DAILY December Guidance: Infiniti Live On YouTube!

This month I have been guided to go LIVE on YouTube daily to deliver messages from our Guides & Guardians.

I'll be LIVE DAILY on, around or as close to NOON PACIFIC as possible.I may be later than NOON or miss some days, but the plan is to be LIVE DAILY.

These LIVE DAILY EVENTS are intended to help us to receive daily guidance.

I will be also doing periodic LIVE MEDITATIONS throughout the month as well, however NOT during these live updates/readings.

Meditations will be set up separately very soon and (usually) scheduled in advance, but I may be guided to go live spontaneously at any time. .

All 31 days of December's LIVE's are set up on my Channel so you can set a reminder for each daily live event NOW.

Depending on how you set up your notifications, you'll know when I am actually live.

What To Expect:

-Quick Energy Update including Space Weather & Schumann Resonance Info

-Tarot/Oracle Reading for The Collective

December 1, 2020

Oracle Card for 12.1.2020

December 2, 2020

Oracle Cards for 12.2.2020

I hope to see you and anyone you would like to share this space with at the next LIVE on YouTube!



WIN BIG! Weekly Giveaway!

WIN a Private 30 Min Zoom 1 Card Oracle Reading with Infiniti!


Join me LIVE, PARTICIPATE in the CHAT & COMMENT in the COMMENT SECTION of the video and asked to be entered to WIN!

Winner is drawn weekly, on Monday's in the LIVE throughout December.

If you win, you may NOT enter again this month.


Any participants to have at least 5 entries over the course of the month AND SUBSCRIBES to my website https://thehealingbutterfly.org AND FOLLOWS me on INSTAGRAM @infiniti_963 will be put into ONE BIG DRAWING at the end of the month to receive a 60 Minute 6 Card Oracle Reading, a perfect PRIZE to begin the NEW YEAR! 😁

Donations in any amount graciously accepted for my time & effort.

PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/love8energy

Venmo: @The_Healing_Butterfly

CashApp: $Infiniti963


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