. It is our "Higher Self"awareness and higher level consciousness. This is the last of our main bodies, the one that for the most part for most people, is the toughest to connect to and work with. Especially if the other bodies are out of alignment. However, regardless of the state of any of the above, it can and will be the one that is activated to "Awaken" the other bodies. This process is referred to as, "Spiritual Awakening" or "Universal Understanding". 
This body is highly affected by negative energy.
Negative energy can and does absorb, attach and get stored into any and all of these bodies, causing ALL of the issues in The Physical body. 

For some people, their particular negative energy issue gets managed in a way where it is more attached to a particular energy center or chakra and will transmute or become a particular issue, illness, disease in the body.


We are also predisposed to our own type of attraction to negative energy and we area also taking on that of our ancestors for healing here in the physical.

An example would be someone who deals with negative energy, stress and is sensitive to food would have issues with their Solar Plexus Chakra. 

This could and would cause issues like IBS, Bloat, Gas, Gluten Allergies, Crone's Disease, Ulcers,  Diverticulitis and other issues such as these

For people with Fibromyalgia, what happens is that all of the bodies are constantly filtering energy, all of The Chakras are always affected and because of the particular way your body vibrates in constantly transmuting the energy, it won't attach to just one place.

Also, where you are physically, who you're around at any given moment, 

what you dealt with in the last few days can be like riding a

constant wave of energy you cannot control.

Of course, for some people they have Fibromyalgia and another or more than one other conditions or illness as well. And usually if that happens it is an overflow from all of the energetic bodies and it then will attach usually to a body-wide  system like the Autoimmune, Neurological, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Vagal,  VS a specific area or organ that is affected.

"I decided to work with INFINITI on a clearing and a healing.
After the healing, my depression has significantly lifted and the
discomfort I was feeling from the hernia operation has vanished.
INFINITI has never met me in person and was able to do this remotely.
I very much trust her. She is very empathic and powerful."
Shawn's Post Healing Video  

To figure out exactly what is going on with your system and why it is reacting this way, we need to look at the individual system. Once we "get in there" we'll get the information and "crack your personal energy code"  that will help you handle how you deal and process energy so you can (mostly) manage yourself from this point forward once you learn

what's going on and how to deal with it. 


Imagine going from being blindfolded to being able to see the machine you're operating, and the instrument panel, and the road, and the caution signs. None of which you saw before.

You truly go from ignorant to empowered.

Sick to Super. 

The bottom line is that you have a

condition of being

1) sensitive to energy &  2) filtering energy 


ENERGY that has effects the

entire system-and your entire life.

Every second of every single day.

The solution is to pull apart the energy in the different layers that is causing the constant, widespread pain, etc. 

To do this, we connect to the different layers of energy bodies, all of the Chakra's and release that energy and then replace it with the highest vibrational energy in creation:


What your

Soul ENERGY is,

what your Life ENERGY is 

and what

charges your


"That healing was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had! I was on another plane."

And Generally..

Feeling "old" uncomfortable, overweight, in pain, depressed regularly and you're under 85-it's not your fault-it's ENERGY trapped in your body for various reasons.


This list could go on, and and on-truly anything that is wrong going on in the body IS ENERGY and because of that it can be dealt with as such-energetically.

As you can see this is a short list, but with BIG issues.

Infiniti can help anyone with anything.

Here's a short list a few of the most common

(but not minor)

issues people have that Infiniti can help. 

We can essentially, "delete" and "reboot" the entire system helping everything that the body is presenting as a "problem". Problems are just clues to what's wrong and needs fixing. This includes the following list of issues that we can take care here.  


Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue, Mental Illnesses, MS, Avoid People & Social Situations, You're On Disability For Any Reason, Take Prescription Drugs Daily or Often, DIABETES, Thyroid, Have Trouble Sleeping (too little, too much, not well), Restless Leg Syndrome, ASTHMA, Bloated, IBS, Skin Issues LIKE Eczema, ACNE,  ALLERGIES, Headaches, Menopausal or Premenopausal Issues, Migraines, WEIGHT/Food ISSUES, Trouble Concentrating, ADHD, ADDICTED to ANYTHING, COPD, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Arthritic, Joint Pain, Eyes Sight Disturbances, Exhaustion, CROHNS, CANCER, etc. 

The 'Ancient' Way  To The New You

Energy Healing is the oldest healing modality in the world and that's because people like Infiniti have always been BORN HEALERS.


 It continued in this life time-using her energy to heal people and animals naturally and even unintentionally her entire life.





Clearing out the dense, negative energy from your entire life

and replacing it with 

The Highest Vibration In Creation:


Your Soul Was Sparked From LOVE.


Infiniti can Channel this energy directly from Source and send it into your body, TRUE QUANTUM HEALING eradicating negative energy like a laser, replacing it with the






Rick called me the morning after his

Total Body Healing-he was extremely excited.

Here's What Went Down:


And he laughed and laughed, he got me giggling.

I love getting these calls.

"This morning when I got up to go to the bathroom,



More laughing as he recalls what happened. 


"WHAT?" I said. 

"Usually, I have to push myself out of the recliner, you know,

I'm stiff and heavy, my back hurts and I did what I usually do-half asleep needing to pee really bad, and with the force I did it,

I FLEW out of my chair like a 19 year-old!" 



Sounds like he spent the night with Petter Pan!


"Oh WOW!"

I said trying to imagine this FLYING out of his chair thing...

Wasn't easy, but kinda funny.

Rick looks just like Santa. 

"Yeah, I feel so LIGHT, Infiniti!-"

"Oh that's wonderful, I'm so glad you feel good.

This makes me so happ-"



"Oh, ok what's going on? What else?"

He was so excited, 

what was he going to tell me? 

Flying out of his chair? Hitting the dresser?

That's many feet away.

I can't imagine this. 


"So, I go to the bathroom, and I'm ready to see the usual,

really dark, dark urine."


"Oh really?"

I didn't know he had that going on. 

Then I started thinking about his healing 

the day before and how I "saw" his prostate 

and what it looked like, and it

made sense that it would cause bloody urine.

"I didn't know that." I said.

I had seen him looking into the toilet

with the urine being dark, but I thought that

meant it might be like that AFTER

the healing and I had even told him not to worry about it.

"Yeah, I didn't tell you that, but yes since my cancer 

and radiation my pee is always dark bloody in the morning." 

"WOW, OK..."

Given what I was told and saw

and did with him in the healing, 

it's making more sense now... 


"So, this morning?


Normal PEE!

For the first time in YEARS

I have normal pee in the morning!

I thought it would always be this way-until NOW!"

I live for this!

We really focused on his Prostate in his healing,

so it was really awesome to get this result. 

It's been several months now,

and Rick still reports clear urine. 


You can watch Rick & I talk about all of this in his 

Post Healing Video Here.

"It's What I Was Born To Do. Literally.

Helping people to heal and understand their bodies, get in alignment with themselves, go through their own personal process of metamorphosis-remember and activate the person they are meant to be. No matter what life they lived to this point. One of Infiniti's TOP PRIORITIES is to LIGHT UP others. 


She has helped to identify many people as Lightworker's and Empaths and Healer/Empaths who didn't know what they were-dealing with physical or emotional issues because of it-and not knowing made life very difficult. For the ones who wanted to get into alignment, to learn about themselves, they embarked on a journey of self discovery, healing and deep awareness on different levels, met with resistance and fear and confusion of the overwhelming understanding in a brand new way that is very intense. 

She's been there so she understands and she helps them them get clear-mentally and energetically so physically they can FEEL GOOD and know themselves as themselves without outside influences of others. They get "online" with themselves in a while new way, so they may live their best lives fulfilling their Soul Missions to the best of their abilities as they grow and evolve.

The purpose of being here and helping people unlock this code

is something Infiniti is beyond passionate about. It truly is a "Mission".

Are You Ready To Discover The Most Natural Way To Heal Yourself

Working With Your Energy Centers & Body

Clearing, Grounding & Energy Infusion

With The Highest Vibration In Creation

Infinite Love Light Energy

Medical Medium
Psychic Physical Empath
Quantum Distance Energy Healer
Unquestionably-The "Real Deal"
"The Healer's Healer"

Take Control


I feel so light in spirit, emotions and mental state after reading with her. So uplifting! Not, that her reading are light and sugar-coated, but that she seems to know how to tune into exactly what is important. The info is exact to what I experienced and how people in my life have reacted to me and in situations and the way they look at things.
With INFINITI'S gentle touch (on my cat) "Son" is has been and after 2 weeks eating more and his cold is virtually gone (after 5 years of suffering). He has a small wetness and his sinuses are dry instead of very wet!
My dog had an ear infection, and medicines cured it, but then it came back again over and over, my first cat had bad a bad coat and became very fat, and my second cat had digestive issues and bad blood analysis results. Every doctor we met told us completely different things, changed nutrition for couple of times, but it didn't work. Then we met Infiniti and it turned out that all my pets had negative attachments and she healed them all in one session.
Also she spoke to our pets and told us what they wanted to improve in our relationship. 
I am more in tune with myself, those around me and in a much better place. I love Infiniti and I'm beyond blessed to have crossed paths with her.
When we sat down for her to heal my knee, the energy and heat coming from her and her touch was very, very hot and I felt it throughout my body. After a few minutes there was no pain or swelling and it has been like that ever since. Almost every single night for years and years I had to put a pad on my knee for the pain and swelling, but not since Infiniti healed it.
Wow! And she explains things so well, leaving little to no room to question further. Exceptional. Very gracious person, as well.