Infinite Love Light Energy Total Body Clearing & Healing 

& Fundraising for

Disaster Relief & Animal Rescues



One of the unique things that Infiniti can do is work with people and animals worldwide and it's just as effective as if she was with them-but much more convenient!


This affords her the opportunity to work with organizations everywhere who are open to working with her! 


She's passionate about nature and animals and anyone

who feels the same way. 

Please contact Infiniti to have her work with your organization to:

+Heal & Pain relief of any kind for any animal domestic or wild life

+Pre & Post surgery healing & recovery


+Emotional Trauma

+She can work with groups of animals or one on one

+She offers special clearing & healing sessions to people who are taking care of animals in disasters or rescues


Contact Infiniti  to create a one of a kind pencil drawing to be used to raise money for your organization.

Artwork can be sold as art prints or put on countless items and sold to raise money. 

She offers this free of charge. 

Below are some examples of the type of work that she can do.

Please visit, to purchase prints & merchandise.

the key is to

The Kangaroo Sanctuary-Alice, Australia 

the key is to

the key is to

*Sea Turtles work in progress

*Summit Nature Preserve, South Africa

the key is to

Bald Eagle Available For Purchase

the key is to

*Mother & Baby Bears work in progress

Pencil Work can be digitally painted like the ones below.

the key is to

Bald Eagle Available For Purchase

the key is to

the key is to

"Happiness" Available For Purchase

the key is to

*Chimpanzee work in progress


Get A birthday Surprise!



Professional Prints and

Instant Digital Downloads

Join the Creator Portal!

Projects In The Works:

Divine Oracle - A Card Deck

Infinite Animal Spirit Oracle Deck

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Infiniti is a holistic practitioner, she is not a licensed medical physician. CALIFORNIA SB577 Compliant.

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