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Originally when I added this service a few days ago, I was guided to price it at $200, a discounted rate for my time, however given the recent information that I've received from my guides and guardians, I am now offering my services on a donation basis.

Pay what you can when you can. If that is the full $200 awesome-if it's $50, that's fine too!

Even if you don't have any money and you are sick and want my help-please contact me.

I can and will help you get over this without getting critically sick like needing a space in a hospital, needing a ventilator while risking other people to contract it at this critical time.

I work GLOBALLY so this means you can be anywhere in the world and I can help you.

If you or a loved one is already in the hospital, I can help you from there as well. Please contact me to work that out. If you think it may get to that point soon-CONTACT ME ASAP.

Why take chances with contracted illnesses that can turn into very serious situations that can even lead to compromising your other organs and even death?

This is especially true for those who are at greater risk, but anyone who contracts this disease and it progresses will be in a lot of discomfort at the very least for around 30 days, more possibly.

How we take care of you with


First, just like any other healing session, we clear the body of negative energy, as well as clearing the home, and creating a protective barrier around the structure. Then, we use Infinite Love Light Energy into the body, shooting it through each energy center - promoting healing while eradicating a maximum amount of the energy that gives these diseases power.

This will greatly improve all symptoms as well as stop the progression of the disease, all while helping you with your symptoms immediately.

  1. We will concentrate on the CHEST, THROAT & HEAD-


  1. We will clear the lungs, and all of the airways, and dismissing the energy that is taking up space in the lungs, pulling on energy from THE HEART CHAKRA.

  2. We will open up the passages between the throat and chest. Helping with breathing issues.

  3. We will elevate pressure in the head, as a severe pressure headache also accompanies this illness.

  4. We will send INFINITE LOVE LIGHT ENERGY through the body to help with aches and joint pain.

  5. We will further protect the energy body through recovery with a protective shield of energy.

Please EMAIL me at if you want this treatment session on a donation basis.

Divine Messages received are confirming projections given by the health community as far as infections projected and bad cases going up in the next week to two weeks and beyond...


I am not saying anything we have not been told, however-I am CONFIRMING that it will be worse than predicted here in the US at least, however there is not going to be a country on the planet that isn't affected.

This contagion is SUPER. It is SUPER in the sense that EVERYONE WILL GET IT eventually, some much sooner than others, but it is AIRBORNE and that means that the risk of contagion is very very high. Infectious rate is nearly 100%. What that means is if you are in close quarters with someone who has it and you inhale the air they are breathing as well, and especially if they sneeze or cough, or if you touch something that they touched, it is extremely high.

It can live on surface areas, such as food-do you wash your food?

It is also infections in the eye and you can get conjunctivitis from it, so UNLESS you have been ALONE, not touching ANYTHING else ANYONE else has touched for 14 days-you can get it and you can put it in your eye as well.


This will not go over well, but it’s the truth and that’s what I put out here.

It's almost pointless to be testing at this point because all people should assume they have it or will get it. RE-READ my entire explanation above.


BUT even those who don’t appear to HAVE it DO HAVE IT.

WE GET it just from BREATHING IN THE AIR. Then ALL of us DO NOT SHOW WE ARE SICK for DAYS. THEN some of us do, slightly, but not even enough to be a warning. By the time people are in beds and on ventilators, they have infected countless people most likely.

How can I say that everyone will get it? Easily.

And, as the health officials have stated, this is illness can hit people very differently, some will not show symptoms AT ALL, some will be mildly uncomfortable, some will be a little run-down and show some signs of slight cough, or having aches, slight fever, some people will be sick like the flu.

We have been told through health officials that. small children carry this disease but show NO SIGNS of it. This show how wide the spectrum is.

When we say EVERYONE will have it, that means that everyone will have periods of being contagious as they are exposed to it. It's usually the first 5 days. But this clock is always starting over depending on how much exposure you have to anyone else.

Some people feel and think that this test once negative MAGICALLY spells them with a barrier from it and from catching it from that point forward and---that is CRAZY.

What a NEGATIVE test means is that you didn't have it at the time the test was taken. But 1 minutes later you could get it.

YOUNG people, especially those in their teens and 20’s are not taking this as seriously as they should, and let’s be honest-when our Government hasn’t taken it as seriously as it should-it makes it hard to point fingers on the people.

The fact that VOTING in 3 states happened is like a gas chamber in those states. Igniting a firestorm of more people with it.

It will be a huge disaster on many levels. There will be deaths where there didn’t need to be because of people being exposed. Of course, this will be impossible to prove, but it is a fact.

In Florida on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020-there was footage of people at the beaches on Spring Break like everything was status quo, and no one though to tell people not to go swimming and hang on the beach because around the corner voting was going on…


I want to make clear that I am stating the facts as I have seen them and know them to be.

Each day it gets worse, each day more countries are making and taking new steps and measures for dealing with this but it has yet to reach it’s peak.

If you know me, and have followed me-you know that I am not one to push fear-EVER-I am one to push you OUT of FEAR, and NONE of this information is meant to scare anyone-but that is inevitable…

Sometimes the truth is scary, our situation on this planet is different and more difficult for everyone than ever before. It has taken people out of their comfort zones and nothing is normal anywhere. Of course this is going to be scary.

BUT, even as the truth is scary-there is nothing worse than being in DENIAL. And that is exactly was is at the basis of the tripping up the US Government has done.

As anyone can see, if measures were taken sooner, if facts and the understandings of information wasn’t ignored-we wouldn’t have the situation we have now in the US.

Other countries are using The USA as the example of what NOT to do. But we have to let that all go...

What needs to happen now is to be honest, courageous and to take steps that aren’t normally taken.

People need to stay home, and take care of themselves and not worry about how the world will run, it will the sorted out-but taking care of yourself and doing what is best for you and your family, friends and neighbors is what is needed now.

Calm and peace and an understanding of the truth and what is real and what is in store will help us.

Not to panic, not to HOARD and create a devastating situation WORSE by putting people in need of things they shouldn’t need, like toilet paper, baby wipes, paper towels, FOOD.

Our supply chain has been compromised globally, and because of that we need to CONSERVE no HOARD.

It’s not the people’s fault, things got very scary very fast and thanks to movies and TV, their imaginations and IDEAS of what is happening or will happen cause those very things to happen.

Now there is a shortage everywhere for the basics and if that continues, it will make this situation worse for everyone.

This isn’t even a stomach virus so PLEASE stop hoarding toilet paper! Please stop hoarding baby wipes-parents NEED THOSE FOR THEIR CHILDREN.

ALL STORES NEED TO STOP allowing for hoarding and keep prices where they were before this all started, OR LOWER THE PRICES, MAKE DONATIONS-NOT PRICE GOUGE like so many have done.

Also, so many of us are relying on people working in shipping and transport, risking getting sick. People delivering food, etc-so please tip them well, double what you normally do. So for me, that would be $10 or more for a delivery-and that is how I have been living, even before this pandemic. I rely on those to bring things to me and for that service I feel it is the nice thing to do.

Now it’s even more needed and we should appreciate their work.

Also, Facebook donating $100M by offering grants to small business affected by this event, followed this link to sign up for information.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone to allow for this time to review your life, think about what's important. Use this time to be creative, to write, draw, pain, sing, start a podcast, expand your podcast, get on YouTube, reach out to your guides and guardians and ask for direction and guidance at this time so that you are working on the highest possible frequency of energy that you can.

Take time to relax and sleep as you are being asked, do the projects you haven't done around the house, like clean and clear your space of old stagnant energies. Burn sage, palo santo, take baths as much as possible.

Connect with your children and mates in a way you haven't before. Be creative, connect with GAIA.

Go outside, (stay away from people) but get fresh air...Get into nature if you can, where there's some space and just allow for the connection to our Great Mother Earth, GAIA to sooth, heal and comfort you.

Just a reminder, I work with GAIA herself, the Angelic realms and your guides and guardians, your Spirit Tribe, ancestors and animal spirits when it comes to any healing or spiritual connection that I facilitate.

If you are not in alignment with that, then please seek other alternative means of connecting in your own way, and decide to decide to find an energy healer that can work with you to help clear your body of this energy and help you heal.

Infinite Love & Blessings,

Don't forget-the key is to create,

I love you already, and always

Live In Love,


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