Soul Code Ascension Coaching and Psychic & Spiritual Development Training!

I'm so very excited to be bringing the news of two new offerings.

First up:


A Psychic & Spiritual workshop! This was suggested by one of my clients, Tone in Norway at our 1 month post healing meeting (watch her first post healing video here).

A workshop for psychic abilities/training came up after her Total Body Healing & Clearing when she had been boosted in the psychic department-specially with animals/spirit animals areas-it's something I had thought about doing-and when I polled my audience on Instagram, 100% of participants responded YES when asked if they would be interested in a course or workshop to work on and trust psychic abilities.

Psychic abilities and being spiritual connected go hand in hand, I found as I was mapping out this Workshop that there was no way to teach psychic technique and how to identify psychic happenings, messages, etc without incorporating our Spirit Guides, Guardians and our entire Spirit Tribe.

This is an 8 week, 2 hour per week on Zoom workshop. We'll be touching many points on the Soul Code Star and how it connects to so many facets of our lives and our Spirituality, and for that reason this isn't just a workshop for psychic tricks, but it's really about developing your gifts, finding out what they are, who your guides are, how to implement different techniques, how to set your space, how to maintain your energy, etc. etc.

I have priced this 2 month weekly training as low as I possibly could--$19 per week/$152 total for 8 weeks. This works out to $9.50/hour for this workshop! WHAT!?!


Even if the minimum of 10 people enroll it's still a VERY good deal at $28 per week/$224 total for 8 weeks and 16 hours of intense Spiritual training.

I worked with a model that makes it even cheaper when more people join in. I've maxed out the training at 25 people but we need a minimum of 10 people to do it. WE have 19 days to get at least 10 people enrolled, which will determine your final cost for the workshop.

If you are interested, please take a look at the full description, enroll ASAP by paying your $50 deposit and share with your friends and family, put it on your social media.

This is an amazing opportunity to connect with like minded souls, work on your psychic abilities and your spiritual connections at a rock bottom rate you won't find anywhere for a workshop this involved.

Help me help you make it the best ever by getting the word out, so your cost is that super low rate!

Up next is

One-on-One Soul Code Coaching

There's two options-The Lion and The Owl for this service, The Lion gives you at least 39 hours with me in 3 months, The Owl gives you at least 18 hours with me over the course of 3 months.

There's various components ranging from meditations, energy updates, body scans, psychic work, body work, assignments from your Spirit Guides, monthly readings and assisted downloads and integrations and help with ascension symptoms & issues and help with clarity on an on going basis with access to me via your own website Portal Page and an online Journal that we share so we can keep in constant contact, and much more.

I work with you privately over the course of 3 months, on a weekly and monthly basis to supercharge you and your ascension process. You must have had a Total Body Healing & Clearing to join me on this deep journey of transition where I'm with you every step of the way.

The reason for the prerequisite of needing to have had a Total Body Healing & Clearing is that in order to truly begin on the journey of self discovery, you need to be cleared and healed and back to a neutral state before embarking on expanding to the levels and depths that we will go to with one-on-one coaching.

It would be a disservice to both you and me if I were to do this type of coaching with someone who wasn't properly stationed to receive the energies, training, downloads, meditations, activations, etc.

I'm confided that after working with me regularly for 3 months on your ascension and spirituality, you'll have grown and evolved in ways we cannot possibly anticipate.

It won't be an easy journey, but I guarantee you that you'll be stronger, wiser, and better equipped moving forward in your life, journey and missions...Evolved.


More Info: Psychic & Spiritual Development Workshop

More Info: Soul Code Coaching-The Lion

More Info: Soul Code Coaching-The Owl

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