Hidden Worlds Podcast & Instagram Post, Continued

Episode 68 of my Podcast, "Evolve Now, Lightworkers With Infiniti" is titled,

"The Hidden Worlds•The Oracle"

Hello Soul Family,

We were guided to take a little pause before continuing with part 2 of episode 67. Don't worry-we're getting there! But there's always detours and pauses on The Path, so we just go with the flow around here...With patience and the understanding that everything happens exactly as it should, when it should makes it easier to manage the constant shifts and changes that we deal with...

I received a new Oracle deck today. I've been waiting for it for many days now.

Oracle of The Hidden Worlds by Lucy Cavendish.

I have had her oracle deck, The Dragonfae Oracle for a few years now and it is so special...Anyone who has followed me and my card work on YouTube has felt the Dragonfae Magicks...And ever since I began working with The Dragons, life hasn't been the same...The same goes for The Faeries...Now I/WE are being guided to The Other Worlds...More connection, more insight, more knowledge awaits us all.

In this episode, I read the introduction of the guidebook, as well as a brief description of “The 7 Other Worlds” & I do a reading after a brief pause to connect and activate the cards.

I truly feel I was given a major gift today, hopefully you’ll listen and feel that way too.

From Instagram

"Beyond Here, Right Here"

By Infiniti

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May your ✨💓Saturday Evening💓✨ be magical! If you want to experience The Other Worlds, if you’re ready to move into another realm of consciousness, a higher level of awareness, to be brought to the Gates of The Other Worlds, The Hidden Worlds-you must decide to go there. To allow yourself to be taken on a magical inward and outward journey. Into the scapes of the light and the dark. The beautiful and the ugly, the sad and the peaceful. You must decide to go within, back to your source code. Your Soul Code, your Remembrance of even the tiniest bit of the TRUTH that you are a Divine being having a human experience and you are on Mission, you have a purpose.


Your higher awareness and penchant for discovery and insistence that the thirst of your curiosity be quenched. Not just by what will keep it occupied, but by those things that truly matter. Not only to you, but to the collective and to GAIA, to creation. When you are tapped into to the greater consciousness-even a little bit of the God Head Ultra Zero Point Light filters through creation into your Lightbody. Maybe you’ll feel these pulses, hear them as high pitches, see number sequences again & again, maybe you’ll encounter the exact thing you were thinking about of the perfect solution of the whim of inspiration at the exact divine moment...


However the many different ways you ware taken through the labyrinth of experiences and synchronicities and mirrored expressions for you to process, filter and transmute-you will get and be and live and be plugged into-The Other Worlds, The Hidden Worlds that most certainly exist but can only be seen by those you are legitimately ready. There is too much to process, too dangerous a place for the minds of those who only claim to belong there.

There are traps within traps and roads that lead to nothing if you’re not careful. The hidden worlds are hidden for a reason. If you don’t belong you will be lost.

If you choose to explore, with a wish and a prayer, follow the link to my blog. Link in bio!


From The Hidden Worlds Oracle, page 111:


When I move into the worlds beyond my sense, I can truly begin to know the infinite possibilities of what we call reality. I expand my consciousness, and the hidden worlds within me and around me will open up, and I will be a part o the reawakening of the Planet.

For a much deeper dive into these cards, and the meanings of them please listen to my podcast!

Be Well Dear Ones &

Live In Love,


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