Activating DMT Naturally & The New Moon 9.17.2020

She Meditates, Watercolor By Infiniti, A Work In Progress-Photo By Infiniti 

Tomorrow is the New Moon, officially at 4:00 AM Pacific, in the constellation of Virgo, in the Zodiac Sign of Virgo for September.

Happy Birthday, Virgo Souls!

This is a reminder that I have set up a Gathering of Souls for tomorrow to welcome in the New Moon, to discuss a variety of topics, to share and learn and teach and I will guide a meditation.

I was guided today to circle back to the topic of working with our 3rd Eye, and naturally activating, releasing and working with it and our optic nerves that run through both eyes and to the Pineal Gland. We'll discuss stimulating various parts of the brain through this practice and how it helps us to connect.

As we develop our brain through meditation, astral travel, connecting to The Divine, our Guides and our Soul and each other, we build up and our neuro-pathways, especially as Empaths.

No matter how you may identify: Lightworker, Starseed, Earth Angel, Fae, etc--we are in human bodies and in order to reach our potential we need to expand how our consciousness works, in order to do that, we need to make our brains work better and that has a lot to do with our Pineal Glad and DMT.

As we activate our DMT in our pineal, and allowing for the release of substances that keep our Pineal Glad from firing like fluoride which keeps our Pineal hard and calcified and nearly never firing of and excreting DMT outside of dream-state, and that may be very weak this keeps it from connecting, from being soft, and loose-something you can tap into and work on through intention, just like any other muscle--even though it's a gland, trust me--you can get to the point of working it on command, releasing DMT when you want to--without spending a long time with breathing.

Sure, by all means do your breathing, work with your heart chakra to activate all of your Chakras and fire off your 3rd Eye, it's good to circulate air and the energy in your body, but it's not the only way.

Yep--there's absolutely other ways beside using synthetic DMT, sleeping and breathing exercises that are very easy, even if they take some getting used to.

Also, something to keep in mind is the fact that synthetic DMT is just that--synthetic--stronger and not natural for the body as the body itself didn't produce it. I'm not saying not to do it--that's up to you, all I am saying is that to do anything for yourself, your consciousness and your body it is better to do it as naturally as possible.

In tomorrow's Gathering on Zoom, we'll talk about where and how to do this work, and what elements help us through the process.

I, personally have been doing this for a few years, I've talked about it on my old YouTube, and I've guided several live meditations. Everyone has had a truly amazing experience.

There's only a few more hours to join tomorrow's Gathering at 3PM Pacific.

I'll close registration tonight, September 16th, 2020 at 8PM Pacific.

On The Agenda:

Thursday, 9.17.2020

Time: 3:00PM — 6:00PM Pacific 

Symbol: Abundance, Horn of Plenty, Crystals

Major Arcana: Wheel of Fortune

Minor Arcana: 2 of Wands

Moon Cycle: Day 1

Moon: 0.3%

Chakra Focus: Heart & 3rd Eye

Themes of Discussion & Empowerment: DMT, Remembering your power & Divine Position, Manifestation Blessings & Magic, Peace & Love

Archangel(s): Michael, Raziel, Chamuel

Themes For Meditation: DMT, Your Spirit Guides, Generosity, giving, being in service, connecting to The Abundance Matrix, working with food and digestion.

If you miss the deadline and really want to join in and we haven't started yet, you may send an email to

Enroll for this Zoom Gathering on my website, The Healing If you miss the deadline and really want to join in and we haven’t started yet, you may send an email to 

I might be posting the meditation as a downloadable file to do whenever you are able. Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already to get the latest on my offerings. 

Whether I see you at The Gathering or not, I wish you a beautiful New Moon, and beyond.

May you be blessed always. 

Infinite Love & Blessings,


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