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Black people are more energetically unhealthy than others because of racism & racial violence in communities.
If it wasn’t for The Covid-19 Pandemic, there wouldn’t be as many people available for this.
Create and share your work while never worrying about what other people think. For Creators & Messengers.
iPhone has one feature I can’t stand, while Google Voice has lots I love!
Endings do NOT mean failures.
What it’s like…The connections are real, and I’m “The Real Deal”

4 Soul Code Rules:

Stop Holding Back

Weighed down? Mentally blocked? Creatively shifting? Sexually off? There’s a reason for it and there are things you can do about it.
Somewhere, a Soul begins to remember…
Oh Sweet Ignorant Bliss…Time Is Up.
I’m Alive — Believe It Or Not — This Fire In Body
A Letter of Love-A Story of Healing
A New Publication On Medium
A Spiritually Centered Publication
A Poem For Light Bodies

The Dreaming 963

A Spiritually Centered Publication
Energy Happenings & Info For The Month
Maximize Your Creativity & Manifestation Powers
Soul Body Activations-Physical Body Upgrades
Retrain your perspective to lift you up instead of weighing you down.
Prelude To: Something Weird Happened
Light leads the way
Empowerment, Awakening, Truth, Spiritual Themes, Deconstruction, Alchemy, Abundance, Unity, Collective Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, Connections
The Divine Masculine Inner Child Is Awakening
But you can’t, you won’t — you must not surrender…The Dark Night is one you must enter.
Sharing Spiritual Messages Via Oracle Cards
A Poem About Conquering Fears
How do we really know when we’ve evolved? And what do we do about it?
Messages From The Dragonfae Oracle
Sharing My Natal Chart Report-What Does Yours Say?
Live Guided Meditation-Activations-Oracle Reading
8.8.2020: US, Giza, Sirius & The Galactic Center
Working With GAIA, Our Divine Counterparts & Each Other
A Poem & Story About Twin Flames & Soulmates
Akashic Records, Spirit Tribe Connections, Integrations & Activations
Going from negative to positive in the world of masks.