First let's talk about why you were guided here. On some level, for something-you asked for help. And here you are. It is quite magical how this happens. It's up to you to decide to move forward in the continuous ways you are being guided.


The way people actually get help is by being guided by their guides and guardians. Most people aren't aware how they are influenced, or guided but when they ask for things like help with fixing what is out of alignment in their lives, they are guided to ways to make that happen-to people, places and information, things that will help. The synchronicities in peoples lives are multiplying and becoming events that cannot be ignored. Recurring visions, ideas, numbers, etc. Coming across the same things over and over, themes and suddenly the thing or person you need is there for you. 

Asking for help truly is the first help in getting it on a Soul and Spiritual Level. It's the act of being sincerely intentional about your wish for help and what exactly you are putting that intent towards and how you believe the help should come. If you have any ideas of what and how that should be that you get the answers you seek, then you are already making it hard for yourself, harder than it needs to be. 

Releasing the need for control as you ask for help and guidance is truly necessary so you may experience the path of least resistance. Those who need to know and always be right, and are afraid to be wrong or to be the fool will have the hardest time. 

You need faith in receiving answers from your Soul and The Divine counterparts that are all around us. Usually they cannot be seen by humans because they are in a different frequency that we are, they project their vibration, their communication and their love to us so we may feel it and be guided. 

People who need to know the process and be in control of it have the most difficult time because it is impossible to know the infinite sides to the process-much less be in control of it. 

We are all moving parts being influenced by many moving parts inside and outside of ourselves, in the 3D reality we can feel, see and touch, and through and with the higher dimensions that we must either meditate to get to or go to while we sleep in that astral state. Truly this is when most of our guidance is taking place, when the 3d world isn't confusing and complicating things. This is why we often wake up and feel better, have an idea or answers to problems or things we should do. We were met with and guided in our sleep, and this is why sleeping when we are guided to sleep is so important. More people are requiring naps during the day light hours and are awakening much earlier in the morning hours, when it is quiet and they can be guided without so many distractions from a world that is moving. 

But messages and guidance is tricky and difficult for most people to be aware of, to feel and to understand and to implement. These could be messages of all sorts. Lets face it, people cannot even understand the messages their bodies are giving them, they don't understand how to self heal or regulate their energy, they are not aware of their life force battery or how to manage it, they do not know the ways to cycle energy through their body, to get the messges from the energy body or the physical body and act accordingly to make things better. They are taught to turn to doctors and medications and to do things that are unnatural and those things cause more unnatural issues and ailments and it is a vicious cycle. 

Then entire time more static is interfeering with the messges of the body, the soul and the guides and more and more issues arise and more problems with the body, or a major problem. Simutaneously, life is going on and this is most likely causing more issues to the energy of the body. A very vicious cycle indeed. 

However, getting the information from the body, the messages etc and impletemnting it is not always obvious, and a lot of the time people ignore their messages and guidance because like children, we avoid doing things we doing want to do. Like clean our room, or take out the trash. We would rather be doing things that were comfortable and pleasureable and things we know and are used to.


This is the case even for those who so desperately want things to change. Faced with the actual task of putting forth the effort and energy in order to account for the change you want to see, the challenger, the task and let's face it-the unknown is the problem. What is on the other side? What is on the other side of turning into something different and will I still be me, and what is my tru identity if so much is so wrong? Will I like what is on the other side or is it better to stay where I am and in what I know, even if I do not like it.


So many people believe they are the only ones who ask these questions, have these fears and resist like this. The fact of the matter is that we all to some degree go through this-especially when we are faced with the real opportunity to evolove, to have faith in the unknown of yourself and the universe and to move forward.


When people are guided into this space to work with Infiniti, it's for very particular reasons.  You either have a physical issue, are in pain have an illness or disease of some sort,  or a spiritual one. Questions needing answers, an awakening to life being different and needing a safe place to go to find answers to your many questions. We go deep in the body vehicle to rid it of energy that is damaging the energy centers aka Chakras.