What Client's Say About Working With Infiniti
"That healing was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had!
I was on another plane."
Rick's Post Healing Video
"She has been so on point with being guided by my guides that I am so happy I have made her a part of my life. She has helped me avoid situations and also kept me on track. She is such a wonderful soul and genuinely interested in my well being, I cannot thank her enough. "
Empath - Lightworker
Understanding how your body works, how sensitive you are but also-how powerful you are as well is
THE KEY to living your best life.
"She has brought be back from the brink of impossible headaches, low back pain that made me want to go back to bed with an ice pack. Sciatica, lumbar, neck and thoracic, and, of course, carpal tunnel have all improved with her treatments."
Feeling the
"Call To Action"
Deep Within.
You Are...
"My emotions and thoughts have become so much clearer. I'm also much more focused. I could go on and on with wonderful things to say about my healing but I will keep this short and sweet. Infiniti is amazing! She is sweet, kind, wise, and strong in all the right places. If you are serious about clearing and healing so you can grow to your highest potential, a healing by Infiniti is a great place to start."
"I have two equally important Prime Missions.
The first is to help people with Fibromyalgia,
and of course other chronic conditions.
I am uniquely equipped to help people
who suffer from anything, however-
because I had Fibromyalgia, I know exactly
what it's about and I can very much
relate to being afflicted with this condition. 
I also know what it's like to be rid of it-
and live in a body that isn't in pain 24/7
and I can duplicate that for other's. 
3-6% of the World Population.
Although nearly all 90% of them are WOMEN,
it affects CHILDREN and MEN as well.
The current  idea regarding Fibromyalgia
is that it is a lifelong condition that is incurable. 
It is curable. It is possible to eliminate
the cause of the problem(s) and have a body
that is not in severe pain and fatigue chronically.
It is possible to know what it's like to live in a
body that is regulated and free of energy that is
making them sick.
Then they are able to understand the energy their body in order to maintain their energy and live a life that makes sense.
I've been guided to make it a point to reach
out to Fibromyalgia patients, specifically parents
not only because being a present, affective parent is very difficult when you're chronically sick, but because it's common for these physical issues to run in the family. 
It's all about how energetically sensitive a body is and these things tend to run in families, and since this is something that doesn't have to actually be "a thing"I am beyond motivated to reach and help families NOW."

"As a Medical Medium,

I feel in my body exactly what you feel in yours-

even over great distance-

I'm designed to not only know exactly what the places are that need healing most within you-right now-

but I help you





The Lightworker 
and Empath Journey
My Second Mission focus is to work with 
The Light Bodies: Empath's, Lightworker's/Lightwarrior's "The 9's"
who are In Service or feel the call to be. 
Fully Activate their Divine Soul Union through
The Deepest Clearing & Energy Healing In Creation:
Infinite Love Light Energy Infusion coupled with
Chakra Alignment & Infusion with GAIA & her own Energy Systems
Spiritual Connection to their Higher Self/Spirit Tribe
via my Divine Channel 
Each Divine Soul-Light Body-Lightworker
who is  as clear, healed and online & inline
within themselves, and their Souls
are able to live their best lives,
free of illusionment, negative cords 
and on the path of what their
Authentic Soul Self is
and carry out their Divine Soul Mission(s),
usually be In Service to others while resonating
at the highest frequency possible.
For those who are In Service:
any kind of coach,
holistic practitioner
psychic or healer:
either actively or  being called to help
GAIA and Humanity in your own way-
which is what ultimately makes Lightworker's their
happiest and most fulfilled.
However, once you have worked with a clearing
and healing of this caliber you are an even more powerful
healer, seer, or coach with an even greater connection to
The Divine, so you may better help your clients heal and achieve 
even better results because YOU as the mechanism is clearer and more connected FOR THEM.
And FOR YOU, the upgrades and activations,
continuous downloads and new balance,
flow and being infused and grounded with GAIA, 
connection to your Spirit Tribe-all of which will be
unimaginably upgraded.
Imagine what you may have been experiencing 
with ascension symptoms
now MULTIPLY that by at least 10 times, but DIVIDE the uncomfortable aspects of it greatly because your body has DUMPED and DETOXED in big ways, making for the incoming energies to permeate easier and you to not experience such radical symptoms. This will also eliminate the need for your body to go into a spontaneous detox aka The Flu or Cold.
So you have the benefits of heightened abilities and connections with ongoing symptoms being reduced due to eliminating blocks, tags, and attachments in MAJOR chunks so you are upgraded much more easily in the future.

"When something is "off" and I tap in with you-I'll know what's going on with your Chakras/Energy Centers, because I'll feel them. I'll know what's blocked and where you have dense energy and feel pain. Then, I untangle it, freeing the body of energy that doesn't belong there."


2020 Has Arrived
and from this point forward,
we the Light Body Collective 
are to be here for, and support and heal
and help each other. 
We all have something special and unique and
very important to offer the world and each other
and it's time for us to come together,
have trust and faith in the process that we can
come together and make this world the place we
see in our visions. It takes us working together to life each
other so we can do our best work for humanity.
Now is when we have to work
to live as connected as possible to our Souls,
to be as clear and healed as possible. 
To heal ourselves to the best of our ability so we may
do the work we are here to do. 
The ultimate goal of  This (collective) Mission is not only to
heal and clear Lightworker's but to create a group
of Lightworker's who lift and empower each other
to be as potent a healer or guide as they possible can be. 
This benefits every one. 
This is The Mission of The Light.
I'm blessed to be able to do this work,
and I hope to get a chance to work with you in this way,
if it is meant to be. 

"I'm here to help


The Lightworker's Power

by getting you to neutral, clearing you,

infusing you with creator energy

Infinite Love Light Energy.

Talk about 


Not that you're not already AWESOME


Together, we transform you into a new level of

Lightworker, Healer,

Spiritual Guide.

My Mission is YOU & Your Mission."



Supporting You-
Dear Lightworker
Together, Eliminating 




Physical or Emotional 

From Illness or Injury, Trauma or Addiction


Helping to Identify, Heal and Mentor

All Types & Levels of



If this is your very first of knowing what a "Lightworker" is-or you've known for decades-if you're a coach or healer yourself-I can help you."

It's why I'm here. 

For You, For The Collective 
Lightworker's Gift (2).png

"My Passion to help people comes from a deep knowing,

understanding and confidence in my abilities and connections.

What fuels this fire?

I know all too well what it feels like to be in pain and miserable-

I just want to help make all of that go away...

 Being able to help and work with any "body" and greatly improve

 health, energy, happiness and the overall guidance work I do

really changes the bodies and lives

of people and animals that I help.

I wouldn't say I could do this if I couldn't do it.

I wouldn't give my time away to show people how it works if it didn't work.

Immediately. Permanently. Naturally.

PAIN FREE and from the comfort of your own bed. 

If you wished for a miracle to help you feel better-it's here. 

I'm "The Real Deal" and there's no denying it.


Unless you chose to ignore it.



I truly hope you don't. I would love to help you, too."


"But can this help MY problems?" 

And Generally..

Feeling "old" uncomfortable, overweight, in pain, depressed regularly and you're under 85-it's not your fault-it's ENERGY trapped in your body for various reasons.


This list could go on, and and on-truly anything that is wrong going on in the body IS ENERGY and because of that it can be dealt with as such-energetically.

As you can see this is a short list, but with BIG issues. To be clear-here's Infiniti's CLAIM in what she can do:

YES. Absolutely. No Doubt About It!

Here's a short list a few most common (but not minor) issues people have, but this treatment isn't limited to ANYTHING!


Unfortunately, most Lightworkers deal with physical or mental issues all related their ultra sensitivity and management of ENERGY, but not seen this way by most. 


We can essentially, "delete" and "reboot" the entire system helping everything that the body is presenting as a "problem". Problems are just clues to what's wrong and needs fixing. This includes the following list of issues that we can take care here.  


Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue, Mental Illnesses, MS, Avoid People & Social Situations, You're On Disability For Any Reason, Take Prescription Drugs Daily or Often, DIABETES, Thyroid, Have Trouble Sleeping (too little, too much, not well), Restless Leg Syndrome, ASTHMA, Bloated, IBS, Skin Issues LIKE Eczema, ACNE,  ALLERGIES, Headaches, Menopausal or Premenopausal Issues, Migraines, WEIGHT/Food ISSUES, Trouble Concentrating, ADHD, ADDICTED to ANYTHING, COPD, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Arthritic, Joint Pain, Eyes Sight Disturbances, Exhaustion, CROHNS, CANCER, etc. 

Infiniti claims to be able to tap into anyone "in alignment" "open to receive body" "ready to heal" and GREATLY IMPROVE OR ELIMINATE THEIR ISSUE(s) AFTER JUST ONE TOTAL BODY INFINITE LOVE LIGHT ENERGY CLEARING AND HEALING TREATMENT SESSION. She is not claiming to be able to completely CURE or eliminate ALL PAIN in everyone to 100% from anything in one session. That is her GOAL, but she knows it always isn't possible.

"How do I know if I'm "in alignment" "open to receive body" "ready to heal"?"

This is exactly why Infiniti has you fill out a questionnaire and then meet for your FREE Eval & Consultation!


Both of you get a chance to see if there's a match here and how "ready" you are, if this is for you. 

Infiniti is deeply committed to her Mission in working with Lightworkers who are open, awoken and committed to themselves and serious about EVOLVING.


Nothing is more precious than our time and energy and that's why she does these Consultations-so the greater portion of her time is spent in sessions with clients who will get the most benefit of her offerings. It's about QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. 


Empath - Lightworker

Trainers   Athletes  Fitness Coaches







Like Never Before 

Everything Is Connected

Think About It-We take our body to the Physical Therapist but we do not take our body to the Energy Therapist to help you get over the trauma and get your energy system cleared and healed. We are never told that we should clear our system of the negative energies associated with this event, we have PTSD for these reasons, because the energy body wasn't healed from the event, it carries it with it forever, and will be triggered in different ways depending on what else is going on around the person, including the people at home or work or even what's going on cosmically with geomagnetic radiation or solar flares, eclipse energies, and many more alignments that cause a change in vibration in humans on within the planet and will cause further imbalance to the energetic and physical bodies. 

Those who train hard, especially as Lightworker's-

teaching and guiding others are

cycling through their energy more than those who don't

and this is why they are usually healthier people.

However, this doesn't mean they are running in the best possible alignment & 

connected to their systems the way they should be.

Also, most Athletes have old or not so old injuries with

daily or reoccurring or pain after training or upon waking up-

they think it is normal to deal with this sort of thing,

but it doesn't have to be the case. 

It's old trapped negative energy, coupled with working with other people closely and taking on their negative energy.

This causes major issues to the 

energetic & physical body and keeps you from running at 

optimal levels. It can even get debilitating.

"I decided to work with INFINITI on a clearing and a healing.
After the healing, my depression has significantly lifted and the
discomfort I was feeling from the hernia operation has vanished.
INFINITI has never met me in person and was able to do this remotely.
I very much trust her. She is very empathic and powerful."
Shawn's Post Healing Video  





Clearing out the dense,

negative energy from your entire life

and replacing it with 







Your Soul Was Sparked From LOVE.







Infiniti can Channel

this energy directly from Source

and send it into your body,


eradicating negative energy like a laser,

replacing it with the




With The Light, By The Light, For The Light 

"Evolve NOW!" with Infiniti

Crack Your "Personal Evolution Code"

Your Free 60 Minute  Video Call

Evaluation & Consultation

Optimally: Infuse, Activate & Transmute Energy:
Cycle Negative Into Positive &
Connect Even Deeper Spiritually/Creatively
with INFINITI "The Healer's Healer"
Medical Medium, Psychic Physical Empath
Infinite Love-Light Healer, & Spiritual Liaison 
The 'Ancient' Way  To The New You

Energy Healing is the oldest healing modality in the world and that's because people like Infiniti have always been BORN HEALERS.


 It continued in this life time-using her energy to heal people and animals naturally and even unintentionally her entire life.

At the age of 5 is when things really began...


She was the neighborhood Psychic for adults who would host parties for her to connect them to the other side...At the age of 5. Yes. She connected people to their Spirit Tribe & Guides. She would give them information she couldn't possibly know and a lot of the time didn't really or fully understand the adult things she told them about, but she knew she was giving them important messages and telling them what they needed to know.


When she was 9 she went to Colombia and worked with her ParaPsychologist Grandfather on her telepathic, psychic, precognition, clairvoyance, remote viewing abilities and they ran many psychic experiments together. Including a lot of deep hypnosis. He also told her about levitating and assured her that someday she would do it. (And she did, just a few years later.) Working with him was the first time she learned to use a Pendulum. She was the only one of his grandchildren who was like that-he had 30 grandchildren from 12 children. He tested them all, including his children, but it wasn't until Infiniti was 8 and made the trip back to the city where she was born, that he got a chance to work with someone like her so closely. And for her, it was like magic hour and she felt very special-unfortunately it was only a vacation and the training didn't last long, back home there was no one like him. But he taught her a lot in a short time. However, even he didn't know she was also a Medical Medium and a Healer. 

After a long hiatus from active "psychic" work (30 years) of living a life in complete confusion, she was finally diagnosed with Severe Fibromyalgia when she was 25 (22 years ago). However, she was in pain and miserable her entire life because she didn't understand herself. She didn't understand her body and in large part-no one else did either-especially her many specialists. She didn't understand WHY she was in so much PAIN nearly always.

​It was debilitating. Chronic Pain & Fatigue was a way of life for her entire life and that's no way to live. If you or a loved one has Fibromyalgia, or any other chronic illness or disease-you know how horrible it is. It's a life that is not your own! It's a painful prison that she and wanted to opt out of ASAP.

She was suicidal for a long time. She didn't want to DIE, but she didn't want to LIVE like she was either. That's how disconnected, blocked spiritually, and in pain and seemingly alone she was. Nothing made sense and she hated life. There was no point to living is what she thought a lot, but she was wrong. 

She began to ask the big questions, like: "Why am I here?” “What's the point of a miserable, lonely, painful life?" GUESS WHAT? She began to get answers! And to be guided and to finally have one of the most profound and spiritual experiences of her life. In a meditation that when it ended a total of 60 minutes later, she no longer was sick, her body felt GOOD, ENERGIZED and PAIN FREE.


She healed herself after being directed how by her guides to remember things she had forgotten in this lifetime, was downloaded with information and activated to really begin her awakening journey in a much more conscious way than she had been for the last 10 years. But that day, in only minutes she went from sick to not sick. It was very simple after they helped her begin to unlock her "Personal Evolution Code". And life has never been the same since! She never felt like that again, like she had her entire life. It's been nearly 9 years since that day and now her body is so fit, so healed so EVOLVED just from working with her energy. For Infiniti's full account of that amazing day, visit the full site.

"This experience was amazing! I had a stroke and breast cancer and I don't eat well and don't want to rely on meds anymore and that means that I have to keep my body healthy. With the help of Infiniti, Gaia, Archangel Raphael and all of the other spiritual beings I could feel the energies in every part of my body transform for the better."


Click here to watch Karen's Post Healing Video

Infiniti Has Been Gifted

With A Blessed Soul Story of Divine

& Energetic Connection

to be able to get information

about her clients,

to help them