April's 4.4. Stargate-Live On YouTube

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4.4.2020 (4.4.4) One of the biggest Stargate's we have ever been a part of to date. We're talking MASSIVE Abundance Matrix Energies coming online to an even more intense level than it has been since activating on 12.31.2020.

Why? Systems are on pause, and now is the time to manifest our future collectively and individually.

I don't think I have to explain that-especially at this time. We are dealing with a global pandemic with COVID-19, we are dealing with a TON of deconstruction and reconstruction and our collective energies have a LOT to do with that.

If you listen to my podcast, we've talked about the Mass Exodus taking place and will continue to take place. We will talk more about that, these beautiful Souls who are crossing over at this time.

We'll get into the significance of this date, the entire Stargate of 10 days, and how what we do during THESE 10 DAYS are critical for our timelines moving forward, this means individually and collectively.

We'll be pulling cards for those in attendance, as well as doing the reading for the collective for The Stargate.

Lastly, I'll be facilitating a Guided Astral Meditation. We will work on our energy system, our chakras, our Merkabas...We will be activating with DMT naturally by working with our 2 physical eyes to release DMT.

We will be working with those on the other side to guide us through and working with this portal.

If you were with us for the 8.8.2019 Lion's Gate portal, it will be similar to that is what I am being told, so we will be working with the Pyramids and those Stargates in Egypt once again. This is 8 months since that Activation, and we are being called in again, for another jump in consciousness and all of those in attendance will be a living breathing part of this matrix coming in to lift our collective consciousness like never before.

This is an ongoing process, we're never finished but we do have those points in time when BOOSTS from our Universe and the multiverse, and Mother-Father God come through our Divine Counterparts, our own Souls to speak to us.

We will be working with All Angelics, The Dragons, The Galctics, The Fae and of course, GAIA herself. Ascended Masters will be in attendance, basically The High Council is facilitating this gathering as always, however expect these energies to be more intense than usual...I'm not sure what this means, honestly. But they are all coming forward for me to see right now, and I cannot wait for 4.4.

Prepare your space in these next few days.

Get it as clean as possible, do self healings however you are being guided. Write out your wishes for the coming month and beyond.

Set your reminders and share with your friends and family. Even the ones who wouldn't normally be into me or THIS business. We are in a new paradigm, and they may have shifted in the consciousness and are looking to connect and ground as they awaken. Let them decide.

Live In Love,


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