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The First Healing

"HELP HER! HELP YOURSELF! End this pain, and both of your suffering NOW!"

That's exactly what my Guides said to me-screaming at me- Imagine that! Waking me up as I stood there looking at my friend in misery. I was feeling her lower back pain in my lower back, and it was really, really bad.  Like a huge nail hammered in between  L3 & 6 in her spine.

But ONCE AGAIN, thinking it was my own pain, since I have an old injury there too. 

I did not make the connection, but assumed it was a coincidence that we were both in back pain. Forgetting the fact that I didn't have that issue until getting into close proximity to her.

Even a couple of years after understanding, it wasn't obvious to me in those moments with my friend at a party, where neither of us could dance because we were in so much pain...

That it was her pain in both of us, and I could do something about it.   I asked her, "Can I do something to try to help you? So we BOTH aren't in so much pain?" She laughed and said, "YES!"  

And right there, outside on that summer night, with Fire Spinners and drumming all around us, with many people present,  I turned her around and I felt her shoulders and her down her spine, and when I got to her lower back, I felt the heat, the hot, the pain. ​ "This isn't your old injury, this is negative energy using  your old injury as a place to sit. Let's get rid of it."

I just knew.


And then I went to work with her untangling the energy,  working with it to release, pulling it up and out, like I did to myself many years before.  And...Within a minute or two-​ I watched her go from agony to being pain free,  to feel her pain in my body release when hers did,  to see her face light up and say, 

"It's Gone!"

This 21 year old person who went from hardly being able to stand she was in so much pain, to BOUNCING around and able to dance, to look into those eyes and see the relief.... To feel that hug.

It makes me emotional thinking about it. Everything changed in that those moments.​ It was beyond amazing.

When someone who was watching said,  "What did you do!?! That was OH MY GOD!!!!"

I said, 

"I helped her."

I didn't know what else to say.

To be pushed by my guides, to be told to help her because I could-even if I didn't know what I was doing.  Because the pain was so bad and we were both suffering and standing there miserable. When my guides told me to help her and that I could, and they showed me how I had been helping the animals a lot, and how I helped myself years before and they told me I could, and I should.  I was shown how I did it for myself.  Just by what they told me to do. Just by being shown visions of lifetimes where I knew about healing with energy. I saw many lifetimes.  In this situation I was shown how to to it to her.  I don't think if I was show that I could do it over distance  I would have understood, or believed it. But I did believe that I could do it for her by touching her. By using my hands on her the way I did for myself.  And so I did that and I just listened to what I was being told,

from my guides and from my body and her body and I knew what was going on.  That pain I was feeling in her back was so intense, but I knew immediately that it wasn't her old injury-I knew that it was negative energy. I said it to her, "This is NOT your old injury!" I felt it, intense and hot all around the area that was so painful in my back was exactly where it was hot on her back. And I was told: 

"This is stress, and anxiety and pain and hurt and worry. Feeding off of her" 

And I was her friend, so I knew what she was going through recently and there was a lot to be stressed about.

Immediately I was told, "This is what happens. When someone has an old injury, they have a scar, a block, a negative charge, or multiple in their energy system just as with their physical bodies. It's the physical body that is showing you what the energetic body is doing. It's the way your body communicates that there is something out of alignment. The problem is that most people never make this association.


When the energy isn't addressed it is a magnet for future negative energy to pool there and create pain in the site of old injury. ​or trauma. Many times it's both, so it can be many different types of negative energy that the body is dealing with. This can happen for an entire lifetime, and depending on how many of these a person may have, this is how many "hot spots" that can cause problems in the future. Sometimes it will be back pain, sometimes it will cause so much disruption that it becomes cancer. It can literally present like anything. It depends on the person and the body and what's going on, what is triggered. But again, most people who have any issues physically wouldn't attribute that to negative enrgy stored in the body and possibly negative energy from outside of the body-both sides having a field day with you, but you have no idea. 

Plus, if you know how to work with this energy, you can feel it-not only in the body of the other person-0but in your won body so you can really know exactly what's going on. You also get information from their guardians about what's going on that the human themselves are oblivious to because they just aren't aware of exactly what's going on much less how to fix it for themselves. There's no baseline, nothing to go off of, and certainly there is no information in every day society, it's not taught in schools, or in the medical professon, and most people have never heard of energy work and even those who do-even those people who teach it do not understand exactly what is going on and that's just a fact. 

Working with the energy system, working with energy is one thing, but truly understanding exactly what that energy is and where it's rooted and why it's there and how to get rid of it is not something most people are tuned into. 

I am. I just am.

And that's what makes me a Medical Medium. A Divine Incarnate.


I know in my body, mind and in your body, your energy and I'm communicating with your Soul and my Guides what is going on in your body and I'm told by your body, by your soul, by your spirit tribe because

I am someone who can work on it,

I am someone who's done it for countless lifetimes,

I am someone who knows what to do and

I am someone who is trusted with this information and abilities because

I am of The Light, for The Light and By The Light

and I would never use my abilities to harm or to take advantage of anyone.

I guess you can say I am trusted by those who are in charge of guiding and guarding you.

That may be weird to wrap your head around but it is true. Ask them and they will tell you.

And that's something you should ask when working with anyone who is going to connect with you energetically.


Make sure that they are trusted by your guides and guardians, not YOU.


But them!


YOU have issues, they don't. 

You want what you want and you want to see or not see certain things and there's always going to be influences of

The Dark Side trying to confuse The Light Side.

You must be aware of this and be very mindful of whom you go to to work

on your energy body and who is to connect with you psychically. 

There are those who use dark magic and they are very forthcoming about it, some people go to them for healing or spells for all sorts of reasons, but that is opening yourself up to and attaching to ALL of what is DARK.


So please be aware of what you are doing and who you are going to. 

Some people call themselves seers, psychics, healers, etc but they are not of The Light.


They are of The Dark and they do not help you, they seem like they do AT FIRST

but what they do is help you enough so you have to keep coming back.

The web they build is very deep and dark.


So please, please, please go with where you are guided, not where you are attracted.


Sometimes the very people who are best to help you, are the ones you may be turned off by and that is sometimes because they are the real deal. Deep down this is known on every level and for those who are in fear of what it may mean to truly heal, to truly peel back the layers of energy that has made them who they are, and many times these are people who are very physically ill. But they are so attached to their illness, and their illness is attached to them, so they avoid actual healing by real healers. 

If that is a person's journey-so be it.

But for most, they are not aware this is happening, unless they can understand the dynamics involved in actual healing. 

As someone of The Light becomes awakened to these possibilities, and then they go through the process of being cleared and healed-it causes a chain reaction all around them.

A dynamic cataclysmic event of epic proportions, like a nuclear bomb goes off. 

They have done the ultimate detox. They are shining very, very bright-their energy is high, their frequency is stable and their Chakra system is balanced and in flow. 

They are glowing and it is seen and felt by everyone around them. Those who know about what they have been through and those who do not but many times the outcome is the same. The energy bodies of those people begin to react.

Like yawns setting off more yawns. I don't take that responsibility lightly.

This is all a very big deal and I'm blessed and grateful to be able to do what I do, beginning with that first




I knew I was about to flip the page of my story


Nothing has been the same since.  

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