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Infinite Love Light Energy

Clearing & Healing Infusion

For Couples

Whether your a new couple who want a really fresh start with this new relationship and to really let go of your history that may be holding you back in relationships or have been together for many years, and/or your getting married or moving in together or having a baby, do your relationship this tremendous favor and TOGETHER drop the energy that is keeping you from really going deep in your relationship. 

Holding back after past relationships, bringing in old energies whether within or before your current relationship. Or maybe there’s been pain, resentments or even infidelity and betrayal?Trust and intimacy lost between you? Maybe you got it back but sexually there’s a block. This will absolutely help on all of those levels and so much more.

If you are interested in a NEXT LEVEL relationship, one where communication, spirituality, higher level connectedness, unity and infinite love is at the center of your intimacy and your sex life-


This type of session is done via video conferencing on Zoom.

After a short meeting to discuss the process and any questions, you both get comfortable in your bed and listen to my voice for the remainder of the session.


1-A general full body clearing for both of you. That is where I connect with you both and then clear the general space and space around you individually and in your room.

I receive messages from both of your Spirit Tribes in regards to you and your relationship so I can facilitate the releasement if dense/negative energies.

2-You both are grounded into Gaia, via your 7 Main Chakra's one by one. This releases even more energies that are heavy and blocking you.

3-Deeper set energies are at this stage that I work to release throughout your body and energies are untangled in and around all of your Chakra's.

4-We work directly with your Root, Sacral and Heart Chakras with the intention of connecting you both on a deeper level. 

Solar Plexus, Throat and 3rd Eye Chakra's are cleared and given energy with the intention that from that point forward, you are much more freely to know and speak your truth about your relationship to yourself and each other, and will have a stronger psychic bond. And your Crown Chakra is activates to connect you stronger individually to your higher-selves.

This is really beautiful, intense and magical energy work session with you that I consider a privilege and an  honor to be apart of.

You will feel the love for yourself and your partner on a much more spiritual level and your Authentic Soul Selves can now come into being with each other like never before.


A balanced and more harmonic, joyful, bliss filled love affair.

Increase in sex drive if that’s been out of balance.

Better communication. 

Better intimate encounters. 

Stronger longer and better orgasms. 

The desire to open up to each other and share about your sex life and desires dramatically increases.

Desire for more frequent sex. However things between you should be more in balance overall.

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