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First...A thank you.

To all of my clients who have worked with me to help you heal physically. To rid your pain and help you heal-has been a joy and a pleasure and a privilege to bring you into the body that you are meant to have. You are true pioneers, working with someone who is a Medical Medium, Psychic Empath and Natural Healer...I have zero certifications or formal training-just going on your intuition and guidance to work with me and trust that I could and would help you.
I appreciate your faith. I'm happy I could exceed your expectations.  Thank you to those who have come to me to seek Psychic Advice/Spiritual Guidance and to connect you to your Spirit Tribe. It brings me great joy to be your liaison to your Soul.

Finally, thank you for bringing your beloved pets to me to help them heal.  As much I as love to help people, it is such a special thing to connect with animals over great distance energetically and telepathically and find out what the problem is and heal them and to get the information that is so important for you, as their caretaker to have. They are always so open and ready to be heard and to heal. I hope that energy radiates through the collective so more Souls can experience the oldest, most natural form of healing known to creation. 

I'm so grateful to everyone who took the time to write out a testimonial, or to join me in a post healing interview.
I truly appreciate & LOVE you,

Forever & Always,


Some of Infiniti's past clients have been kind enough to share their experiences...

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