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For Relationship Detachment/Cord Cutting


Energetic Resets for Twin Flame Unions

How Energy Cords Work

We Are Connected

There are times (many times) when we need to energetically detach and disengage from someone else. 

A friend, lover, spouse, ex of any sort, family member of any kind, etc. 

It really doesn't matter what the relationship is. 


You cannot Cut Energetic Cords between a Twin Flame/Twin Soul. 


A Reset of Energies between Twin Flame Unions is what can be done and is effective.

Please go to the bottom of the page for more information about Twin Flames and Resetting them. 

Lovingly Detach Your Energy 

When we are engaged in any relationship, and when it's intense, or long, or familiar, or Soul Mate, or deep, deep love or in love there are serious and strong energetic connections. Psychic and Telepathic connections that most people are oblivious to, but you can feel. Aside from that there are actually energy cords, or strings that are attached to you and pretty much anything you put thought or care about or hate or whatever. If it's people, it's usually the people and animals you are closest to that you have the strongest cords with. 

You can feel these connections from the other side of the planet or after or before a person leaves or centers into their body when they are born or when they die. 

Yes, we feel the energy of people who are gone now. Sure we do. They feel us too. That's how we are able to connect and communicate with them. 

When I connect with you and either a person who is here or has crossed over, the only difference is that they will interact with me if they have crossed over because they aren't on Earth in a body doing whatever while I'm tapping in to their energy through your connection.

I tap into your cord with whomever it is you either want to know about or who your Spirit Tribe wants to discuss with you, OR who comes around that wants to talk to you, however I don't get a lot of that. It usually has to start with the living and them wanting to reach whomever and then they either say hello or don't. 

It's all energy. You'll find me saying this over and over again in so many ways around here, because everything is energy. 

CORDS are something that exists on many levels and these cords connect (usually) to your Chakras. I'll feel different sensations in my Chakras/Body when I connect with people over the phone for my Advice and Counseling (Psychic Soul Guidance) work. As a Physical Empath I feel it on an energetic level that sometimes if not a lot of the time the person themselves doesn't or isn't aware of. It's just part of them. 

I'll get a tightness in my throat or chest or stomach or back. I'll feel energy in my root chakra, I'll get tightness in my head, I'll get dizzy, I'll feel weight on my shoulders, etc. etc. This is their energy or the person whom we are connecting to, and then I get visions and hear things and see words, etc. But it all starts with feeling their energy. 

I'll also know instantly when a person is either thinking of me fondly or otherwise. Depending on the energy, depends on my reaction on an energetic level and then I check in with my Guides.  This is just one practice for keeping yourself as clear a possible to the random energy fluctuations that can hit you at any time. 

I am ultra aware of cords and these psychic attachments and I am constantly cutting. And I call in Archangel Michael's sword or him to help with cutting at times when I know I need extra strength and motivation and love during the process.


I have to, given what I am, even though I shield myself, I will and always will be connected to those I connect to through relationships. I will feel people whom I heal, but that's on a very different level than the cords I'm speaking of here.


However, with that said, HEALERS (of any kind) please be aware that unless you are really in-tune with your energy vs other peoples or you are a NEWLY aware Empath, you really need to be ultra intentional about your energy cords and space. And how the past connections may still be affecting you on an even DEEPER level than the non-Empath.


Physical Empaths, this goes double for you!

When there is a separation or a break up and you are constantly upset by it, or that person or they can push your buttons, or the fact that you had an energetic attachment in some way is enough to keep you locked together and at the mercy of THEIR thoughts and energy channeled to you, wether you want that attachment or not-and vice-versa.

Most people have no idea how energetically attached and effected we are by other people's energy. And how it stays connected after people go.

You don't have to be a Psychic Physical Empath to be energetically attached and to feel the effects, but it may not be as obvious to you what is happening as this is NOT common knowledge that there even are cords that should be cut after the end of a relationship, or after any kind of serious emotional chaos involving you and this person whether you have to see them or not. This type of therapy is so effective and helpful.

Here are some examples:

If you find yourself suddenly thinking about this person, or having some instant emotional change and then they are on your mind, you replay events and situations/conversations, your energy shifts to negative. You're having a one-sided argument with them, and it happens frequently OR it's just very intense when they come into your consciousness. 

You wake up thinking about them. You were dreaming about them, either what happened or another aspect that it took you too of them or the situation.

What takes place for this type of Clearing and Healing?

I suggest that you first do a cord cutting on your own. I have a Cord Cutting Meditation on my podcast, Episode 83 that was designed for just this practice of healing. There are also a lot of videos on YouTube for "guided meditation cord cutting". It may be enough to do it once and it will stick and that's that. 

However, sometimes it isn't so easy. Especially if the other person is persistent with their energy, they can creep in, especially if you do or did have strong feelings for them. Then can just pop back up out of nowhere either physically or just energetically and if that happens and you're having a hard time detaching then this would help. 

Or, you have tried the cord cutting on your own but you are the one having  a hard time really doing the deed, so to speak. What we would do would be like calling in the reinforcements for you, especially if meditation and the concept of pulling back the energy is difficult for you to do. However, you MUST want this connection to be extinguished, at least in the energetic sense and at least FOR NOW.

Meaning, don't look at it like it's a forever thing, because nothing is and energetic connections are easily made, and you can connect again just as deeply as before-if you so desire. 

In any case, deciding you want help in this way is your decision.

However, for this specific situation in pulling back your energy and detaching from the other person-you have to understand and commit to the process. You are not an observer, you must fully participate before during and after a session of any kind with me. 

The procedure is a little different for every situation, but we honor the relationship first, we see the value in it, we send love to the person and the relationship itself.


We do a general clearing , ground you into GAIA so you can begin to vibrate with her and then very specifically find the cords and where they are attached and we lovingly pull them back and close them off.


In some but not every situation Archangel Michael's sword or he and his sword will be present and assist. This is only because some energetic cords are very strong and/or there is resistance from the other person's energy in letting go.

This can be the case especially if you've been involved with someone of lower vibration like a narcissist who aren't "done" with you.

Energetically, they see you as THE HOST and parasites never want to let go. In the end they do not have a choice in the matter, detachment will happen. 


You'll be free! You won't feel like you don't have control when it comes to this person, that they can pull you in, that they pop up whenever, that you dream or wake up thinking of them, etc. You will feel MUCH lighter and brighter and if you see that person, they won't come after you for ENERGY anymore. 

This could even be the procedure you do with someone who zeros in on you to cause drama and chaos in your life. There is no positive, only negative or very, very little positive. Even if you have to see this person daily you can still cut cords with them. 

Whether or not you have a "relationship" with them, the cutting cords is your only option to get them to leave you alone, because it's your energy that they are after.


You may be surprised that they just ignore you now or may even act repulsed by you, they don't know why but it's because their "food" tastes bad now! Once you say NO MORE sharing or giving of my energy whenever you want it, then it changes in frequency and makes what drives that person, and the energy they are after a non issue anymore. It just doesn't exist, and you cannot tap into a channel of energy that doesn't exist. 

The Twin Flame Connection

So you cannot CUT or PULL back cords with a Twin, why? Because you cannot disconnect from your Soul energetically, and your Twin is also your Soul.

What is possible is to reset the energy between you, and it is very effective since a lot of the energies between Twin Flams are so intense and can tend to take over, and it doesn't matter what the status of the relationship or where they are or where you are geographically.


Energetically you are the same Soul living two lives on a weaving course through time and space, it's pretty intense and a lot of that time is spent with our other half in the Spirt Realm, however now more than ever Twin Flames are incarnating at the same time in order to help their own evolution and the evolution of humanity at this critical stage and point in time. 

Even though there are more Twin Flame relationships than in the past, they are still very rare. Most people cannot handle this type of connection, it would be too distracting AND the Twin's usually have a greater Mission together for the collective and therefore, their Soul(s) are OLD. That is the first clue to a True Twin Flame union in this incarnation. 

What gets confused for Twin Flame unions is the Soul Mate connection.


One person has many Soul Mates from their and other Soul Families. These are not the same things as a Twin Flame. Again, the Twin Flame is the SAME Soul in TWO bodies at the SAME TIME.


Usually one is incarnated while the other half stays in the Spirt Realm so they can easily connect while the incarnated one is sleeping.


Most of the time they do not remember but their other Soul Half, or Higher Self is always working with them, supporting and guiding.


When they are incarnated at the same time, they don't have that same connection in the sleep state because they are both in bodies and while they can connect when they are both sleeping, it is not nearly the same as when one isn't incarnated.


For a TF connection and incarnations:


They have different personalities of course, and are totally different people, but their connection on a SOUL BASED level is at the exact same frequency, and this is because they can come together as one, or separate and live different lives for different reasons and set up all sorts of ways to get themselves back to being connected.


We do that with our Soul Mate families as well, but our Twin Souls, especially.

Resetting Energy with A Twin Flame​​

The purpose of Resetting Energy with a Twin Flame is to turn the boil to a simmer. As low of a simmer as we can get it. If you're a Twin then that should sound REALLY GOOD. 


If you are together or apart, it doesn't matter-the boil can create a steam that is difficult to see through.


Sometimes the psychic connection and remembrances that occur can be VERY vivid and can feel as though you're energetically getting whipped around and feel very out of control, especially if you are not together to help you stay in the moment and grounded. Therefore, a Resetting assists in that intensity to dissipate and for you to be able to focus more on you than them and the two of you. 

It helps you think more clearly, let time pass with feeling more at peace about your Twin Flame Union, allow for space and growth apart from each other on a Spiritual and Energetic and Etheric level. 

This will also help those sleep-time connections be much more foggy or you will have a difficult time remembering them at all after this therapy. It's a good thing. 

When the time is right and it makes sense to be ULTRA CONNECTED, your spirits will turn up the heat AGAIN in your waking hours, so don't worry. That super awesome physical and psychic connection won't go anywhere, it's just hibernating, if and when your union is to come together again, all of the connections will be there, and most likely they will be stronger than before, since you both were able to let go and be on your own energetically.​

To separate doesn't mean
to END, it means to





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