Has taken over everything everywhere, and hundreds of thousands have tested positive and many thousands have lost their lives. 

This is serious and it should be taken seriously. In a world where the message is to stay home and hope to recover, to only go to the hospital when you are unable to cope at home, when you are unable to breathe on your own.

That is a hopeless message, especially when you know that the hospitals are packed and overrun.

Living in terror when you're sick isn't an ideal situation.

I have a different message. 

We do have power over this and any other illness-no matter what it is


Take back your power and let me help you fight this incredibly painful and scary illness together. 

Before it gets to the point of needing the hospital. And if you or a loved one is already there-I can help you from there as well.

Go to my BLOG and listen this video for more information about The Coronavirus, and what I do to help you.