Astral Meditation Guide

INFINITI has been leading groups of people on LIVE Guided Astral Meditations on her YouTube Channel since Sept, 2018 when Hurricane Florence was 5 days from making landfall at a CAT5 Hurricane. Infiniti was directed to gather people for Live guided Astral Meditations to "fight" the storm, and by day three of astral projection into the storm system itself, the hurricane was at a CAT 2, and made landfall as a Tropical Storm. 
The wind energy was broken down very successfully, which would have caused the most damage, much water energy was also dispersed, however-it being a heavier element.
Her, and the people she worked with at the time "took down" several other storms: Hurricanes, Typhoons and Monsoons within a couple of months.
Between September 2018-November 2018, a good portion of that time was dedicated to daily meditations.
It was intense work, but ultimately, the astral projection and guiding groups into such intense work, solidified more and more integration for Infiniti and her Highest Self.
It also cast out energetic cords into the future for Soul Groups/Soul Family to come together.
And that has been a major them of all of the Guided Astral Mediations she has facilitated, to help awaken, activate  and unite the Light Body collective . At one point, directly after Florence, there were ZERO major storms across GAIA for SEVEN DAYS in the middle of Hurricane Season.
Weather watchers were dumbfounded at all of the above. 
Since then, Infiniti guides Souls on Astral meditations for Full Moons, New Moons, Stargates and other Power Ascension Days. 
In these meditations, that typically last at least an hour, she guides people thorough the process of connecting their to their body and energy, and depending on what is happening, she is guided in different ways to channel information to the participants in the meditation. 
Sometimes through direct LIVE channeling of Divine Beings, such as GAIA, JESUS, THE ARCHANGELS, DRAGONS, GALACTICS-those of The High Council who channel their information through Infiniti
You can view these videos on Infiniti's YouTube Channel, Infinite Love Light Energy.