PART 2 Coronavirus & Fears

The above post came through on my Instagram and I was guided to comment on the post, the following is the long version of that post. I also have it in my Highlights on Instagram.

So first, I will say that what this means is that if we get into a fear based mode of thinking, then we are allowing for the energies of the virus to take hold and be it's parasitic self with our energy systems. So...

We must acknowledge all of the underlying fears as well or any of the energies associated with this will take over and there will be a lot of confusion within the awoken community.

This would include fears for others getting sick, money, home, being in lack. Etc. Being mad and frustrated about the situation, getting angry, blaming and being judgmental doesn't help. These are ALL low frequency energy emotions that the virus only feeds on and attaches to you because of it.

This truly is a time to do a life review and connect with GAIA and your guides as we move forward.

We are only in Phase 2 of 3 of the March Stargate, Phase 3 begins 3.24 (New Moon) and goes for another 10 days until the next Phase 1 Stargate, on 4.4.2020. Phase 1 was between 3.3-3.13.

A lot has yet to be determined or unfold and we will be tested. Balance and maintaining a high frequency is essential as we process incoming rays and encodements, and downloads and upgrades going in can feel and present like being sick or the beginnings of.

They could be ascension symptoms, don't assume that because you have gotten run down or you're not feeling well that you are sick with Corona, but at the same time-we have to keep our distance from people because even while we may carry the virus, we may be experiencing symptoms that are associated with ascension and upgrades, transmutation of energies, etc. if we are Lightworker's and healers especially those of us that are tapped into the collective and help transmute-we could be feeling the energy of the collective.

It may be hard to figure out what is what as far as what our bodies are reacting to right now. We have so much going on, with this event, so many people affected physically, the entire world affected, we have intense energies going on as well...The Equinox is tomorrow, March 19th, 2020 and we have already seen the affects of great change and the actual tipping point happening tomorrow will further propel us into the new Paradigm. So there is A LOT that we are dealing with.

Keeping our fears in check, understanding that our bodies are reacting to all of this energy and, not just fears of getting sick, but fears about all sorts of things are coming up. There's a lot going on in the world, so PLEASE remember to slow it down, see things from a higher perspective and take time to take deep breaths, especially if you're feeling stressed, tight, anxious, nervous, depressed, scared, in fear, etc. Work with your energy and the gifts GAIA gives us of herself, like fruits, veggies, crystals, plants, flowers, essential oils, herbs, etc, etc, etc.

Use the elements in your environment, water: with fountains, vases filled with water, or colored water is ideal, earth: with plants and flowers, tree branches alive or dead, fire: with candles, a fireplace, a bonfire (safely), burning incense and sage, palo santo, etc.

All of this will help to maximize the healing frequencies that are beings sent throughout the collective.

Remember, working with GAIA and nature is what has been coming through to help support us at this time, cycle healing for ourselves, and our brothers and sisters across GAIA.

My last podcast goes into this with a reading of anyone is interested. It's called Journeyman, there's two parts.

Check out it here:

In case you missed it: in my previous blog post, Part 1 of this one-I'm offering Coronavirus Healing Treatments on a donation basis.

Check out my last blog, and read the services section, contact me via the contact form at the bottom of the page, or emailing if you are interested in working with me.

Thanks for reading, please share with your friends and family who are in alignment.

Live In Love,




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