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Total Body 

Infinite Love Light Energy Infusion







It’s all about energy. 

Videos About Phase 1 & Phase 2 of Treatment Sessions

Whether you are someone who considers themselves extremely healthy, average or you have serious health issues, we treat each person exactly the same. At least to begin with. It’s all about riding the body of negatively charged energy, calibrating and aligning and grounding the chakras, healing what is out of alignment, painful, diseased or blocked within the body. Energy works in levels and layers and like peeling an union we have to go through the layers of energy to pull out where it needs to be untangled and then we are able to be more and more successful in getting the energy centers to be in alignment most of the time.


The body is better at signaling the conscious and subconscious minds of things that re out of alignment and need of attention. It’s about working with your body in a way that you are in control because you are communicating and working with all systems and centers of energy within the body, as well as being connected to your Spirit Tribe for the best possible information and messages to help you navigate not only your body but the world at large. 


The only difference between this 2 part series of sessions and the one for someone who has health issues, is that between parts 5 & 6 we tackle any specific issues that you may know you have. This can be anything from generalized anxiety and depression to something like cancer or reproductive issues.


During the “HEALING” phase of the session we go directly to the root problem of why you are not healthy in that area and we pull out the negative energies that are causing the problem or problems and untangle and transmute these energies out of the body.


Depending on many factors that are all individualized, it will depend on how exactly the body responds and heals. It is important to note that negative energies are slow and difficult to move at times and can be quite resistant, especially if the person we are working on is resistant or in doubt of healing. Any resistance within the person does cause a friction in the energetic body that is confusing to the physical body, telling it to lock down on the energies instead of letting them go. 


Similar to “fight or flight” if you tell the body that it is in distress or fear or doubt then it will resist what is happening and lock down. If you acknowledge being uncomfortable because there are energies that are uncomfortable that are coming up to be released, but you are NOT in fear or in danger, but you are in full agreement and are wanting these energies to go away because they have served their purpose, they are painful, they are no longer needed then YOU are ultimately in control of the energies staying or going and at what speed and strength. 


This is why it is so important to acknowledge yourself as an active participant in your own healing. It is never a good idea to turn over all control to any doctor or healer when it comes to getting better on any level. It is up to you, you are the one in the center of the bullseye and you have to aim for the best possible shot you can.


This is especially important if you are someone with negative attachments and entities who have been in control of you. From the moment you decide to have this healing done they will be resistant and try to get you to change your mind in multiple ways, if you are aware of this then you will see it for what it is-an attempt to keep you where you are, and them where they are. 


Being in control, being sovereign is something that only you can do for yourself. I truly wish I could take control and make all of the important decisions a person needs to make to be totally in control, but that doesn’t make any sense now does it? I cannot give you control, it’s YOUR control to take or not. It’s your body, it’s your mind, it’s your soul and it’s your decision to heal. I am the facilitator, the road map, the bridge and the liaison to the other side…

Part 1 of your Chakra Infusion (can be purchased separately) to be done 2-3 days prior to Part 2 of your Total Body Healing with Infiniti.of the healing.


This gives your body time to adjust to your chakras being cleared and in alignment and allows for rest before the Total Body Infinite Love Light Infusion. 


  1. Infiniti will quickly guide you to a deep awareness and connection with your body and energy while taking you into a meditative state where she can connect with you energetically. You remain fully aware and awake and an active participant in your healing exactly how you were during Part 1.

  2. A general full body clearing. We call in your Spirit Tribe to come in closely and immediately negative energy begins to release from the body, we also work on clearing your entire home and surrounding area and  we extend that all the way around Mother Earth, GAIA and back to you as an anchor of Infinite Love Light Energy, a point of healing upon GAIA. Then we shield and protect you and your home by placing a dome of violet light around the entire structure. 

  3. We reconnect you with GAIA from your first session for Chakra clearing and alignment. This portion will be much quicker that the initial session as well fire up and calibrate your 7 main chakras and eliminate any lingering negative energies as dense energies are untangled in and around all of your Chakra's. 

  4. Body Scan: Much like a body scan at the hospital, we begin at your head and work all the way down. During this portion of the healing Infiniti will be communicating with your body, soul and your spirit tribe, your awareness is observing yourself from inside your body and also outside of your body, as a witness and a participant in the healing. During this time messages and visions and different sensations will be taking place as Infiniti continues to communicate with you and your Guides & Guardians. 

  5. Through my channeling with your Spirit Tribe, I become aware of any dense energies that need to be released and we lovingly ask them to release, to return to source this opens up the area to let your energy flow unimpeded getting your body primed for the Infinite Love Light Infusion. 

  6. Your Spirit Tribe comes in and works with us to infuse your entire body with Infinite Love Light Energy, and then at the very end your heart is blasted with this energy and we guide it through your heart and all through your body from head to feet in a very intentional way to promote the best energy flow at the time, and to promote cell regeneration. Promoting healing and reversing the aging process.

  7. We "tie off" your healing by an extra layer of energy shielding after all of the energy that is to leave in the session is gone, and to help it to remain that way.

Consider this a TOTAL BODY DETOX, as such your body will react like you have done so.

What To Expect After A Healing & Clearing Session "Side Effects"

Much less physical discomfort and pain regardless of your status of illness or injury.

If you have an injury, expect a marked improvement in your pain, motor function and range. This is regardless of where your injury is, your entire body will improve. 

Depending on the illness, your energy, etc will depend on the relief or complete transmutation and elimination of your illness. 

We always shoot for elimination, and that is possible however, it may take a few sessions to get your body there. It all depends on what it is, and how your body is connected to it. 

If you're in good/great/athlete/pro-athlete shape, expect to have much more energy, require less sleep, have a fast metabolism,

get stronger, get faster reflexes and overall speed etc. 

You'll likely to experience better cognitive function, memory, sleep, dreams, creativity, metabolism, weight loss (if needed). Much deeper and better spiritual connections to your guides and higher self, naturally wanting the good for you stuff not the bad for you stuff as your energy is much more pure after it's cleansed.

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