A Life, A Journey, A Soul Story

Once upon a time, there was a very unique planet in a star system far, far away from the galactic central sun, a much newer and by comparison to some of the galaxies that came before it, a smallish galaxy on the outer edge of an outer arm of it's universe...This planet had many names but the official Galactic name was GAIA.

And She (Mother Earth, Earth, Planet Earth, Great Mother) was made to showcase many aspects of the other planets in her own galaxy and from planets from very far away galaxies too.

She would be able able to use and make energy in many ways, and sustain the life of so many

different types of creatures in extreme weather throughout her body. 

She was given many protectors for her body and for the bodies and Souls upon her.

Some of these protectors were made of pure light energy, and are Light Bodies and they could be at many different places all at once, their self awareness was from every aspect of light energy and they could move through it instantly, while staying in place,  as well as being away from the planet at the same time.

They loved Gaia and every living thing upon her very, very much.  They weren't made like many other creatures in creation, they are of pure love light that cannot be lowered.

For a long time it was more of an observance of the evolutions of these creatures, and a lot of time passed.

Certain others went to Gaia and began to change things, going against very strict laws, but they felt above certain rules and entitled to do what they pleased to anything upon Gaia.

This was when the Light Bodies had to take more of an active role in their protection duties. 

And so, throughout the history of Gaia, there have been these Light Bodies working very hard against the dark bodies to keep Gaia as safe as possible.


To help all forms of life upon her. Sometimes to do this the Light Bodies decide to go on very special missions.


They go on very special missions when they want to gain further understanding about GAIA and life upon her, and most importantly they have  a need to help in very specific ways, and deliver messages only they can, and only can be heard from them.


It is important to know that when Light Bodies do these Missions they see it as a great and wonderful opportunity to expand their knowledge as well as to expand others as well, and their Missions are always based in Love and Light and to help others and GAIA.

                 With each new Mission, it is an accomplishment as it means that they have spent countless previous Missions preparing, each one closer and closer to knowing more and more about themselves and everything else, well, that's before they land. 

When they do, they are separated from their entire family, and most importantly, from everything they knew about everything.

Not only about how the big things work, but about themselves too. They forget everything they ever knew about everything-and they knew a lot. 


They have to forget and for each of them they develop into who they are to be in their Missions as their mission goes on. 


Eventually they remember. Or they don't. OR they sort of remember, but mostly don't. And everything in between. 

The GOAL is to integrate with their most Highest Self once they realize that there is one and that there is special information waiting for them. 

Some never realize how important this is, and never tap into their Highest Self, but go through life fulfilling aspects of their Ultimate Mission by intuition and their own Guides. 

Never is a Mission considered a Failure. There is always progress and evolution and some type of positive 

energy added to the collective. 

Remembering is an ongoing process...Because there is so much going on while trying to pull back the layers of their Origin and who they are and why they are there. 

The thing is that once they begin to remember the more they are able to remember and the more they do that, the more they can actually HEAR themselves.

And feel themselves before they forgot. 

They start to realize things that always felt different, and they start to ask and they start to listen and they start to see and the start to change. 

They always felt very different, these Light Body Protector/Warriors/Helpers

They realize that they aren't really awake, they are living in a dream, and they begin to wake up.

Remember their Missions. 

Some do their missions while being totally asleep, in their dream. Some completely wake up in their dream and work very hard to get to work and to carry out their missions...

But no matter what...


When they land they are all 100% asleep to who and what they are and what they doing there. Besides, they are babies when they "land" their "landing" is them being born, and even if they did remember, there's nothing they can do about it, and once they could communicate that to anyone, they have definitely forgotten. 


They may have certain ideas or knowings about things but they think that they and most things are random. 

Until they realize that's not the case at all.

But, for a time they have to forget everything, be as light as possible and it's important that they find their way through clues and hints and through special events that trigger their memory at very specific times. And at the same time they have to navigate a very strange existence and deal with being so far undercover that they forgot everything in this new world and life. 


But, think about it-​if they landed knowing it all, it would be very difficult and get very strange for everyone very quickly.


Sometimes it is anyway, because of how different they are, but still they don't really have any idea what's going on. 

In fact, when they land they are totally helpless. Well, that's how it is for every Human on Earth, 

and for an Angelic, it's no different. 

Except for maybe how strange and different it is for them only a few short years later. They feel much older than they are.


By the age of 3 or 4 or 5 they feel extremely old and things are very confusing. And they have no one to relate to.

That's how it is for an Angelic Incarnate-Angels who have been born into human bodies, on missions to help humanity. ​

Many Angelics come to be helpers to Gaia and all Souls upon her.


They are called Incarnated Angels, or Mystic Angels if they have lived lives as OTHER entities other than Humans on GAIA, or in other REALMS/DIMENSIONS on GAIA. 

For more specific information about "Earth Angels" please click the link below for the Amazon page for the book titled, "Earth Angel Realms" by Doreen Virtue. 


For one Angelic, life was really hard. She was sick from the time she was very little.​ This was because she was Feeling and Healing the people and animals around her without knowing!

Remember, she didn't know what she was or what she was doing, that she even had a mission. 

She was sick for a very long time, even though throughout her life she experienced many amazing and Spiritual things, and saw and felt things, she didn't think much of it and certainly didn't see how any of it was connected.

She was pretty distracted with being in so much pain and knowing how people felt all of the time but had no idea the extent of it really. 

Many years into her life-in her 39th year-her Spirit Guides helped her remember things about herself, energy in and around bodies and she was able to heal herself and then...

She figured out who she really was! Eventually she worked hard enough listen to everything her

Guides and Guardians said and one day she heard her Spirit Name once again...