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As The Faerie Godmother to my clients–my reunited Soul Family--I show them that anything is possible. I provide the space and path to Evolve Now, and they innately have faith in my high-level divine connections, my magic, and my WOO. 


They dive into that sacred, supportive and loving space that only Soul Family, one who knows them from many lifetimes, can provide. 


Godparents are selected to help guide children-especially spiritually, and to teach and protect them as they grow. Limitations, illusions, blocks, pain and confusion rule the world of The Awakening Soul, and like a young child–it helps to have someone who loves you to show you the way.


My abilities afford me the capacity to connect to the physical, the Soul of my client and their personal and universal Divine Guides & Guardians. From this vantage point, I guide the process of the Evolved Human Unfoldment--to connect to and counsel through the Soul to heal body, mind and spirit. Helping to identify Empaths and Lightworkers, so they may step into their Soul destinies & missions. 


Life Force is at the seat of health or illness, pain or peace. I bring this energy to life in the real world for my clients, so they can experience what it is like to tap in and understand their energy and bodies, and how to learn to work with that energy to change their experience at any given moment. 


Healing means to know how to clear and transmute, infuse and protect. 


Through my shamanic spirit connections, and in-between world walking, my direct link to Mother-Earth GAIA, I know exactly what the necessary tools are needed to assist each individual who is guided to me, to activate and embody who they are truly meant to be through connecting and healing the inextricably linked components of the whole-mind, body, spirit–energy. 


Evolution takes courage, to step into the unknown, to recognize fears, illusions and programming that needs to be dismantled. My mission is to take the confusion, fear, pain and separateness away from the healing and ascension process, for my clients to have the best possible experiences because they have me with them, lighting the way as they evolve and spiritually connect and awaken. 


I'm the best in the world at sending out my Soul Song to my Soul Family–The Major Players in the world who are ready to take a big leap in their evolution. 


In the last life, in this one, and the next–I'm here to guide my Soul Family from the darkness into The Light.  


Gifted Energy Body Expert

Oriental graphic element

Divinely Guided Medical Medium

Psychic Physical Empath


Now she's the healthiest person you could know, but that wasn't always the case. Her entire life she was sick, very sick with one thing or another from the time she was a very little girl.


She didn't know she was a natural healer, a Psychic Physical Empath & Medical Medium and that she could feel and heal other people and animals-without even trying.


Because she didn't know what her body was or what it was naturally doing: being a natural energy filter for the world at large and anyone in her proximity. Needless to say, life was really, really rough. Always in pain of some sort and chronically exhausted easily, nothing made sense most of her life, especially her own body. 

She didn't associate her lifelong psychic abilities (she was giving psychic readings at the age of 6) to her physical issues-like many people she was totally clueless about her own body and how to live a life that was "normal" and pain free. 


At the age of 25 she was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It was another 15 years of chronic pain, fatigue, countless doctors visits & hospital trips, unplanned time off work, life with her son most of the time was impossible, year-long state disability stints again, and again...Reaching a breaking point many times and countless thoughts and fantasies of suicide before she was divinely guided to figure herself out.

"I know your pain-

because I can feel it." 

It's been a wild and magical ride for her.


From chronically ill to super healer! That is a 180 degree change she would have insisted anyone was crazy if they told her about it years ago. In fact, her reaction would have been "IMPOSSIBLE!" and flat out shut it down. Little did she know...

In 2012, after working on feeling better through yoga and for a few months, she went into a guided meditation designed to connect her to her Spirit Tribe and immediately was lead to a higher dimension and connected with Divine Angelic Beings who began to wake her up to her Soul's knowledge.


It began with healing herself.


Being told in that divine higher plane of existence, was a massive download of information about herself, humans, energy and the beginnings of working with moving and transmuting energy. She was reminded about lives incarnate where she was a healer, and understood how to work with energy. 


Reminded that she was not sick or broken at all, quite the opposite, in fact. Super Human but super confused and ignorant to so, so much. 

She was told how to heal herself and to begin to understand who and what she is. She knew of none of it before, but as the information came-it sounded on point and resonated deep within her.


Once out of the meditation, she was guided to do what she was told while it was fresh in her consciousness and while her body was primed for this alchemical work. It only took a few moments to clear her body of negative energy that had been stored, and to create a shield to protect her from incoming energies. She was new, amazed and had no idea what was in store for her in the future. For a few years it was about living in a body that wasn't sick, being divinely connected more and more, unpacking her life and everything she knew before these magical events took place and finally, discovering a world she never knew existed. 

The Spiritual World of Lightworkers


A Lightworker, a natural healer, divinely connected angelic reincarnated over and over again to help humanity on the quest to rediscover the truth about themselves and the power that we all have within:

The power to heal.


She remembers and understands how the energy of the physical body works, how humans are a complex organic water body and electric computer system designed to self regulate and heal when necessary.

By understanding and clearing the energy centers known as Chakras. Humans have many chakras throughout their body; however, there are 7 main Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye & Crown that are connected to all main organs and functions of the body. From reproductive, digestive, respiratory, communication, thoughts/ideas and emotions and everything in between.

When these energy centers are out of alignment, or blocked with energy either from past physical or emotional trauma, from outside influences, from energy attachments, entities and blocks which work like energy walls/holes that cause the disruption of energy flow. Sometimes very serious disruptions that left unchecked turn into major problems, like illness, disease and death, and it happens daily because modern medicine doesn't address the real issues. 

She now knows that the road to a healthy body isn't through medications. It's through knowing and  working with the energy in and around the body. She knows this because she lived a life filled with pain, prescriptions and modern medicine for decades and nothing actually helped. Nothing until she cleared her body of the energy that kept her chronically ill her entire life. 

Make no mistake, just because she is who and what she is doesn't mean she is different from you in the sense that she is human in a human body and all of the rules apply to every single human: 


Your energy system is your key to wellness or illness. 


Knowing your particular body, set of circumstances and untangling those knots of energy and infusing it with the highest frequency in creation:

Infinite Love Light Energy Infusion


is how the body is healed. Using her abilities as a Psychic Physical Empath and Medical Medium and Quantum Alchemist she can connect to anybody anywhere in the world and get information about it that the person themselves don't know/didn't tell her.


She gets visions and actually "sees" what is going on inside the body, she is told from the Soul level the situation and how to handle each case individually when in session, once connected. Most importantly, this work is done by Infiniti from her home in the Southern California Mountains and while her patient is comfortable at home in bed. This is so convenient for everyone, especially her clients who don't have to travel and once their session is complete-they can stay in that suspended state of healing and divine connectedness for as long as they like and leave their healing space when they are fully ready.  

A bridge.

She is a liaison to your true self, your body that you don't know exists yet, your soul and your Spirit Tribe.

One of her Missions is to walk you across the bridge. To help you and your body, mind and spirit get into alignment

so you can live your best life, live the mission you were put here to live. 

A true Divinely Guided Spirit Liaison here to help you heal and connect to yourself like you never knew was possible!

How Infiniti Helps You Help Yourself

To truly become as healthy as possible, it is important to acknowledge all aspects of you. Infiniti's mission is to help you get to 100% or as close to it as possible, and for you to maintain that and work on raising it yourself because you have been cleared and calibrated, aligned, and you have gone through the process and know yourself better than ever. You can read the instruments on the panel and know how to self regulate. And, if you are having trouble, then you know about it, you know something is off and that there is a way to get over it, if not by yourself, then you know whom to go to for help.


To start you need to understand that you have 5 bodies, not just one, so it's important to work with all of them and get them working together, so you are the UNIT you are meant to be, a machine calibrated, in alignment and working to regulate itself, so it can be as fit as possible for the daily space travel that it endures. That's right, our planet, Mother Earth, aka GAIA is traveling trough space and getting hit with space energies every second of every single day and because you are an energetic body in an organic water body, much like GAIA herself, with many complex mechanisms working simultaneously. It's important to see yourself for what you truly are. 

We work to heal each important body: 

Physical & Energetic Bodies:

They work together because your body runs on energy

through a physical body

that is mostly water-a conductive crystal that amplifies energy. 

 Your Spiritual/Soul body: 

Your Soul is being projected into the consciousness of a physical body in the third dimensional reality that is Earth, GAIA. However, because the spiritual connection to your Soul is not as clear as it could and should be, there is a separation between who you are and who you really are.

There's a separation between the Soul and it's guides and guardians as well, even though they are always with you, and always will be-it depends on the clarity of your own body and connection how well you can perceive them, hear them, be guided by them and that includes your Soul as well.

If you see your Soul as the true essence of who you are with the controller in hand, seeing a much bigger picture perspective than you, as the Avatar can, and as such it can make life much easier because you are being directed by that higher self perspective, not the lower 3D perspective.

This is what living in 5D and beyond truly is.

It is being connected on a level of consciousness to your Soul, and therefore the universe, and all creation, your lives in every aspect. Being "controlled" by a higher dimensional aspect of yourself through awakening to who you are, in part by clearing and healing your physical, emotional and energetic bodies, makes it possible to connect and heal the Spiritual Body and connect to the Soul. 

Physical & Energetic Bodies

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Negative Energy Clearing

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Chakra Alignment:

clearing, flow, balance

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Reliving Chronic Pain

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Healing Illness & Disease

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Connecting Body & Soul

Spiritual Body &

Soul Connections

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Grounding & Energy Infusion with Mother Earth/Gaia

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Spirit Tribe/Guide Connections

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Guided Meditations

Tools Used

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Psychic/Quantum Healing

Infinite Love Light Energy


Medical Medium

Physical Empath


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Divination: Tarot, Oracle, Cartomancy, Pendulum

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Energy Coaching

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Automatic Writing

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How Does It Work?

Quantum Healing is so amazing, convenient, and it really works! Infiniti has been doing it her entire life without knowing it. Naturally, her energetic body was filtering energy for the people and animals around her, and even those far from her. In the past this was very detrimental to her own body because she wasn't controlling the process.


The energetic bodies of those in need would reach out without even knowing they would end up pulling on her energy charge while projecting their pains into her. This does still happen, but because she knows what's her and what's other people, she isn't nearly as affected by it, and it is only for a moment, instead of a lifetime. 

On an energetic and soul-based level there was a lot of communication going on between bodies, but not consciously and that definitely counts when it comes to long-term healing. 

Whether you know what's going on with you, if you think you're a very healthy person or you have an illness or disease that is chronic-she, as a Medical Medium and Psychic Physical Empath will pick up on your body and how it feels, how your energy system is doing, where there are blocks, and from a higher dimensional perspective, your Soul and Spirit Tribe then gives her specific information to go by.

Because energy is everything and everywhere and because once you understand how to work with your intention and energy, and for someone like Infiniti, who was born to connect this way-it is like flying for a bird-it takes intention and direction and off you go!

"As the client/patient, all you have to do is understand that I CAN connect to you from far away, it doesn't matter if it's 1 mile or 1,000. Once I decide to connect to you, to open up and receive, and you decide that you are in that space with me-it begins." 

For healing sessions, you connect via Zoom Video Conference, in some cases Infiniti is in the same room as her human and animal clients but for 99.99% of the people and animals that are healed they are far away from Infiniti, in the comfort of their homes and beds. 

Because of her energetic body and spiritual connections, and after years of training to connect with those far away, she can quickly, and easily connect with you and your body and your Spirit Tribe to get the important information about what's going on with your energy and body that most times, you don't know about, or if you do-you don't know WHY your body is doing what it's doing and you've been dealing with symptoms, but not dealing with the root cause issue-and where Infiniti goes-she gets to the root cause of the issue.

Information comes in various ways for her. She will hear, feel and get visualizations of what is happening in and around the body and how to deal with it. Depending on the situation, depends on how she handles the actual healing with you because you are an active participant in the healing.


It's like guided meditation, but you can feel what's going on, and you will not fall asleep. 


The entire time you are connected, and she is working with you, she will be speaking with you, giving you the information that is meant for you while guiding you through the healing. 


This is Quantum Healing & A Spiritual Clearing Session

Make no mistake, not only is this for the physical healing, but this is also deeply Spiritual. We will be connecting you to your Spirit Tribe, your Guides & Guardians and you will hear from and feel them with you, hear you and on you. The Infinite Love Light Infusion is like a Soul Hug that you will never forget and if you still have questions of your connectedness to all, there is, all the love of and light of the universe will come through you and you will lose your doubt forever. 

You will become something different because you have decided to let go and heal and transmute negative energy into positive energy, you have decided to connect to your Soul and Spirit Tribe, to the Universe and you will begin to feel what it was meant to always be like, to feel your body without the energies that weigh it down, make it heavy and sick and cause you to live a life that is less that optimal. 

After the session, you will continue to heal and clear and calibrate to the new energies of your system and these feelings will be part of you for the next several days. 



Ready for a NEW You?

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