Liftoff 10.10.2020 The October Libra Stargate!10 Days of Timeline Shifts-Infiniti Live On Instagram

The October Stargate begins today, 10.10.2020 and goes on for 10 straight days. This is in the middle of a two Full Moon Moon, our first Full Moon was on October 1st, 2020 and our second Full Moon, a Blue Moon, is on October 31st, 2020.

Prior to the month beginning, I was given the information to be aware that THIS month will act like the ebb and flow cycle of The Full Moon, those 4 days of the Full Moon, repeating over and over all month long, making for a SUPERCHARGED MONTH of managing intense energies — not to mention what goes on in Stargates.

Oh, and Mercury goes Retrograde on October 14th, The New Moon is October 16th, and there’s The Orionids Meteor Shower on 10.21–10.22.2020.

10.23.2020 is it’s own day for integration AFTER The Stargate, as the 123 is always a Universal Soul Activation Code, it coming this year, 2020 makes it a 1234 Soul Activation Code, and this is on the heels of all of the above, only serves to amplify this activation.

1234, like its partner; YOUR PERSONAL BIRTHDAY are the first number codes besides 1111 that we will see to get us to start to activate integration with our Souls.

These are usually the numbers that will come around again and again to get our attention, because at a certain point seeing them as frequently as we do becomes beyond the coincidental and crosses into the mystical. Something synchronistic that we must pay attention to — eventually.

From there, we will continue to see more number codes, and they will become ever more present and complex as time goes on, and as you ascend and develop. More so if you have experienced the cracking open and integration of The Kundalini Energies. Read about my Kundalini story here:

My Kundalini Rising-The Spontaneous Magical Energy Prelude To: Something Weird Happened

This year these intense Power Ascension Days, (the 27th (9) is another Monthly Day for Upgrades) the Stargates and Full Moons, etc will serve to greater balance out our Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine aspects, allow us to clear, heal, receive, forgive and transcend human aspects so we may rise in consciousness and live from a higher aspect, while living our life purpose and our missions.

Much more information on The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine from a perspective that is grounded in a way that we can easily digest coming very soon to help us better understand how this all works together.

The Stargate October 2020

Strap In. Hold on, and let’s leap!

Starting 10.10.2020 and every day for the next 10 days-I’ll be on Instagram Live first thing in the morning:

Signing on LIVE between 5–8 AM Pacific from Saturday 10.10–Tuesday 10.20.2020.

THE DAILY INSTAGRAM LIVES MAY FEATURE ANY COMBINATION OF THE FOLLOWING Cosmic & Spiritual Energy Updates, Energy Themes Daily Physical, Energetic & Emotional Symptoms To Expect Oracle & Tarot Messages & Insights Channeling Messages from our Divine Counterparts Quick Clearing Meditations Daily Affirmations & Ways To Connect To: Your Body Your Soul Your Spirit Tribe Each Other Q&A!

I’m SO excited for the future! There’s so much to come, and I’m being guided in such beautiful ways to create a new timeline.

What I am being guided to work on in these coming days is what has me so excited. I feel that so many people are now more ready than ever for greater awareness, connectedness with themselves, their Souls, and their Guides & Guardians without feeling blocked and out of balance.

The energies are PERFECT, just before the 10.10.2020 Stargate!

👉10.10–10.20.2020 is the Stargate-HINT: that last day will be HUGE for manifesting the substance of your immediate future.

Unfamiliar with Stargate’s? Most people are and that’s why I’m here! I’ll explain a bit now, but make sure you check out my LIVE’s daily, so you can get even more information about Stargates and how they work and more importantly, so you can ask your questions.


They are called Stargate’s because we are moving with our STAR through LIGHT “GATES” or “PORTALS” being boosted with energy from our own planet, Mother Earth, GAIA as our entire system moves through the cosmos.

It’s also called a Stargate because our STAR is THE energy behind us being pulled forward, AND it’s the energy from which we receive our LIGHT code Transmissions as we ascend in our journeys and through each day of a Stargate.

It’s a balance of energies pulling us, as well as us being leaping forward quite literally. Just imagine the strongest power thrusters AND magnets ever, working together to pull and push through together.

The only way to measure this is how we have moved up in our position in The Milky Way over time.

Measuring these 10 days within the span and vastness of space from our vantage point is nearly impossible with what we have to gauge this with technologically, and therefore this is probably why most people don’t know about this.

The fact is, that unless you follow me or heard this information from someone who follows me, chances are you will not have heard of it.

I have gotten this information because I’m a Messenger for Divine Information, and I’ve worked with these energies ever since to help The Collective on our trips through Ascension, Healing and stepping into your Soul Story.

There was a process for me to know and understand and witness this for myself, chart the happenings, tap in psychically, go into meditation, facilitate events with others, witness their journeys and really come to understand how our Monthly Stargates work, and I’m always getting information, as each month goes by.

For more than two years, I’ve been downloading information from our Divine Counterparts, being guided by GAIA, Mother Earth and putting on LIVE YouTube events for the beginning of Stargates as well as New & Full Moon’s, to facilitate guided astral meditations, activations, and channeling Divine Messages for The Collective.

Stargates happen EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Not just on 8.8 for The Lion’s Gate or 11.11 for The Pillars of Creation Gate.

Stargate’s are 10 day periods of time where A LOT energetically goes on. However, some of us will feel these energies begin for a couple of days before and after those official 1o days, more so some months than others.

We begin the year with the New Year Foundational 1.1–1.10 Stargate, and we end the year with the 12.12–12.22 Stargate.

That last landing day will be something to remember on 12.22.2020 as the last “Stargate Landing Day” of the year.

It’s all about what you’re manifesting for not only the next month, but the next year, after all — you’ve been setting yourself up for 12 Stargates to get you to THIS POINT.

Each month we are eliminating and creating timelines, month to month, year to year bridging and branching timelines. We do this through our vibration, our choices and how we see and process the world around us. What we’re motivated to do, and get closer to or away from.

We also have to consider when we have our New & Full Moon’s in between and on either “take off” or “landing” days, or sometimes right in the middle of the Stargates, depending on the month and how these things land.

It’s always very synchronistic, especially when you add in when we have Asteroid and Meteor Showers, along with Sun Flares, Universal Radio Magnetic Energy from Space/The Sun and the Schumann Resonance along with the energies that are getting released to balance the shifting of Earth’s Poles.

Stargates help us all with these transitions.

Each month, as we, and our entire system of stars and planets, this section/or quadrant of space, moves closer to the center of our Universe allowing for higher vibrations from our Galactic Center.

We have the ebb and flow of energy that the Moon, Earth’s helper of creation, regulates the flow of energy for HER and FOR US.

Aside from knowing about the Moon cycle, zodiac, and astrology, it’s imperative to understand the Cosmic Energies that affect us daily — ESPECIALLY when it comes to the Stargate’s!


TRAINING! This is when we are most challenged in a variety of ways to get timelines in order for the coming weeks. Where are we meant to be? Where do we resonate? Each Stargate has its own themes, energies, downloads, and set of circumstances for us to filter through and process.

I’m being guided to walk us through each day, and share information, messages, meditations and teachings to help us all through Stargate’s.

Increasing the LOVE VIBES in us while decreasing the FEAR VIBES by allowing for our evolution through:

Intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and energetic openness & connectedness to what we are, our Soul, each other, our beautiful planet, Mother Earth, GAIA, the Cosmos that we are moving through, and all of creation…and our infinite involvement in all of it on many levels and layers of existence at any given point in time.

Knowledge is power, this we know. And the more information we have, the more powerful we become. Understanding the energies that we are a part of on all of the different levels we can know about, gives us better perspective on how to navigate our journeys.

This is a daily life we lead, is it not? This is an energetic universe, and daily we deal with energies that are incoming from the universe — some can be forecasted well in advance, and some we need to ride as they come through.

UNITY Beginning 10.10.2020, I am doing daily LIVE’s every morning on my BRAND NEW Instagram, under the same name as on Medium Infiniti 🦋.

I’ll walk us through the most pertinent information for the day, in a simple way, so you will have the tools you need to help build your day and your future with as least resistance as possible.

Knowing the daily cosmic forecast is as important as knowing the weather. What are you going to do today, who will you see, what will you wear, what will you put off, will you rest or be active? Are those physical, emotional and energetic feelings you’re having common right now? How is the collective feeling?

I’ll help tap you in to all of that, as I’m guided every day of the Stargate. We’re all laying the foundation for a 2021 at this time.

We are making it all about BALANCE, EMPOWERMENT, FLOW and EVOLUTION. Join me!

Follow me, Infiniti-The Healing Butterfly @infiniti_963 on Instagram (don’t forget to set your notifications for when I’m live!) I’ll be live first thing in the morning, every day between 5AM-8AM Pacific.

Visit this link for my websites and social media links, like my Podcast, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook.

Check in and get your daily download LIVE and be sure to check out my IGTV and Highlights, and a heads up — I may post OR go live more than once per day! I hope these next 10 days for you are magical and evolutionary in your life.

❤︎ Thank you for reading!


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