Fog and Nature

The Day Infiniti Escaped Fibromyalgia

This is the story of how Infiniti went into a guided meditation one person and

came out a different person--life forever changed...

"After the download of information in that higher dimension, coming back here and being encouraged to stand up and get rid of it, all of what was making me sick, knowing finally what it was all about-doing what my Guides were telling me to do--I escaped, healed, cured, rid, fixed--whatever you want to call it--myself in moments-of Fibromyalgia-something I was told would and could never happen, and my previous 39 years supported that "fact". I did something that countless doctors, pills and hospitals never came close to doing. My life was miserable, then it became magical--just like that." 


Throughout most of my life I didn't know what I was doing, who I was, or what my purpose was besides being miserable.​ Life was very confusing.


I always







But life was still VERY hard.  Especially being so sick most of my life, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 25 after lifelong UNEXPLAINABLE physical issues--serious ones.​  Physical problems from the age of ONE year old. ​  


Correlating the Psychic Abilities with the Physical Issues I had all of my life would take DECADES for me.  


I had very serious stomach/digestive issues started at the age of 12 to very serious headache/brain issues starting around age 16.   At the age of 25 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  


Eventually my serious energy issues even involved strokes in my mid 30's. Even the strokes that hit both sides of my body were difficult for the medical community to explain, later I would understand that that too, was Energy related. 


It was my Kundalini Awakening to be exact.

The spontaneous (a rare thing) of the "cracking open" and unleashing of the Kundalini Energy.​ It happened in two separate stages, years apart. The first in 2009 and the second in 2012.   I was not prepared, and I wouldn't even know what that was for several years-way after the fact.​


If you are unfamiliar with what The Kundalini is, it is when stored up dormant energy at the base of the spine  begins to release and flow up all the way through your spinal column through your main Chakras, activating them much more intensely all the way to your 3rd Eye or Pineal Gland,  in the center of your brain, then up through your Spiritual Space to your Crown Chakra.


People strive through meditation and yoga practice to have this happen.



Once this energy is released and activates your 3rd eye,  you can "see" like never before, connect to the Spiritual Realm like never before and know yourself like never before. ​But sometimes it is "spontaneous" which means that the person didn't try, it just happens because it's time. 


The Kundalini experience really made my body go into shock energetically, and because I was completely oblivious to it, it made things worse.  Much worse. I woke up in the middle of the night in 2009 to this wave of energy going up my body from my feet, and once it reached my head, I saw white and passed out.


When I woke up hours later to my alarm, I was not OK. I kinda "forgot" what happened in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom to find my legs not working properly--then remembering  the odd event I had woken too.  


But I was used to feeling like crap, and having weird things happen, so I didn't let it stop me from taking my child the 20 miles to school and planning on another 40+ to work...


Shortly after getting on the freeway I knew something was extremely different, my head and face tingled like in never did before and I was on the phone with my neurologist who referred me to the hospital when I told him what was going on. By the time I got home, and my friend showed up to take me to the ER, I was in rapid decline.


She took one look at me, said, "I think you had a stroke," and tried not to cry, but did a really bad job of it. My face was already not normal at that point-had been tingling for days where it eventually tweaked, my eyes extremely sensitive to light-way more than they always were, and in general I felt not OK for days before the event. It was getting harder and harder to sound normal, my brain was not working properly and all I kept thinking was "reboot" but it meant nothing to me. 

Over the next 20 minutes I would not be able to walk, and my face was 100% tweaked out totally numb and when I talked it wasn't moving with the rest of my mouth, like is typical for stroke victims, my inner dialog and cognitive function was normal, but expressing that was another story. I definitely came off as someone who had serious cognitive issues--but I didn't. 

Not a single doctor I saw had any idea of what was REALLY HAPPENING!  It really confused them when both sides of my body were affected. It was my right side with my face, but my left side was impossible for me to move, but I could move my my left arm and leg, but they were weak.


Truly the worst part a was that it set off the Fibromyalgia in a ferocious way that I had been managing for months, landing me back on disability (for the 2nd to last time). At the time I had been one of two Operations Managers at a huge Veterinary hospital, pushing a Fibro body to 65+ hours per week and 100 mile car rides when I had my son. 


I would eventually leave that life, and stay on disability and part time work at Staples in their Copy & Print  department. I hadn't realized how energetically challenging working in a veterinary hospital was for me for all of those 7 years that I did it, but it was. At the same time, I was really able to connect with animals in a much broader way than with just my own, so this was incredible training for me.


I found that over time I would be able to predict what results of diagnostics when it was a question of what was wrong--which was most of would be and really know what the animals were feeling. I spent a lot of time with them as they crossed over too, as I was the one always picked for those appointments.


While they were heavy, I do not have a problem with death, or see it as any ending--but truly a transition. I was chosen to be there to help the human, and their sadness for losing a friend and for the animal crossing over, to have more light around them and ease the pull and pain coming from their human companions.  Over the course of the 7 years I was in the field, I was probably in the room for about 100 euthanasias. There was only one that I was opposed to. 

I never really gave it much thought at the time, it was later that I was shown by my guides that being there at those moments was good for all of us, something that I'm naturally good at and meant to help with is Sou's transitioning. Aside from it being part of my old job, since then I have stumbled upon dying animals many times, either to save them or help them transition.

There was many times when I was jealous of the animals, that they could leave. I thought about it a lot, especially after the 2nd Kundalini "cracking open" in 2012. 

This one was very different. It had been my early day at Staples, starting work at 6. I loved the early shift, usually no problem waking up at 4 am to get there. That day, I felt off, and the feeling just grew and grew, eventually my head felt so odd, heavy, pressure, headache, eye disturbances, a headache that I needed to leave work early for because it was only getting worse, nothing was helping. 

I would end up going to the ER about 5 times in a month, being admitted every time, the headache was so bad nothing helped besides morphine when I was there. I had several MRI's and they all showed no growths like tumors, which is what they are looking for. They can't see and aren't look for what's happening electrically. 

I would eventually go on to have a nearly four week long "headache from hell" that only morphine helped. I even got a prescription of it, but the pills were different than the drip at the hospital. It gave me horrible night-sweats, nightmares, constipation, which at one point caused a tear on my colon that landed me in the hospital with blood shooting out of my butt like a high pressure hose. It was like a horror movie, and I was in in the ICU for 4 days bleeding non stop, requiring constant care for 2, required 4 blood transfusions and a lot of misery. I truly wanted to die. 

Eventually I would recover from all of the above, and just had to deal with the usual horrible Fibromyalgia, and I would not go back to Staples. Instead I found a job working from home for a friend.


Soon, I realized the secret to maintaining my health to a degree-being home all of the time. Not working outside with the general population was good for me, although I still didn't know why. 

Most people knew how sick I was, but they didn't understand how desperate to escape the viciousness of my existence was. ​I fantasized about different ways to kill myself-a lot. 


I wanted release from my body and a hellish painful, lonely, broken life.  I truly believe this is what sparked my Awakening, even though I had been through major upgrades through those kundalini events, my body was so wrecked by it that I was living in 2 worlds--the physical for me was torture, and the pull to the other side was so enticing...

When you want to kill yourself, but you're meant to heal people and bring Light into the world, your Spirit Tribe tends to take over.

This feeling of being suicidal wasn't exclusive to how things were for me after The Kundalini, but before too-it just got more intense. Living on both sides was tough.​  After the 2nd event happened in 2012, I was half in and half out of understanding things about my life.


I could really see things and the patterns and the point in the high levels of duality there, how thins were interconnected, and also the entire point of many of the "bad" things in my life and what was their purpose, as I was also becoming more in tune with My Spirit Tribe--even though I was largely unaware of the mechanics of the process, I was aware that I and things were changing. 


Instead of a one way conversation (that could be easily ignored) it became more and more of an obvious two way street of information going both ways.  Associating with others was really difficult after a certain point (even more so than how it was all of my life) because as I became more and more telepathic and psychic, I could sense people and their motivations, truths and denials and lies better than ever. I knew people weren't truthful, but the extent of how often people avoid, lie or deny is truly outrageous. 


Those abilities were always good, but I wasn't strong enough to trust what I knew and information that came 100% of the time, and a lot of the time I didn't want to know.​ But as my abilities grew, it reached a point of infallibility--if not misunderstandings, or riddles that take more skill and several pieces of information, messages, symbols, codes etc. And, I was getting constant validation from my Spirit Tribe and the events that would follow.​  


Now I know that a lot of these experiences were to train me,  to prepare me for the work I am to do. ​ But, when I was so sick, life seemed like a pointless battle I was just surviving, I truly didn't see the point-despite having a child and animals that I loved--thoughts of suicide weaved it's ways through my days more and more, life was a horrible cluster fuck of a horror show and I didn't see the point. Plus, I was always dealing with the most intense physical issues and as time went on--they only got more intense, as I've noted. 


Year-long State Disability many times, in so much pain and physical distress that the simplest of things were so difficult,  I was unable to work regular jobs anymore, or have any social life and be around people--I felt it was unfair, letting people down because I couldn't follow through, letting go of many friendships as I went from one life to another, and not making new friends because I never saw the point in that either, but I really didn't want to die..I wanted a different life, but saw no way to attain it.


However, with what little spark I had, I was guided to The GAIA network, and began doing yoga at home, and it really helped a lot. I was losing weight at a rapid pace and feeling much better over the course of a couple of months. 

I was drawn to The Hay House Summit that year, it was  2013. 


Louise Hay was the author of the hugely popular book and movie, "The Secret" which about The Law of Attraction. She went on to be the head of her self-help and spiritual centered publishing empire, Hay House.

The Secret was truly amazing to me, and if you haven't seen the movie or read the book--you should see if that's something that is meant for you. I found it inspiring, and I think it actually was that spark for me--there were many stories in the movie that were amazing, and one in particular about a man who was paralized but willed his way back to walking because he decided he would heal and he did. 

I found it fascinating, and I really did think that if he could make himself well, why couldn't I? Although I had nothing to go by, and no plan, it was a seed that planted in my brain and made me want it more and more. That's why I began yoga, I think as a real way for me to be able to begin connecting with my body that I truly hated so much. 

They Hay House Summit was where I first learned of what an Empath was, although they didn't speak of what a Physical Empath is, and it was still some time before I knew of that concept as well.


And even now, in 2020, MOST people don't know what either are, don't recognize that it's not just a theoretical idea, but actually something that has been proven by science-that we, as Empaths actually very much are different than non-empaths.


We have larger neurotransmitters (our feelers that are body wide attached to our electrical system, connected to all energy centers and organs), able to catch, translate and even transmute energy much easier that non-Empaths, giving us information that speaks through our bodies, not only are we able to get information from people, animals, places, things--but we are able to get information from The Other Worlds that much easier as well. Different Empaths have different things they are more attuned to, places and energies, tools and ways of connecting and going about fine tuning their particular bodies and understanding what they are. 


Empaths are always described as highly intuitive and sensitive to nature, these two main qualities are traits in 100% of Empaths, no matter what their scope or strength of our abilities.

This is because of the effortless ways we can connect, and because nature is pure life force, untainted and our connection to our Mother Earth, it helps us to eliminate energies that stick to us, and to regulate our bodies to her energies that are ever changing and becoming stronger and working on balancing. 

Mostly, Physical Empaths are called SICK.  Because they are sick with energy, but they don't have to be.


One of the guests had a meditation that was about connecting to your Guides. Shortly into the meditation,  I saw with my eyes closed, a bright, bluish white light and heard an invitation to go to it.


It was so beautiful and inviting and felt like everything in me wanted to go, so I made the decision to go for it. Immediately, I was pulled into another dimension...I decided to go towards the light and I was instantly in it and what seemed like a little big, I was in a tunnel, or what is really best described as what we would call a worm-hole, being inside of it was a very odd experience, it was dark, but electric at the same time, supper bright and there was presure. ​

Next thing I knew I was in a very open space that didn't have no begiginning and no end, no top or bottom, but everything was like suspended there in energy. It was a moving rainbow light that was infinitely everywhere. 


I found myself sitting in front of a very bright Light Body, all I could see or feel was bright light and love energy from this being, and behind that one there was a semi circle of others. They thanked me for accepting their invitation when they called me, and mentioned being happy to be with me there.


I felt a lot of love coming at me from all of The Light Beings. It makes me really emotional when I think about it. 

They were huge, bright, oblong, and their energy extended out. They had the hint of the slightest of different colors from their counterparts, blue, gold, green, pink, purple, indigo, violet, orange-red.


They didn't have any features, no real bodies-just light that was moving and they just moved in place and moved from place to place, as one would step forward and the other would go back, it just happened. 


When they "spoke" to me, it was as familiar as the thoughts in my head, I had always heard--but it was not from me but coming into me through them, like so many "knowings" and feelings and thoughts and ideas throughout my life.


I felt like I was finally seeing who that was. 


Here is where without speech, I understood things about my body in what is best described as an  "informational download".​


Shown how I've incarnated many times, always being a healer, medicine man or woman, a seer, mystic, etc...Show as a person who is connected who helps others. I was shown scenes of my Soul's Stories as different people upon GAIA and what I did.


It was very familiar, and things I never thought about--other than having certain affinities for things, I never inserted myself into any narrative about those things. However, I saw myself in many different civilizations throughout time, working in different, but similar ways--all having to do with helping, healing, being connected to Them, knowing and and energy

I was told quite mater of factly, that I wasn't actually sick--that my physical body was fine--it was the energy that I was hosting that was the problem. I was "shown" what it looked like in the body and how to tap into it directly and feel how was locked and stored in my body that was holding me down and back and had been making me sick my entire life.  


Negative, dense, painful, heavy old, energy stuck and connected to my Chakras, causing all sorts of disruptions, and blocks in my energy flow, making my system pull from here to there, and there to here and around that and this, causing massive energy entanglements all over the place. 

Whether it was from absorbing those energies from people and animals my entire life and naturally healing them without even knowing I was doing it, or the negative energy being from my own trauma and abuse, or injuries, there was about 40 years worth of this stuck here and there and everywhere. 

I was told how to release it, untangle it and let go of it, and I was told that if I did that, I would be better.​ I would be what I was meant to be. 


Healthy. Not in pain. Free.


I wouldn't be sick anymore and it would be quick and feel really good.

Remember, they whispered inside of me, as though they were coxing me out of a box and I was a kitten, being as gentle as could be.

Remember how it works, and how it should feel.

If you remember and believe it to be so, it will be.

There wasn't a single thing that I saw or felt or was told in those moments that didn't feel like The Truth through and through.


Mostly I was in awe of what was happening and where I was and who I was with and the visions that were coming and the feelings of familiarity for all of it. I was let to swim in those visions and energies as they took me from place to place and the case got stronger and stronger. All of it was true, and it was mine and I knew these things, I was connected to all of it and I did remember. 

I was like being able to see what was in front of me, which was them, and at the same time--what was the visions they were showing me, projected in front of me, and at the same time, being in those lives, popping in and out and immediately getting a feeling for what it was, and when and where and interesting details that tied things together, and it all happened very quickly. 

Then they told me I had to go back.


I declined. 


Go where? I just got here. 

I really didn't want to leave, I felt so good there and it was beautiful and I saw no point in leaving. It felt like this was truly where I belonged. 

You must go

I resisted. Trying to hold on to something in the beautiful Nothing Place. 

Don't forget where you are, Dear One. 

They showed me my body in my room, sitting there meditating.

Ohhhh. Right. That. The Dark Place.


I had forgotten all about it, and wasn't connected one bit. If they hadn't reminded me I don't think I would have cared. 

I really didn't want to return. 

This isn't a place to STAY

I didn't see why.

You are alive in a body. You aren't a Free Soul, even though if feels like it

Still, I didn't see why I had to go. ​

You must return. Now. You cannot choose to stay here, if you do--your body will be in a catatonic state. This is not what is meant for you. 

I knew that to be true as well. So I agreed to go. 

Before I knew it I was in that weird tunnel again, and again---it felt like a trip from one place to another, a real traveling if you get my drift---the energies whipping past this time seemed to be brighter, but it was also the same thing. 

Slowly, I began to hear the voice of the lady in the guided meditation...She sounded like the mom on the Peanuts cartoon at first, waaaa waaa waaa waaa waa...The feel was different, things slowed down, I seemed to emerge out of one density and back into my consciousness and body and I just kept my eyes closed hearing the very end of the mediation, completely tripping out that 45 minutes had gone by and I wondered just what the hell that was about because now, it looked like it usually did with my eyes closed. 

I started to feel my body and the carpet, smell the candles and hear the dog scratch on the bed, hear the traffic outside...It felt familiar. 

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around, and while everything looked and felt the same, it also had a weird feeling to it. Things felt harsher, more painfully solid than I remember. 


As I sat there examining my room and my sanity, and I wondered if what I just experienced was "real" or part of the meditation, but I wasn't hearing her at all.


I sat there still, eyeballs darting from here to there taking in the details, wondering what had happening.

Then, suddenly like a boo in my left hear and a push of energy from the same side-


Do not waste time, you're primmed and ready, so do what we told you to do, what you reemember and get rid of the energy that doesn't belong--get up and


It was the single most forceful guidance I've ever gotten up to that point. I nearly fell over when it hit. The power of it was SUPER INTENSE. 


And I didn't. Wasting no time, I got up and got to work. 

I felt my body differnt as I moved and stood up, and as I dug into my energy body, I could feel what was not mine, and I could see it as dark and sluggy, like tar for a roof-but energy, and it was all stuck in me, and it was heavy, and as I pulled it out--I needed to pull more and more out and I was talking to it and seeing it, and being encouraged by my Guides, and did as I was told.

I was done in about 90 seconds. I stood there and was in awe at how my body felt. Lighter and with more energy than I thought was possible. 

It was just me, the dogs, the cat and my new body. 



I never felt that good. Not THAT good.


I just stood there for a minute, trying to hold on to the memories of what happened in under an hour--still perplexed that what felt like a 5 minute trip, was nearly an hour here, but I've come to get used to that effect of astral travel, time is so very relative to where your consciousness is dimensionally. This is why when we have fun, and are vibrating high--time flies by very fast. When we're miserable, and depressed, lonely ,etc. we vibe low and time takes forever. Just a couple of examples. 

I felt very hungry and my body was buzzing and I was energized and felt fantastic.


I didn't feel heavy or tired and the pain was gone. Just GONE. It was like the pressure that caused all of the pain just disappeared and therefore so did the pain.

The night before was the last night I would take my 10 prescriptions, my last appointments with my 5 specialists---were my last.


I didn't need to see the Rheumatologist, or the Neurologist, or the Endocrinologist, or the Internist or the Cardiologist.


I never needed any of them or their medications again.

Just as The Divine Beings of Light told me, once I got rid of the energy causing all of the problems, I would be good--because I was really was healthy once out from under the energy.  


And that's exactly how it was. 

Everything truly changed in those moments, and nothing has been the same since.