UPDATED! Racism: The Toll On Mental & Physical Health-A Harvard Study | Medium.com

This is an updated version to my first article. It was admittedly a LONG read so I took out a bunch of things that wasn't necessary, or at least not for this story.

Here's the new version, much shorter and more "readable" 8 minutes instead of 17.

Please read it.

Take your time scrolling through or reading it, that's how writers on Medium.com gets PAID! And YES, the website knows how long you were reading/crawling or zipping through a story.

It's quite amazing. If people don't actually READ it, and just open or zip to the end, it actually counts AGAINST the story getting seen in searches.

So, please take your time with it, or don't go there at all.

Also, leave CLAPS-you can leave up to 50, FOLLOW ME and please share with friends, family and on your social media. I appreciate it.


Thank you.


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