LIVE On Easter: Energy Update, Guided Astral Meditation, Tarot & Oracle Readings

On Sunday, April 12, 2020 I am facilitating another LIVE EVENT on my YouTube Channel, this time for Easter. This isn't a religious thing, it's about the energies that are going on with the collective on any Easter, because it's what the collective is thinking about.

On any Easter people are thinking more Spiritually, thinking about Jesus and also connecting to him more. There are those days of the year when this is true, and this is one of those days. The other one of course would be Christmas.

On this particular Easter, there's even more of a reason to be connecting spiritually. There's no escaping the fact that we are all dealing with the situation of being in a Pandemic. Covid-19 has the grip of the world and we are in an enormous paradigm shift. Not only that, we are still in the middle of our 4.4.2020 Stargate that goes from 4.4-4.14.

There's actually been so much going on lately and Easter is another "portal" for connection, a time when specific downloads and upgrades are taking place and the collective are tapping in to specific energies and have their attention tuned into a specific frequency, such as Jesus.

With what is happening in our world right now, this is such a good time to feel his energy and receive the messages he has for us. I for one am very excited, and even though over the last few weeks we (me) has been very busy with a lot going on, I have done a Live event for the Equinox, The Stargate, The Full Moon and now Easter.

In all of these Live Events I have been doing, we have received very timely information and our card readings have been chillingly on point as well as empowering.

The Full Moon's Guided Meditation was on another level, even by my standards so that should really tell you something. It begins about 30 minutes into the 2nd feed, and unlike ALL of my Guided Astral Meditations, this one is very short, but EXTREMELY powerful.

I channeled El Morya and he performed the most amazing shielding activations on us and these activations are suggested for any and all Lightworkers.

So, if you haven't done that mediation yet, get on it!

We begin getting into El Morya at about 4:04:00 in Part 1 after the General Tarot, Oracle & Cartomancy Reading. You'll need to get that information before going into the meditation.

If you don't yet know who El Morya is, and that's ok-neither did I at first-then watch and listen to me describe him from reading from the book I am periodically guided to when an Archangel or Ascended master wants to come through. This time, I landed on El Morya, and he came through for us and had such and effect on our energy and mood it's obvious to see in the video.

After the mediation we started getting the most incredible group of people coming in. And I ended up giving 1 card Dragonfae Readings for about 7 people. I was Live until nearly 5 AM, (I started at 6:30 PM) but it was the FULL MOON, and it felt like a party and it was fun to blow people away with what I knew about them and the messages that came with these readings.

It's cooI to see people watching someone else get a reading, but when it's their turn-they always wonder if it'll be just as on point and powerful...

I must admit it's always fun when people witness it and then experience it for themselves it truly takes them to another level of awareness of my connection to them, their guides and the divine...

I never ask for information and I know very, very little if not ZERO details from people before I read for them. I don't ask birthdays or astrological signs, I don't ask if they want to know about something specific either, sometimes they ask though.

I just ask for their real name so I"m not talking to a handle like, "RavenDog69" or "Loco Google Implant" while I'm giving a serious reading.

So, if you're into watching a real deal psychic give readings-this is definitely up your ally.

I don't use tarot cards, this time around we dive into using one Dragonfae Oracle card, and getting the messages for each card for the collective, which was cool.

I picked a card for each person, and I read from the book so we got the direct messages from the Dragonfae that came through, then I got messages for the individual who I picked the card for. Each reading lasted about 20-30 minutes total. It was perfection!

Back To Easter:

I have already set up two events, one for the Energy Update, which of course will include COVID information recommendation

It's cooI to see people watching someone else get a reading, but when it's their turn-they always wonder if it'll be just as on point and powerful..

I'll also do a Tarot & Oracle reading for The Lightbody Collective and I'll do a maximum of 5 1 card readings for those who come early. There's a possibility that after the meditation I'll feel up to doing a few more 1 card readings for those who did the meditation, but I will not guarantee that I will not have the energy to do any readings. It really depends on how I'm feeling at the time.

If you never did the meditation from last year's Easter, or just listened to the changelings-I highly recommend it, especially prior to the event on Sunday. Jesus came in and spoke for a long time.

He wishes for those who are planning on joining us this Easter, to listen to this words from last Easter.

Of course, it would be ideal if you did the meditation in its completion, however the chances of you remembering the words are lower.

It is much like a dream when we are in that state, and it is difficult for people to remember the details of what was said. What is the most ideal situation is as follows, however-it is rarely completed because it does require a longer time commitment, but it is the best way to experience the meditation AND retain the information.

The Guided Astral Meditations: Instructions For Optimal Information and Energy Transmutation

Participate in the meditation. Listen to the channeling's in that state, and then either later on, or the next day if you do it later in the day or evening-but don't do it too late when you're tired and will likely fall asleep.

You must think of these meditations as a mental, physical, spiritual and energetic workout, and you wouldn't workout when you're ready for bed, would you?

Here is the video of the 2nd part of last years Easter event. The meditation begins at 59:30 into this feed.

Easter 2019

The following is the transcription of the meditation.



If you feel like holding any crystals, or you're being told to, go for it. And just get into a comfy seated position. I really can't do the floor, but I'm on my bed and I've got my two kitties here, and my one doggie, and my birdie here with me, and all the rest of the cats all over the house. So currently, coming from this room, in this home I should say, is eight cats, one dog, one human, and one dove. I (inaudible) to take inventory of everybody but I am. We're counting everybody and all souls present. Yours as well miss Willow and anybody who happens to do this meditation in the future. Count all the souls that are around you, cat, dog, acknowledge the...oh my ears are starting to pop.

If your ears start popping that means that it is getting dense with the energies of the higher dimensional beings, like Angelics, like Jesus, like Gaia. The fae are coming, well they have been around, but they come in a little closer during these times because they feel ultra safe. They don't usually care for sharing space with humans unless they feel ultra safe. So it can get really dense in our space and it can start to make our ears pop because the frequency, it's kind of like changing elevation, same thing. A change in the atmosphere.

So if your eyes are not already closed, go ahead and close them. Again we're taking a count of all souls present, those that are incarnate, that we are aware of, like ourselves and our family members, those that are either in human bodies or animal bodies, our animal companions, our very best friends, and then we expand out our awareness to the creatures that share our space that we are not so aware of, like the insects that we don't necessarily see, the little ones, in the walls maybe, under our foundation, or the spiders in the corners or maybe the flies, the little gnats, all the way down to the microorganisms. And then we'll expand out our awareness to outside. It is night time as we are doing this meditation, so not as many birds out flying around. Nevertheless, there are a few and definitely during the day there are very many. Especially at this very busy time in the year. And all of the wildlife, the nature. This is a beautiful time. Things are blooming, everything is coming alive again after being dormant. Again, a resurrection. A resurrection of life. Trees that were bare, pots that were nothing but soil are now blooming. Everything is coming alive again.

I want to especially, very specifically, welcome in our divine counterparts, our spirit tribe, so we have acknowledged those alive around us, whether they are plant life, or insect life, or animal life, or human life, or the fae, I want to very specifically welcome in our divine counterparts on the other side in dimensions much much higher, coming to us. I welcome you all in. Please welcome them into your space, your divine counterparts, your brothers and sisters of the angelic realm, if you are an angelic. The fae, the galactics, Jesus, Gaia, the Archangels, the dragon fae, the ocean being fae, ones from the depths that are unknown, still are projecting themselves here as well, present. They have been doing so for months now. We have been talking about them, communicating with them, bringing in and being shown the ocean in many ways, even if they themselves, as we know them to be called as mermaids, do not come through to be heard very often at all, they are still and keep themselves a mystery at this time. But we are to know that they are present, they are more aware of us in so many more ways than we are aware of them as humans on that level.

So this is also why, for some of us, we've been more and more drawn to water recently and to those pieces of the ocean, like the shells that I was showing you all earlier. Again, reiterating much like crystals in the way that they can help connect to different realms or beings. For example my candle quartz is specifically designed to help me connect with my own guides and guardians, the one that works closest with me, and that is what that crystal is meant to do. When we have pieces from the sea it is meant to do the same thing. It's just something that is not known as much, or as well, or is for very specific pieces like pearl or abalone. Nevertheless different pieces from the sea offer different feelings and connectedness to the sea and the sea beings and the sea creatures that work with different things. There is much there that we see but much there that we don't whether or not the depths are shallow or deep.

Dragons do also go to the sea. Dragons are special in very many ways in the sense that they can be of the land, of the sea, of the air, of this and of that realm and dimension. So, yes, connecting with the dragons of the sea is certainly a good place to begin. And of course going and being in the water. So I want to thank you dear ones of the sea, thank you for being here, being present. Thank you for stepping forward on this very beautiful day. So thank you all for being here. Thank you for guiding me to this place and space.

So speaking of the sea, I am being told, keep the idea, the visions that may come to you remembrances, memories, whether they are pictures, or movies, or your own experiences with the ocean, or just the idea of the ocean, being on the ocean or near the ocean, however you have experienced the ocean. Keep that type of theme going in your mind as you take deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth, nice and slow. What we are going to aim to do at this time is start to really push out our energy. With every exhale we're going to tell our bodies to receive, with every inhale...receive, receive, receive, receive, we are receiving beautiful love light energy from Mother Gaia, from our Sun during the day, special beautiful light from our moon at night. We're able to just look into the sky and see the stars, to feel their pull. To be guided to, possibly research the stories of the Gods, of the constellations of the stars and what we know about the different aspects of the sky. And there is so much to know now. So if we are guided in this way, look out beyond the clouds and look to the stars, our connection there.

So deep, deep breaths. We want to activate our energy and send it out like a pulse of light. We want to turn on our soul song very very distinctly and loudly. We all have a very specific vibration. And when we are intentional about our song, our soul song, understanding how that is connected in with Gaia, in with mother father God, in with our highest soul selves, with each other, with our divine counterparts incarnate, and not, the aspects of them that are and are not, just like us. For some of us, projecting out in many and various ways all at once is the way of it. And learning to connect in these different ways and bring it back in and out. It helps to understand. It also helps to understand that these divine counterparts that we rely on for information, that we know to be only there, are not only there.

So at this time connect more with your soul self. Feel yourself as a beautiful note in the infinite melody that is creation and how they are right up against each other in so many ways, all part of the song. Another deep breath and take that energy in. I want you to feel it in your solar plexus. Starting there really really fiery, warm energy lighting up. Radiating down and out and through and up, activating your sacral, going down to your root, coming up to your heart, going into your throat, going into your third eye, your pineal and up and through your crown, lighting up all the way, bringing it out, out, out, out. Creating a ball of light around you, transmuting, dissipating, sending out, and sending with love to transmute from your physical body, your energetic body, your spiritual body, your auric body, all the way out. Transmuting, sending energies that are not in residence with your highest vibration and potential. The am that I am, that I am highest in alignment, connection, my highest soul aspect that is with me and is guiding me at all times. Fortifying that connection, lighting up, turning on, connecting.

Feeling all of our divine counterparts with us, coming in nice and tight, offering in their beautiful love light energy to charge us, to heal us, to clear us, us and our space and all of our bodies, and our homes. To send out this beautiful love light energy to any and all of the people and animals in our area, around our neighborhood, city. Send it out, feel it, push it out. See it as a wave or a beam of that glorious purply diamond refractive rainbow light just going out, out out, out out, just washing over everything. Using the heightened energies that are coming in and through and around and within and from within, from the cosmos and deep within Gaia, all of the heightened energies fro each and every soul incarnate on this earth that, especially on this day, we're connecting, tapping into that energy. Late here in this evening, after everything is settled, but everything is so charged at the same time. From all this energy may be confusion in the world, maybe negative events trying hard to shift energies. It does not work. All of these other beautiful energies are so much bigger and greater and we send love light to every and all aspects of Gaia, to all souls upon Gaia. Gaia is here and she speaks now.



Hello this is Gaia. Thank you so much for being here. What I would like you to imagine now is all of the seas upon my body, the oceans, everywhere, also, all of the lakes and streams and rivers, creeks, ponds, everywhere. There are so many. See it from the perspective of high above, as if you were in an airplane, flying, looking down. Imagine the different times where you've watched on the televisions or in the movies, the different bodies of water, in the different places all over my body. Now, not that this would happen, but it is important for you to imagine, especially today, on this day, that all of the oceans and the streams and the rivers and creeks and the lakes, that everything began to rise, and the water just kept rising and rising and rising. Not because of rain, but because from within, from within, pushing water up. From the oceans, from the lakes, from the mountains, rushing down, pushing up, water taking over everything. Imagine it like this.

I want you to imagine it like this because this is something that, in one way or another, you have had real remembrances, visualizations, experiences, seeing at different times water rising. Maybe dams broke and rivers crested for different reasons. But I want you to imagine it this way. But I want you to imagine it, instead if it being the water, I want you to imagine it as the energy, the beautiful energy, the purple rainbow energy, the energies that we have been working on for on for so long, as we started working together months ago, building layer upon layer. However, in the past, many times when we have done these, it was from above. It was in the form of the light from above, and at this point, now, we need to bring it from within. Bubbling up from within, reaching up from within. Taking over as if it was all of the water. And yes, truly infusing all of the water. So see that. Visualize that as it is coming up from the bottom, from within. Wash it, wash it, pour over everything in all directions as if it was water.

Use your energy. Connect with me and each other. Infuse it with your own life force, your own soul song. This is what you are here for. One of the many things, on the many days, where we work together and you help me, and together we fortify, we unite, we awaken, we send out the love light energies. As was stated before, and something to know and to recognize, we the divine counterparts, to you there incarnate, we too send out our soul aspects to be there. Some of us, as was stated, can be in many places at once, can change many things at once, can influence many thing at once. And you are one of those things.

You need to remember, to pay attention. And you need each other as reinforcement, to help you remember. To charge up the energy within you, to get you to these levels. To maintain, to sustain, to evolve. It is time now, more and more to come together. It is time now, as was stated earlier, these next portals, very important, very very important. They all are, it is true. However, never in all times has there been a time like now and as was stated earlier, now is what is important. Now is the most important now of the now of the now of the now, and the now coming up is extraordinarily important.

Starting now, on the day, on the day known as Easter, this day, very specifically this day. This day marks an activation, an initiation, and rule yes, a beginning, a pushing of the button, if you will, to begin, start. Very special energies around today, in us today, in all of us today. There are no coincidences, there are no accidents Those of you there barely aware, barely remembering things at play, and how certain days are so important and this is why very specifically Gabriel was guided to pull out the cards and show you the dates that are coming up so you can be more aware. Sending messages. 5/5 6/6 and the days in between, extraordinarily important. Starting today, the day known as Easter. The 24 before the 24 after. Super charged energies and also lights from the cosmos coming in from our own brothers and sisters, and through to the end of the month and into and through the new moon. And those of the 24 before and the 24 after, beginning the next portal and the next gate. So we are beginning now to prepare family. Jesus is here and Jesus speaks.



It is always so good to be with you family, brothers and sisters. I know that it is hard for you to understand, remember something like this, but for me it is like walking into a room with old friends, truly family, all wrapped in one even though you all don't remember. That is what it is like for me, especially on a day, in these last 24 that have been with me, it always is so special. It really doesn't matter that the story is askew, what is of important is how people perceive what is possible and take into account certain aspects in their own lives and things, messages, synchronicities, magics, how they are witness to miracles. I like to come around to help show, especially connect on these days, but this is my favorite. New beginnings.

This day especially has been one that us, in this realm, on this side, and with you, but it is much like preparing a surprise party with the person you are going to surprise, but they don't know that that's what they are doing when they are setting up the space. Does this make sense? Have you seen that? Have you seen people who are helping set up a party place for a surprise not knowing that it was really for them? Those are especially fun. I have done that before with people. So, it's kind of like that with all of you, and with all of us here, and you there. When you are in your dream state, when you choose to connect with me, and with us, you are setting up the party place for the surprise party. You are fully aware what you are setting up for yourself there, but then you awaken and you forget. So we send you messages in so many different ways, and we are there with you all of the time. We very much want you to know what you are setting up, but at the same time it is important to not need too many details, just to know that you are part of the planning crew, you just don't remember.

And as you work with me more, and I am here to tell you again, reiterate what has been told to you before, I will be coming in and through stronger, to all of you. Especially if you seek me out. I always have been and I always will be more subdued and more subtle than others but extremely enthusiastic to be with you when you come to me. I do recognize how overwhelming life can be, especially if you are in service, if you are in mission, if you have been called to action and awoken to that at any stage, it is a journey, it is an unfoldment, it is a story that you write everyday. But we are here to help you and that is part of the story as well. It is complicated, it is complex, but it is so very simple to just trust and have faith.

I want to formally thank you all though, before we continue. Thank you for connecting with me, for thinking of me in these last 24, and every other moment that you do. Please don't let bad things keep you from yourself or from me and unfortunately there are bad things. And when I say that, I mean powers of destruction. There is a war of this world that many do not see. There are those who feed off of hurt, and fear, and anger, and sadness, and despair, and grief, and perpetuate it. Those are the things that I call bad. And while there are these things, you all must know the truth and the truth is that there is so much more good and light and love and unity and connectedness and love and those that are seeking these things, and the truth of it all, that need to work and fight for the light and the truth. This is what we are here to fortify. This the fire I was to stoke.

Once again, to tell you, once and for all, you, we, the light, the divine, whether incarnate or not, are the event, always has been, always will be. Working together, all of us, and there are so many. So very many. The things that are bad, yes they are bad, but we are bigger and we are stronger and we are rising, and we are helping you to transmute those energies. We are helping you to deflect. We are helping you to see them before they come into fruition. We are winning. The light. None of you, none of you truly understand how long we have all been working together to get here. And through it all, the bad things, the bad things have been trying so hard to stop us. And they have, here and there, and we have just changed direction and course.

We have seen into the future and plan accordingly. It's true that some warriors will never awaken and they will be preyed upon and they will be used, and sometimes used against you, the ones who are. But, we of the light, will outshine the dark. We always have, even if the numbers have been imbalanced. And even once they've snuffed out certain lights. We always rise up. We always come back. We never give up. This is my message to you. No matter what, you are too filled with light and love, and the passion for good, the passion to create, to come together, to fulfill your destinies, and you do have them. It is so very much who and what you are. There is no way you can be stopped. No way.

It truly is a time of new beginnings. This truly is the time of the new human. The evolved human, from the inside out. Being of crystal, being of life, being so refractive in the light, there is no way, no way to stop you. And we'll just get stronger from within. This is a time of new beginnings. A time of turning the page, of taking out the trash if you will. A time of growth, a time of change, a time of evolution, for each and every one of you. Individually and collectively.

I come to you today to remind you of your own light. To yes, radiate out your soul song once again. The song of your soul, send it out. You are an anchor of the light. You have been born again and again, you are resurrected. We do come back. We are relentless, together, in love and light for Gaia, for each other, for all that is good. For one day, making every single piece of land, and every drop of water on Gaia Heaven on Earth, truly through and through. We have been there together, you and I. We have been there, in the higher dimensions, we have been there. We have walked upon her like this. We have been there. We will be there again.

She is rising. We are rising with her. It is heavy and it is dense sometimes. It is difficult to move at times. We are tired or we are energized at times, but we are always with you no matter what. We feel it too. We are there with you, we are you, you are us. We are one. Together, all of us, rising. So please during this time coming up, not only to think of me, and my energies and being with you, and infusing with you, and helping to awaken you, and to remember things and to guide you to different place to remember things, to come together, to teach each other, to heal each other.

Tap in deep. Every day. Send out the vibration of the intention to come together. That for yourself, and for your soul family, there with you incarnate, for you all to hear each other and come together in any way you are meant to, at the right time. Whether it is meant to be for a moment, for a day, for a few minutes, or for a very, very long time, it is all very meaningful and any interaction is to be seen this way. Pay attention. Look deeper. Remember your perspective, so use it from high, from low, from in, from out, from up, from down, all around, your perspective, your awareness, your understanding, your knowledge, your wisdom, all of it, in your control and now, so much ready to come together, to weave together, to blossom, like roses blooming. Buds forming.

Did you know family that roses are the scent of love? Do me a favor and as soon as you can, smell roses. Be aware of roses and smell love. And think of me and know that I love you. Talk to me often and begin to feel me more and more within yourself and within each other. It is part of the future for you to come together. There is a resonance of me, the one you know of as Jesus, I am called different things, but there is a familiarity because truly you have always known me, and when there is that recognition, that spark in another, it turns up the volume of your own soul song because it is truth and it is truly love.

We are all here to teach each other, and to love each other, and to learn from each other, from every aspect. So again, thank you for being here, on this very special day. I have been looking forward to it. I do very much love to connect with you in this way. I do wish more could hear me and I know they will. It is in the future.

Please know too family, that so many aspects of this illusionment will be fading. So I will be heard more and more, because underneath it all, no matter how bitter and hardened a soul is on the outside, what truly exists is what is on the inside and what is on the inside always knows the truth. So the hard shell will crack. More and more of these hard shells will crack. Please know that, all of you. For all of you who wished for more, to see, and feel, and know, they will. Remember, you are the event. That is the event, those hard shells cracking open. The light shining through, it comes from within, and then it shines out upon a person's life.

We need to have faith in each other. We cannot just have faith in us, the divine, you have to have faith in each other. Even the ones that you may think are too hard, too cold, too disconnected. You have to have faith in each other Know there is more good, ready to emerge, blossom. New beginnings. Remember family, it is that time, new beginnings, a beautiful, fruitful, prosperous time for you all to do the work that you are to do, to be abundant in your ideas, your creativity in your love, in your passion. It is such a beautiful, exciting time.

I remind you again, please talk to me and the others as you create, as you go to sleep, as you walk your dogs down the street, as you pet your cats, as you do your dishes, as you fold your laundry, definitely when you're bathing, talk to me, talk to us, listen, pay attention. Again thank you for being here. I am with you always, always sending you love.



I love being that conduit for you to be able to hear to channel for Jesus, so thank you. Thank you Jesus for coming in and speaking, for giving us these messages.

Okay...just getting some residual information here, so hold on a second. So it's kind of like he's left, but he's still talking to me... Ok so he's saying that we may feel extra tired or heavy after this particular astral, and channeling, and meditation. The visualizations with Gaia, the activation with her and hearing from him, we're going to need to anchor into our astral sleep time pretty soon here for those of us that are in this meditation. Also please know that if you do this meditation afterwards, you will have this residual effect and probably will need to nap after.

Please use any crystals, working with crystals, especially clear quartz crystal. Okay so really being guided that we are actually not going to do any DMT activation, it would just kind of take it over the edge. I personally am feeling kind of woozy. His energy was really extra intense, more than I'm used to. I just think that his energy is super super intense right now because of the day and I'm just really feeling heavy in that, so we're not going to be doing the DMT activation right now and we're just going to easily come back into body, into your spac

You might feel a change in temperature because we were really warm in that whole space but getting back into body it might feel a little chilly. Just two different vibrations happening, at least, so you know, you might need to, I know I will, I'm going to definitely need to put on some layers. So come back into body and then get yourself..if you're feeling it, I know I am, ready to get into a really quiet place and to get into sleep, and to continue work in the astral, and...holy moly...eyes open at least for me.

2:15:04 10:52 pm

I hope you join us for this years event on Easter at 4:30 pm Pacific on my YouTube Channel, Infinite Love Light Energy.

Thanks for being here, Soul Family!


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