11.11.2020 Stargate & 11.1-11.10 Daily Messages

11.11 begins our November Stargate, 11 days of moving through our galaxy at a warp speed, moving us closer to our Galactic Center. This happens monthly. This one is from 11.11-11.22.2020.

Each Stargate is a little different for exactly what it is doing with and for us, where and how things are connecting, etc but on a basic level for all Stargates promotes our higher consciousness to awaken, it filters in light codes that help us to upgrade our systems, it connects us energetically with our counterparts, both in body and on the other side. They move us through "gates" in our outer & inner worlds which force choices that create or eliminate timelines.

This is The Pillars of Creation Stargate is about opening up to The Pillars of Creation, and remembering that we are The Pillars as well.

What this means is that we are Light in Body and we are meant to create. Because we have Soul Stories and Soul Missions we have been part of creation for as long as we have been a Soul.

For this gate, it's about remembering more and more what that truth is.

The activations that take place during this Stargate will be triggering us in multiple ways to connect with our Soul and our Soul Story, to connect the dots of this life we have and what's transpired up until now and also opening up the channels of information from other lives we have lived/are living so we can integrate that information, wisdom and use it here.

Just imagine you in different lives and places in time, exchanging information that helps you in all of those lives, helps you recognize the same players (Soul Family) that are in those lives-here, in this life, helps you to understand your passions, abilities, desires and negative energy attachments.

Then imagine that your Highest Self, your Soul is directing all of this.

Whether or not you are conscious of this, it is happening. The more aware and intentional you are about being AWAKE and an active PARTICIPANT is up to you.

This doesn't mean that you will have a conscious understanding of all of these things, but because you've chosen to be in a place in this lifetime that is aware of these happenings, and you pay attention and participate in the process, your upgrades and integrations will be much more on the surface for you to see and feel than. it is for those who are not aware of these happenings.

In August I held The Lion's Gate Event via Zoom on 8.8, and for The October Stargate, I was online daily doing LIVE meditations and ORACLE readings for each day of the Stargate via Instagram & Facebook.

We had a different Oracle message and accompanying live guided astral meditation for each day:

10.10 The Art of Receiving -Replay IGTV

10.11 The Art of Changing Consciousness -Replay IGTV

10.12 The Art of Creative Day Dreaming-Replay IGTV

10.13 The Art of Being Who You Are-Replay IGTV

10.14 The Art of Being Light-Replay IG LOST 😢

10.15 The Art of Being Magical-Replay FB

10.16 The Art of Loving GAIA (New Moon!)

10.17 The Art of Following Your Path

10.18 The Art of Hearing Your Soul Song

10.19 The Art of Change

10.20 The Art of Surrendering Replay FB LOST 😢

On the schedule for this Stargate, I will be hosting a

LIVE 11.11 event on my YouTube Channel.

So far NO streams have ever been lost on YouTube.

Join me: Infiniti-The Healing Butterfly 2:30 PM PACIFIC.

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The New Moon

Sunday, November 15

1 PM Pacific

Close of the Stargate

Monday, November 23

1 PM Pacific

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The following are my past daily affirmations & messages from 11.1 through 11.10 via posts on Instagram @infiniti_963, follow me there for the latest downloads and info daily.

Hello NOVEMBER! The Soul Codes for today include 111, 22 and 00.

Begin this day and month with the intent to receive!

111-Master number 11, manifestation gateway, soul mission. It symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, inspiration and intuition, self-expression and sensitivity. Keep your thoughts positive and your intent set on raising your consciousness.

22-Number 2 relates to your Divine life purpose and soul mission, duality and balance, partnership and relationships, diplomacy and adaptability, insight, sensitivity and selflessness. Master Number 22 carries the energies and attributes of diplomacy, intuition and emotion, balance and harmony, adaptability, diplomacy, personal power, redemption, idealism, expansion and evolution, idealism, philanthropy and service and duty and manifesting your highest ideals and desires. Number 22 is a number of power and accomplishment.

00-Eternity, the beginning point, eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness, continuing cycles, flow, the ‘God force’ and Universal energies. O is the Alpha and Omega.

A recurring 00 sequences relates to prayer and/or meditation practices. It is a message to listen for guidance and watch out for signs.

The Universe is emphasizing a message to you and asks that you pay attention and follow the guidance given without delay.

✨This month and the Pillars of Creation Stargate from 11.11-11.22 is all about alignment with Soul, Soul Mission and Life Purpose.

Receiving messages and guidance and integration with our higher self.

It’s all about intent, knowing what’s coming and allowing for the flow of higher awareness to penetrate and become part of us.

Visit my website for info on how to maximize your time, life force energy and go though your ascension with direction and purpose, free of the heavy energies that hold you back, and keep you from fully receiving.




✨🤩✨11.2.2020 Message for today is to remember how magical your Soul is, and that means you are magical too.

I was guided to this Soul Code for today:

Angel Number 1122 asks you to step out of your comfort zone, leave behind the ‘old’ and outdated, and make a concerted effort to steer your life towards a more spiritually-based life and lifestyle. Find balance in all that you do and ensure that the reality that you create for yourself is the one that you desire. Angel Number 1122 encourages us to release our fears and apprehensions and get on with pursuing our passions and purpose.

Angel Number 1122 asks that you stay on a positive path and use your natural skills, talents and abilities to their utmost for the benefit of yourself and others. Use positive affirmations and visualizations to enhance energies and draw them towards you. The more you focus on the positives, the quicker they are manifested into your reality.

Angel Number 1122 is a message from your angels and Archangels that you are to stay focused upon your highest expectations as the angels and Universal Energies work behind the scenes helping you to manifest your wants and needs, goals and desires.

Number 1122 also relates to number 6 (1+1+2+2=6) and Angel Number 6.

6 is also the number for the number of November.

Stay Magical Dear Soul!




Via Joanne Sacred Scribes website.

11.3.2020, Today is a great day to pay attention to your body. Take a few minutes to think about where you’ve been, what physical or mental challenges you’ve faced. For a long time I hated my body, not only the way it looked (I was consistently about 40-50 pounds overweight) mostly I hated how shitty I felt all of the time. All of my life I was in some sort of pain or discomfort. Finally when I was 25, I was diagnosed with #Fibromyalgia. I was happy to have some answer to my lifelong questions but it didn’t make anything better. It was just figuring out the daily puzzle. It was 15 years of mostly hell after that, with some days that weren’t so shitty. Thankfully, my guides and guardians came for me when I was 39. I was guided in a meditation, where I was downloaded with a lot of information about myself, my energy and my Soul Story. I was shown that I really wasn’t sick and that I every incarnation I’ve been some sort of healer. I was able to see myself in those other lifetimes and how I healed people with my energy and intention. I was guided to understand that my pains were mostly other people and that I felt in my body what others feel exactly how they feel it. This was why I was always in pain of some kind my entire life! I’m a Psychic Physical Empath. Info you’re not exactly stamped with at birth. It’s something that needs to be figured out. I’ve come to understand even more, and I pinch myself daily at not only my new life, living pain free but that I get to help others escape and then evolve and eventually LOVE their bodies. We must appreciate it and how beautiful, complex, and powerful it is and strive everyday to honor it, treat it well, talk lovingly to it and YOU inside of it. LOVE your body. Show it respect and caring it deserves. Even if it’s hurt or sick or not exactly what you like to see or feel, LOVE IT. Treat your body like the precious creation that it is and I promise you, it will respond. Sleep, drink, and generally consume what makes it feel good. Don’t eat non-nutritious “food” daily, limit or stop alcohol, meat & dairy. Above all, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Your Soul speaks through it. Love, ✨🥰✨ Infiniti5d

✨😇✨11.4.2020, you are LOVE. Despite what may be going on externally, remember that you are a Soul comprised of Love Light Energy.

You’re a Soul in a body living an experience, you have a purpose and a Divine Mission (probably many), you’re connected energetically to not only everyone on this planet now, but you’re also connected to every being in Creation and to all of your ancestors, your entire Spirit Tribe and all of your past/concurrent lives.

Yep, it’s a lot!

Is every connection active and running right now? Yes. And no.

We’re always connected to everything passively no matter what, that is true, BUT we can also choose how and when and to whom to connect to and why. Intention is key.

The possibilities are truly infinite...But we must be open and choose to connect. Or at least have the intention to allow for what is out there to come in here.

Mother Earth knows you and your story in great detail and she is very much connected to you, as you are to her.

You are truly able to lift your perspective and your intention to connect deep inward and very high upward, into higher planes if consciousness and to our Spiritual Divine Guides, Guardians and their messages for us.

Remember, if you resonate through your most basic station of LOVE ENERGY-without any external forces to depreciate that vibration—


Forever & Always,



✨😇✨11.5.2020, FAITH. TRUST. LOVE. To really have FAITH and live from that place, you must have TRUST and you must allow yourself to live IN and receive LOVE always.

What’s the difference between FAITH and TRUST?

Faith is knowing that there’s a reason for everything, that you aren’t random and nothing in your life is random.

TRUST is knowing that no matter what it is, that it’s purposeful.

You wouldn’t be alive now if you didn’t have a purpose and reason for being. A Soul Story, one of evolution.

To evolve we need various processes to come into play that FORCE us to bend in different ways than we have before.

We need to discover, we need to change perspectives, and we need to realize that we have a destiny.

That doesn’t mean that everything is predetermined. It just means that you have goal posts to reach, that particular experiences are meant for you in your life—how you get there is up to you.

See the ways you’ve traveled, see again the patterns you’ve circled around a time or two.

Why have you repeated some things? If we didn’t SEE it, we are given another look at it, as many as it may take.

There are always reasons-for everything. It’s up to us to make the connections and learn from our experiences from a higher perspective so we can see how and why things happen they way they do.

Know that we are entering a time of change...In order to maximize the effectiveness of these energies, we must have FAITH.

We must delete the program that tells us things are randomly happening, and synchronicities aren’t a thing, that how we FEEL about certain people or aspects of life and how me may know things is just illusions and people living in fantasy.

That we are either lucky or unlucky and we don’t have much to say about how things go.

The truth is that we are co-creators with our world and the multiverse.

Whether we are conscious about that or not is what sets things apart in our reality.




✨🤩✨11.6.2020, WOWZA! Do you feel it? There’s major incoming energies blasting through today.

In my morning meditation today I was downloaded with a ton of information about what’s going on right now.

Beginning today through 11.9.2020 we have a Power Ascension Portal, essentially what this means is that The Light Body Collective is getting hit with a lot of LIGHT and encodements.

So you may have started your day feeling a bit off, or achy in places or all over, extra tired, no appetite or only hungry for very specific things, headaches, the need to nap, eye disturbances, balance is off, needing to move slowly, the need to stay away from technology or limit time in front of a screen.

You may also notice numbers or specific number sequences or synchronicities with numbers, seeing numbers repeatedly.

You maybe think about people you have not thought about in a long time. You may be compelled to reach out or you may hear from people that you haven’t talked to in a long time.

These incoming energies are all about activating our Soul Family, Soulmates and Twin Flame connections and/or further integration of you have a partnership.

This goes for platonic relationships as well, friends and family, your clients or the coaches and healers your already know and you may be guided to new ones that you are now prepared to engage with.

Ultimately through this, it’s about deepening and strengthening your relationships, but most importantly it’s about your relationships with yourself, body, soul and guides that will make everything else fall into place.

No outside relationship is as important as the relationship you have with your body and soul. No one else can complete you or make you whole. Only your Soul can do that. Once you have a strong bond with your Soul, your outside relationships can connect on a much higher level.

This is how humanity evolves. We start with us, individually.




✨😇✨11.7.2020, Humanity for the first time since the creation of the species is evolving.

Our consciousness is rising collectively and individually and we are changing from carbon to crystalline, we are receiving Light Codes all of the time which triggers us to release old programming and accept the truth about reality and our existences, we are awakening to the truth of what and who we are.

We have our monthly Stargate’s which takes our entire solar system and beyond, closer to the galactic center.

Affording is rapid energy shifts so we may collapse and create timelines that take us into higher levels of our journey.

There are times like right now between 11.6-11.9 when we’re are in a Power Ascension Portal when we’re are being hit with waves of LIGHT that is all about being us process out negative energies so we can receive upgrades and get into greater balance.

No matter how Ascended we may become, how great our abilities grow, we are always going to be humans who need to balance out energy as we receive incoming energies and information, causing revelations and deep integrations.

What we can do to help ourselves is honor our truths, our authenticity and the reality that we are all parts of a very complex system, and we are Souls in bodies that most of humanity doesn’t even begin to understand.

We have been tricked into thinking that magic isn’t real and we are flawed and powerless.

The fact is that we are all psychic to some degree, we all feel energy because we are energy and no matter what, you are energy connected to energy. Even the most spiritually asleep people have many experiences that are cast aside-out of ignorance.

For those of us who are awake and aware and actively seeking the truth and to evolve—because of our intention, and awareness, the need to connect deeper & our guidance through our bodies and psychic abilities-we are enhanced.

We are Human 2.0. Empaths/Lightworker’s, you feel different because you are. Born in bodies that are actually more conductive and online in a different way that non-Empaths, we are meant to be the next step in human evolution.

We are The Event. And we need to accept this truth. Now.


11.8.2020, I saw a video today. It’s a big cow and a little goat and they are literally horns/head to head in a game of will and determination. It’s actually really cute to see them play. 😆 I really relate to that goat, though. He’s 10 times smaller than the cow, yet he pushes on. Everyone looking on knows he can’t push the cow back, he’ll never win that way. Brute force is not always the way to success. We’ve seen than play out on the macro and micro time and time again. Think of our latest American Presidential election! Fireworks don’t get lit in other counties when a bully keeps his seat, they get lit because the bully got beat. They get lit in other countries because the little goats went around the bully and now we have a new reality. Thank goodness, because a bully is never a healer, and we need healing and unity. But in order to truly evolve as a nation or race and unify, we must individually evolve and see the grater potential within ourselves and not allow obstacles or doubt or fear of the unknown to scare us away from moving forward... The goat could gather himself and run AROUND the cow before the cow could even turn around. The old way is about doing & keeping things the same. Not expanding our vision. Not changing. Staying stagnant and repressed, sick and depressed. In order to change everything and move forward we must know why it’s important in the first place to do all of that work and make uncomfortable adjustments. So many times we as humans choose the same because it is simply what we know. Not what is best for us. We can be in denial and fool ourselves into thinking that the same is the safest and best way. It’s not. And the same is an illusion anyway because there’s no such thing as true stasis. Things keep moving even if you don’t. The one constant is change. The entire mechanics of the multiverse and creation runs on the principle of Constant movement and change. Evolution is the foundation of creation. If you allow anything (especially you) to stand in the way of your growth then you are giving up your power. Period. Run around the cow. Love, ✨🥰✨ Infiniti

✨😇✨11.9.2020, Change is upon us. We are being asked to surrender & expand.

This is the closing day of our portal 11.6-11.9 before The Pillars of Creation Stargate beings on 11.11.2020.

Quite literally our bodies are taking in massive light codes and integrating on an energetic and physical level. So of course this will affect our emotional state, how we react, how we process, what triggers us etc. etc.

Not to mention the physical issues that come with taking on these high frequencies that trigger our Chakras to expand, and purge out any negative energies that are taking up room in our bodies.

Knowing is half the battle. So if your body is tight, especially upper back and neck then know that’s you heart and throat chakras and they are calibrating for integration on many levels.

Brain fog/tired/twired is a thing.

Remember, we are Human 2.0, we are evolving rapidly in real time. Like being birthed, it’s not the most comfortable of journeys.

You can help yourself with going slow, staying true to how you feel, paying attention to what is incoming and being patient with the process.

Ask to be given the necessary info for clearing energy so you can process easier.

You may be guided to my Evolve Now Program, which clears & balances your chakras and infuses you with the highest vibration in creation. Infinite Love Light Energy. My website has all of the info.

Today may be heavy with downloads, number codes and synchronicities-take note.

So far I’ve seen several codes and activations and I’m sharing one with this post, I have a couple more I’ll share in the next post.

The Joanne Sacred Scribes site is a goldmine of information and I highly suggest you not only notice your numbers but that you investigate. Look them up and learn what they mean, at least the universal message, and when you do that you’ll open the door for higher awareness.


✨💫✨11.10.2020, 11.11 Eve...Our Stargate begins. 11.11.2020-11.22.2020.

The Pillars of Creation Portal. Driving deeper awareness and connections with ourselves, our Souls, our Guides and each other. Energies coming in to help us make Soul Family connections, drop fears and the stories and live from our knowing.

Feeling energy. Not listening to stories that are and we’re always false and meant to divide us from ourselves.

Becoming something different means clearing out the old from the system and reprogramming everything.

Dissolving programmed constructs and judgements, thought forms and ideas, traumas and stories is the true path to ascension, higher awareness, healing and being able to receive the incoming information that is meant to assist us on our journey and Soul Mission(s).

Before we get into the 11.11 Stargate, decide that it’s OK to be in the “in -between”.

Not what you were, but not yet what you’re becoming is always our state of being even if we’re are aware or not.

What we are is in flux.

It’s the intention to evolve and change ourselves that is so powerful.

That’s where the magic is.




Are you ready to EVOLVE, stop being in pain, dealing with that chronic condition or feeling generally stuck?

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