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How Does Energy Healing


Spiritual Connections Work Over Distance?

Isn't it true that for it to work best,

we need to be in the same room?

Infiniti actually prefers doing her healing work over distance, rather than in person. 

Read on to understand how and why this works so well for everyone involved. 

As far as the mechanics of how distance healing works, it's all about intention. 

We are both intending on connecting, and because of the connections I have energetically, and spiritually, we're all ready connected. Without getting too deep into time, space and timelines, energy and how we are all at different points in time at the same time, 

the best way to think about making the connection to either do a healing or get spiritual information, you have to see it as though you and I already know each other, we have already met, I have already gotten your information, your guides and guardians have been setting this up, with you and with me. We are connected by our Souls and time and space and intention to get together in the future even as we sleep have make, so when we finally get together in the physical, we are just pulling on the rope to get back to each other 


If you think about it as working in reverse, to get to a new place in the future, that is exactly what we are doing. 

And this is why the information and healing I do are so powerful and effective, and work so well the first time, it was always to be that I One of the main reasons it's so great to work over the internet-via Distance Healing-and that can be a mile or 10,000 miles away-is that the Soul Infiniti is working with can be at home, in bed as comfortable as possible. 


How often does it happen when even after a massage, you wish you didn't have to move? And how often have you had a house call when you just got to stay where you were? Probably not often...But you've thought of it.

Imagine a major clearing & healing being done, and then having to drive home in traffic, deal with people etc, or travel great distances via planes to get to your healing and then do it all again right after? It sounds miserable, and very exhausting and how much of that would impede the work that was done because the body didn't get a chance to adjust?

The way that Infiniti does it, you are in the comfort of your own bed. After the healing you can go to sleep for 10 hours or, eat out the fridge, or go for a run-all of these have been reported after a healing. Every body is very different, but under Infiniti's care-one thing is certain-you're not even ALLOWED to go for a drive after your healing. 

Even better, your pets will be around you-they always are, and if you choose to have them join you in a healing-you are in the best possible space and right where you are all very comfortable in the healing itself-you are as comfortable physically as you could possibly be. You're in your bed. You're relaxed and comfortable because it's all of your things. Better yet, one of the very first things that takes place in a healing is to clear your physical space, your room, your home and you're the energetic anchor there. 

Also, when we are in the same room, it's easy to be distracted by Infiniti's energy. People report feeling the heat of her energy more than 5 feet away when she is not in a healing state, it's more so when she talks about healing or is doing healings. Even thinking about it the process of healing a person begins to activate her energy for the work. 


Lastly, when she is when people in the flesh person-she doesn't touch them for the healing. She would be sitting on the floor somewhere near you so you could hear her, but she would not touch you throughout the process.

As you can see, there's many benefits to either being at home where you can relax, or if your household makes that difficult for multiple hours, it is suggested to go to a hotel where you don't share too many walls with others, or to rent a home for a couple of days so you can be as peaceful as possible after a treatment.

This may sound "over the top" but it is truly for your benefit to allow your body, soul, mind and emotions, the space for continued releasement without the influences of other people and their energy, at least to the best of your ability.


Once you're in that space, you'll understand why we're so adamant about creating the perfect space for yourself from where you are, how much alone time you get, what you eat and drink before the treatment is all very important. We're creating a space of true, deep level healing and to maximize the benefits of it, we need to create the perfect "cocoon" for you to emerge from...Remember, this is a true metamorphosis.


Also, when you meet over Zoom, the session is recorded and you will get that file after the healing or spiritual guidance session. 

How does it work healing animals over distance? 

It's pretty much the same system as when we heal people. We do it over video conference, and the animal goes into a "sleep" state, with you right there, and then Infiniti will psychically connect to the animal and their guides and guardians and begin to receive information. She will switch between getting telepathic information from the animal, their guides and she will communicate with you throughout the process. This can be repeated from one animal to the next in a group healing session if you have more than one animal. 

She can also treat large groups of animals at the same time, sending healing energy to the animals and getting information as they give it, instead of tapping into each one individually. This is especially helpful for rescues or sanctuaries that have a lot of animals. 


A lot of information comes when connecting to animals, so prepare to hear lots of helpful info about your animal, dislikes, likes and what it is that they need or want and even observations about you. They are your guardians as much as you are theirs and they love you deeply and always have things to talk about. 


When it comes to doing Distance "Quantum Energy Healing" you can be anywhere in the world! 

All we need is to be online via your internet connection and we'll connect two ways:


1)  We use Zoom Video Conferencing. You can get this for your mobile phone or PC.

2) Infiniti's Psychic/Energetic Connection by tapping in with you. 

We are all connected in an energy matrix and when we can intentionally  connect to and through it. We connect to and through it even when we don't mean to, so for those of us who have figured out how to connect to it intentionally, use our psychic and healing powers and tap into the person or animal or place in which we are intending to connect, it isn't difficult at all.


Within a few moments of beginning the call, you will begin to feel the connection. However, it's once we get into the actual session of clearing/healing and even psychic/spiritual advice/working with tarot & oracle cards/mediumship/channeling  that you will undoubtedly feel the energetic connection. 

Most people report getting warm, relaxed, feeling peaceful, tingles and energetic surges, just to name a few. If we are going into any type of healing, you'll feel really gooey and drowsy but not sleepy. It's quite remarkable what the energetic system gets in alignment with before your physical body is in position. 

In fact, once you decide you're going to work with Infiniti, your body starts to prepare. 

We'll discuss all of this more when we get together for your

Free Evaluation & Consultation

Not time, space, distance or even what's in your bank account can get in the way of me helping you....Only you can.  


We take our body to the Physical Therapist but we do not take our body to the Energy Therapist to help you get over the trauma and get your energy system cleared and healed. We are never told that we should clear our system of the negative energies associated with this event, we have PTSD for these reasons, because the energy body wasn't healed from the event, it carries it with it forever, and will be triggered in different ways depending on what else is going on around the person, including the people at home or work or even what's going on cosmically with geomagnetic radiation or solar flares, eclipse energies, and many more alignments that cause a change in vibration in humans on within the planet and will cause further imbalance to the energetic and physical bodies. 

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