September Full Moon, The Oracle: Nimue & Crystals: Seek The Counsel of Crystals

“Step out the front door like a ghost into the fog where no one notices the contrast of white on white, and in between the moon and you, the angels get a better view of the crumbling difference between wrong and right. I walk in the air, between the rain, through myself and back again where? I don’t know.” ― Counting Crows

Full Moon Days & Full Moon Nights

Last night was The Full Moon. Reaching 100% illumination at 22:11 PM Pacific on 9.1.2020. We’re still in full swing of the Full Moon energy, with it at 99.6% as I write this at 1PM on 9.2.2020.

Just before 11 PM, I was guided outside, to sit and take photos of the sky, of the Moon and let the light shine upon me.

There’s something that sparks when that full moon light hits your eyes…I think I felt it charge my Life Force instantly. 

Yesterday was clearly a day to charge up with The Sun, The Water, The Air & The Moon.  We took a ride about 20 miles up the mountain to Big Bear Lake yesterday. It’s huge compared to our lake here in Crestline, Lake Gregory. Big Bear Lake is about 18 miles around and Gregory is only about 3. 

Truth be told, I like Lake Gregory better — which is great because it’s a mile from my home.

It’s ironic, given the fact that Big Bear is so big, there’s boats everywhere and that makes how much you can go around and enjoy the lake kind when you’re in a kayak. Plus, the trees are so far away from the water, where as at Gregory you can literally sit under them, touch them and play with the Dragonflies that hang out in them — photos of that on my Instagram too. 

Here’s a few of my posts from yesterday: 

We saw lots of little Dragonflies yesterday — many of them connected — and it was beyond beautiful out, as you can see. The weather was perfect. So, I’m not complaining — yesterday was truly wonderful. Plus, we hit The Big Bear Farmer’s Market before going to the lake.  My Instagram, @the.healing.butterfly

It was much bigger than I anticipated, with lots of amazing vendors — not only did I get a bunch of fruit, but I scored some much needed items for my sitting area where I work all day. 

Photo By Infiniti

Now the energy feels so much more calm and centered and I’m way more comfortable on my new sitting pillow, the energy of the tapestry that I’m on is perfection.  It’s truly amazing how much things have been been coming together in my world lately — setting a new energy in this space that I can’t explain, but as I’ve been evolving on the inside, so has the reflection outward in my world. I talk about it in last night’s podcast too.  My Office.

Photo By Infiniti

This has been going on for years of course (everything in my world is different) as that is the point of ascension and connection to our proper place in time and creation as we evolve — but it’s really interesting to see how this will happen in big jumps and leaps. 

After connecting with Lilyth on Saturday, (GAIA’S TWIN SISTER), it’s obvious why this has been happening — truly setting the stage for a new ME with my physical upgrades and spiritual upgraded connections, downloads, etc, etc. 

A lot is forming and solidifying, timelines are connecting and people are feeling this new energy of Lilyth hit throughout The Collective. 

It’s truly life changing on the macro and micro levels, adding more balance for everyone — including GAIA. 

Read and listen to how that event went for me: Meeting Lilyth, September Zoom Gatherings & Oracle Messages New Beginnings & Ep. 102, Meeting Lilyth & The Seer Oracle Messages Soul Family, Yesterday I was guided to pull an Oracle card and that was highlighted in my last episode, THE GATHERING…

As I was floating on the water in my kayak yesterday, Sarah and I having separated a bit and I was all alone…It wasn’t much of a surprise to hear and feel Lilyth come through and ask to join me in body. 

As is explained in my last podcast, she hasn’t had a person to connect to, to go into body with and to express from and feel the world through. 

When I felt Lilyth coming through, it wasn’t nearly as “achy” in my cranium as it has been — luckily I’m acclimating quickly to her energy coming into my body. 

She appreciated the space, and it felt good to share it with her. She has a very strong, but calming energy that is extremely empowering. 

Lilyth and GAIA are very different, but also very similar in their intensities. However, the way they associate and work with me really is unique to each of them, which makes perfect sense. 

When Lilyth was with me, feeling the air and sun and feeling her sister, GAIA and herself from this perspective really made her settle in in a very peaceful way. 

She made me feel the length of time that it had been for her to feel something like that, and it was a very, very long time. So long that it was difficult to comprehend and in that instant that I felt sad for her, she put an end to it so quickly and was all about enjoying the moments that we had then

She sent me a bounty of gratitude for allowing her to be there with me — talk about heart expanding! 

I understood that it was silly to spend any energy on being sad for what has passed while we were in such a glorious space and moment. I was really happy I could give that to her and she soaked it up. 

We spent a few minutes together talking about a few things for the future — like writing poetry — something she really wants to get into as a way of connecting with The Collective.  Since I absolutely have that fire in me — loving poetry — we will be a good creative force.  After a while, she had me take off my hat and glasses and so we could enjoy the air and the sun without anything being in the way of the senses and the elements. 

It was VERY bright, but it felt really divine, she loved it…I’m happy she suggested it.

When Lilyth Was With Me…My Instagram, @the.healing.butterfly

The Full Moon, 9.1.2020, Photo By Infiniti

Once it got to the 11 o’clock hour last night and I was outside looking at that beautiful ball of light in the sky it felt like the perfect balance to the day. 

And, it felt really good. It was so wonderful to be able to SEE THE MOON!

She’s been rising so low these last few months and where I live, in the Southern California mountains — there’s trees all around and it makes it difficult to see the moon in the low sky.  Now that we’ve reached September, she is higher as she passes by and I was able to enjoy her last night without much effort at all.

What’s awesome is that the lack of light pollution up here makes the stars light up like they are meant to be seen.

The Full Moon, 9.1.2020, Photo By Infiniti

Last night though, with this beautiful Aquarius Full Moon, it looked like she was the only thing up there. 

Then, I was guided to my Dragonfae Oracle cards by Lucy Cavendish. Well, truth be told I had felt the “tickle” of the Dragonfae Oracle earlier in the evening, but not very strong and I was busy with other things…

Once coming back in from outside, the pull was so much greater and I got right to it.  Here is the recording of the reading now available on my Podcast, “Evolve Now Lightworkers, With Infiniti”.  

Ep. 103, Full Moon 9.1.2020 - Nimue & Crystals Hello Soul Family, Late last night, on 9.1.2020, not long after the moon hit 100% I was guided to The Dragonfae Oracle…

Full Moon Days & Full Moon Nights

Coupled with floating in my kayak on Big Bear Lake yesterday, further connecting with Lilyth and GAIA, picking up the perfect pieces for my sitting area AND finally receiving my Moonstone ring I ordered weeks ago on The Full Moon, and then connecting with Nimue and being guided to those empowering messages to share with you — let’s just say it was a very good day and a great way to begin the new month.

I hope you had a beautiful day and start to your September too. 

❤︎ Thanks for reading.


This Week:

Saturday, 9.5.2020

Time: 12 PM — 3PM Pacific

Symbol: Mirror, Twins, Soulmates

Major Arcana: The Empress

Minor Arcana: Three of Cups

Moon Cycle: Day 18

Moon: 88%

Chakra Focus: 3rd Eye

Themes of Empowerment: Naturally activating DMT,Seeking Comfort, Self Care, Divine Help With Soulmate Relationships, No More Holding Back

Archangel(s): Azreal, Ariel, Chamuel

Themes For Meditation: Balancing of the inner and outer. Community, partnerships, reflections, healing, help & justice.

Info & enroll at HERE.

❤︎ Thanks for reading.

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