"Evolve Now, Lightworker's with Infiniti" 


Episode 3

"The Real Deal" - How I Feel About The "Deniers" of Psychic's, Healer's, Mediums, etc. 

It's amazing this episode is only 20 minutes long, because truly I could go on and on about THE DENIERS.

WOW, are they so deep in FEAR of their own powers that all they do is lash out at others. These are people who truly are so separated from their Soul's.

Look, we're all psychic and we're all telepathic, every human has these abilities.

(Do you know how much easier it would be to have babies if you were in tune with them psychically from the time they were born?)

Personally, I love babies. They're the best to be around because they tell you EXACTLY what they want, feel and need. Of course-like I said-it's all telepathic communication so...You've got to realize that if you can be psychic with anyone-it's your babies, and why wouldn't you be?


Every single other animal is psychic, so why wouldn't humans be? Hmmm?

So, we're all psychic and telepathic, it's just that most people are clueless to these facts, regardless of "coincidences" that do not exist.


HOWEVER-some of us are built entirely differently, our genetics/DNA, bodies and ancestry are different than other people.

That's a Lightworker.

We are built to be conduits and connected deeply to our Souls, and Souls who are not so connected are being driven by fear based programs and energies/entities and they HATE ME (I'm of The Light & I like The Truth and I heal) and those like me, or anyone who could become anything close to what I have.

Being able to self heal, stop and reverse the aging process, heal other people and animals, tap into The Other Side for yourself and other's, of The Light and otherwise is not a good thing for The Dark. It's that simple.

It's funny, if you observe me in an open farmer's market, there are two very different things that happen.

1-A dead zone a vendor where no one but me is. Then, in a minute-it's swarming with people...Being guided towards me energetically.


2-People do not want to be near me at all.

Most people stare but don't realize they're doing it, especially if I've made eye contact. So, I try not to make a lot of eye contact because I can get past people much more easily if I don't look into their eyes. But for some people, they are taken away by energy way before they can get close to me. I know exactly what's going on.

It's interesting to see when people get scared but not know why, or very excited and not know why. The energetic reactions to my energy is really interesting. 

I also put off a lot of heat, especially if I'm "working" or talking about it. I've been told that my energy can be felt from several feet away and through heavy furniture.

The point is that I actually don't have to do anything to get a response or a reaction from people, but when I do it's definitely more. However, it's the energy that is doing all of the talking, and a lot of the time the person is clueless to what's going on.

They have no idea that I can feel their bodies and tap into their vibe. I know things that most people don't and a lot of the time I'm not trying.

Living in the mountains really helps me energetically, being away from the big population I was always a part of really made a huge difference for my connections and development. Of course, it was always meant to be...


This was recorded 1.18.2020 @ 8:59 PM


“So what is it like when people deny the existence of psychics, medical mediums, channels,  healers? 

What is that like for me? OK not good.  I don't like it because it's not true. (Laughing) I exist, I’m here. I'm here, I'm a person I do what I do I can actually feel what other people feel in their bodies and I can help them get rid of the pain the situation.


 I can help them heal and not only people but animals too, not only in front of me-but across the world. So it's frustrating. It's frustrating a little bit. I wish it wasn’t, I wish I didn't care but I care. It matters, it matters that people know that these abilities are real that people have these abilities and they can do these things because the more that that is excepted the more people will do, it will try it out. 


They understand that it can it can be implemented in a way that shows instant results that are permanent in a lot of cases and it's all about moving energy and tapping into energy and knowing energy and feeling energy.


And some of us are created in a way that we are biologically-our neurotransmitters being larger which are energy so these energy little center receptors that are all through her body-not just her brain, but all throughout our body are larger for people like me.


 Physical Empath’s, Medical Medium's certain Psychics have much larger neurotransmitters that allow us to flex them energetically and feel out into the ethers and connect in a stronger and more intense way to people and animals and everything.


 Everything, everything, everybody is an energy system has neurotransmitters can feel the energy around them but some people are actually physically made differently.


 This is something that science has confirmed it was for a long time it was a theory, an idea that there's people who are extra sensitive to energy or their extra empathic they could pick up on the moods and feelings and ideas of other people and just kind of get an overall impression. 


 But it was about 5, 6 years ago maybe 7 years ago that there was an actual slicing and dicing in the lab of these neurotransmitters of people who had these abilities these feelings and it became very clear of a university study that Empath’s do you have larger neurotransmitters.


So there is an actual biological difference between people that have these abilities.


 So first of all, that's that-factual scientific proof that there are people that are are created differently that have these  these abilities on a higher scale so they can do different things,  and a lot of these people don't know that they have that-they're like this.


 They just a lot of times really messed up people because they're physically feeling people  and animals and the environment, emotionally and physically and it's very confusing.


 For me, I was very sick most of my life I had I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 25 and it was extraordinary severe all my life before that, all my life but there wasn’t a diagnosis because it had changed so many different times throughout my life, of what really was what was going on physically, and all of that.


Emotionally I was pretty stable but it was a lot of physical problems and eventually, it did wear on me very emotionally as well, but when you're just like in pain and miserable all of the time almost 24 seven to the point at different times where it gets so much from being in the world around people absorbing, absorbing transmuting, transmuting for everybody and everything around you-and you don't know it, that it adds up at piles on, and you end up in bed for months at a time like I did, so many times in my life on disability and unable to do anything, at all-like take a shower or go to the store-basic things.


And that was my existence, just a few short years ago. Very very different than it is right now and I am, and that's because through Divine Intervention of being taken to a higher dimension and being told about my body and I know Energy, I am  Energy, I can move energy, absorb energy and transmute energy, I feel energy… 


I’m not saying all of it, I’m not gonna tell the whole story in this clip here-but I was basically told, “You’re or not what do you think you are, you're not broken and you're not messed up, you're not- you're not sick in anyway, actually. You're actually very, very healthy it's just your energy needs to be cleared out.”  


And I got these pictures of what it was that I was dealing with inside my body and I understand was like dealing with like sludge and toxic waste basically (laughing) is the best way to describe it. Very heavy toxic waste energetically, in my body trapped and blocking my chakras and blocking my energetic flow and causing all sorts of problems and it was bad, I mean I had Hashimoto’s,

I was on 10 different medications for all sorts of different problems for my whole body, I had 5 different specialists and things were not good, and for a long time and-then I was given all of this information and one little meditation-it wasn't for that-it was, I was taken. 


I want to do one guided meditation and next thing I knew I was in a completely different higher dimension with higher dimensional beings giving me all his information.


And it felt really right and it felt really on point, and it was  and I got out of that meditation and I clean myself out the way that they told me to, and I've never been the same since, and it took me another 5-6 years before I put all the whole puzzle together enough to see not only am I an Empath, I’m a healer,  I know I've been Psychic my whole life-I’ve been doing that for forever, I started when I was five years old giving room fulls of adults Psychic Messages, but I never understood that I was all of these different things, that I was that I was also Medical Medium, I can feel what other people felt, that I was healing, that now I can Channel and all this other stuff that’s come online and gotten really advanced, but I've always been what I am-but I’ve just I've been confused and closed off to it didn't understand, and it was just very very different than what it is now.


Everything is very different than what it is now, I was able to take a life that was basically useless and from healing and getting online and figuring things out and cultivating a situation in which now I am in for a while now, I can help people and animals across the world by tapping into them energetically and psychically, I get visions I get told things by their body by their Soul, by their Spirit Tribe…


I get all sorts of information. When I am working with animals they connect to me, they tell me what's going on they give me impressions and visions and things that I was never told so, and that's happened countless times.  And I’ve healed them from great distances as well for all sorts of different things and it's not a question of if it's real-it's absolutely real.


 I am absolutely real, so that something to understand-when coming around these parts. Is that you're dealing with somebody who is a very “real deal” Psychic Physical Empath, Medical Medium, Channel…And I know that for some people again, be they've been brainwashed they've been they've been programmed to it to think of and believe that none of us are real, we’re all con artist’s, that we're all selling snake oil, and none of it works and none of it's real. and all of that-and nothing to be further from the truth, at least for me-and for a lot of others that are really real, that not only are real, but want to really good work, and honest work and help other people feel better and do better and are here  just trying to figure that all out, and  it’s really difficult when the world at large-a lot of people I deny the existence and the integrity of a us, and they're all lumped into the same category, it's not helpful, it's hurtful to society as a whole. 


I know that people mean well, I know that they-you know, they don't want people to be, they don't want people to you know, be fooled and all that-but some of us are really real, you know?


 I mean I think it's one thing to say you'll be careful with who you you go to who you spend your money on, what you-how do you spend-I think that's safe to say for anybody-you know, you could say that for anybody,  if you're in for anything-I think that's good advice.


 I tell people that in my own, in my own, genre right? You know? Be careful the people that you're listening to you about spiritual, and spirituality-be careful of the psychics you go to in the healers that you  go to because they're not all created equal.


Not all healers are actual healers, it's true-I say it myself. BUT, I don't say that healers and psychics don't exist, that's a completely different thing. It’s not fair. 


There’s so much judgment and prejudice wrapped up and that I just really wish that people would understand it and see it for what it's for.


More people that are healed are able to be healthier, not take medications, not not live miserable lives, not be addicted to toxic living, and be healthier and not live in pain and take care of them selves energetically at home. 


This is good for the world and society it's eliminating negative energy, and it's the  whole holistic  movement, spiritual and spirituality movement-about getting people connected and healed and taken care of in a way where people are feeling better and manifesting beautiful lives and living purposeful lives and living their Soul Missions should really be celebrated and supported.


And I hope that is more people step up and take a chance on things that are different than what they've known in the past, like what I do-and that's the reason why I give away an hour and a lot of times they turn into more than an hour, of these Evaluations Consultations because it's worth it to me to spend that time getting to know somebody and having them understand what it is that I do on a really real level, is an investment-that to me is priceless. it's worth it.


It's worth it for people to understand to feel it for real without them feeling that they're at risk of anything, that they're being fooled or conned or anything like that. 


I want people to be as comfortable as relaxed and as open to the process as possible, and I was guided to do it in this way where there's this whole process of filling out this questionnaire, of understanding on both sides of what it is that I do.


I take this extraordinarily seriously, I don't know-I’m not about, I'm turning and burning a lot of people and taking money and just doing a little bit. I I really, I really dig deep, I really go deep with people, I want people to get the most and  the benefits of all of this, if this is meant to be, and so yeah I give, I give my time to do that and for people who are serious about this too, they can greatly benefit from it.


So they just need to understand  to be Open to this…


You know a lot of people say, “Oh yeah, I've experienced different things, but this is new-to me” but you know,  so just as long as you’re open, as long as you're, you’re open and you're honest with me and you understand that I am really real…I don't mean to- I am not looking to convince anybody-I’m not looking to con anybody, I'm just looking to help people, help you feel better-help you live the best life that you can and and I'm addicted to that. 


I love it so very much, I’m getting people and their animals feeling is as good as they possibly can-is a dream come true-is not is not even a dream come true-I can't even say that because I never even could've dreamed of this in my wildest dreams.


My whole, life I just wanted to feel better-let alone helping other people feel better. Yeah. I mean that- that didn't even come around until I was not sick anymore and I was getting on that kind of holistic and spiritual path and I found out about Reiki, and I thought, 


“Wow that's a thing people can learn how to do Reiki and move Energy in and all that,  like that there's classes you can take for that, like I thought that was really really cool.


 And I was just working on top of a body-not even distance, but I understood that yeah that made sense that you can learn shit to get in touch with the body I had no idea what was all involved but it was like right after I had made a conscious decision that I was going to go into and take a Reiki  and find out about that, it wasn't too long after that that I was becoming more and more aware that I was doing healing on the animals in my life and the animals that came into my life very specifically to  show me that.


And to the point where I did my first very spontaneous healing on a human and immediately and instantly in front of a crowd of people she went from barely been able to stand because her back hurts so bad and so did mine-by the way because hers did-and finally my guide to her like you have GOT TO DO SOMETHING  about this! 


You have it within your power to make both of you feel better-DO IT!  And I was like,  “hey can I do something to see if I can help your back?” and she said sure???


And I felt and her body from when my hand touched her back and I felt the heat radiating from her lower back it was just unbelievable and I KNEW-I got the information immediately this is wasn't an old injury, well it was STRESS from an old injury and energy pooling into this whole thing, like I've described and that's what happens with with Energy it'll  pool into different places depending on what's going on, I was in that moment-just able to clear her out-very easily-very quickly and took maybe a minute or two and people were just like, “What did you just do?” 


And she was bouncing and jumping in kind of, it was was just crazy-her reaction-and it was the first time I had ever done anything like that, and I was dumbfounded and stupefied and didn't know what that even meant in my life at that moment and even then in my wildest dreams I wouldn't have anticipated that a few years later I would've healed, I don’t even know how many people and animals not only in front of me but across the world and it just blows my brain out, it truly truly does and  I know it sounds fantastical, I know it sounds it does sound it does sound crazy-I get it but it's real. It’s real, unless we’re all dreamin’ it’s real.


Alright, well thanks for listening to me and I hope I get the chance spend some time with you in your own evaluation, and see if you can live on this side with me, too.”