Thoughtful Service Packages

At Deep Discounts Designed For

Serious Souls

Monthly & Weekly
Soul Counseling--Spiritual Guidance--Ascension Coaching--
Energy Healing--Tarot & Oracle

Level-up your spiritual awakening, maintain your energy, get the Divine Guidance
you need when you need it. 

Commit to 6 & 12 month packages & enjoy


These packages are NOT designed to eliminate chronic conditions.
For those suffering from any chronic issues, please refer to
The Evolve Now Program
The Evolve Now Master's Program 

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These packages are designed for

Sensitive Souls, Empaths & Lightworkers

at any stage of their

Ascension and Spiritual Awakening.


From newly awoken to fellow Teachers, Healers & Guides.


I'm here to help you get clearer and more connected in a variety of ways.


You're The Captain, I'm The Navigator. My Mission is to get you where you're meant to be.


Around here, it's all about YOU!


My purpose for living is to help people know themselves, their body, their energy, their Spirit Guides & Guardians in a way they could never imagine.


Ask yourself: Do I want to take my life experience to the next level?

If the answer is YES, then this is what you've been waiting for!


What is your focus, and how are you being guided forward, what do you need to work on, how serious is your path?


I have been guided to assemble these packages, so they cover all the foundational tools, and guidance I'm THE BEST IN THE WORLD at facilitating with my clients in my much more intensive Evolve Now Programs.


Whatever you are feeling and experiencing with your journey right now, any of these packages will assist you in being stronger, clearer, more connected and be able to maintain and trust yourself so much better due to your intention to invest in yourself in this way--even if it's a smaller package.


The magic of these packages is that you are committing to at least 6 months of guidance/healing/connection that you are paying for monthly.


On my end, knowing that you are committed to work with me for long periods allows me to give you the gift of greatly discounting my rates with each package.


You're also locked in to those rates for the duration of the package--even if my rates go up.


Working with me in a serious and responsible way--even if we have a great time doing it--and we will, it's all about how seriously you take yourself.


You are declaring to yourself, and the universe, that you are taking yourself seriously, creating timelines for yourself that channel the flow of the highest level of awareness, and energy to come to you.


You'll find that purchasing any of these plans will greatly affect your perspective, body, energy, spirituality.


YAY! These packages do not require any study, prep-work or the higher

priced financial investment like The Evolve Program's contain.


You can get into receiving the benefits of the packages FAST! 

These packages are very different from The Evolve Now Program, and they are not designed to heal those with any chronic illness, pain or condition


For deep healing of chronic conditions, please refer to The Evolve Now Program & The Evolve Now Master's Program.



If none of these packages are right for you, please reach out!

I will design the right package for your individual needs.

All packages must be 6 or 12 months.

If you have any questions about these Service Packages you are considering,

please reach out via email to infiniti@thehealingbutterfly.org

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