Weekly Energy Update - 5.17- 5.25.2020

Hello Soul Family,

Happy Tuesday! I do hope you had a great Monday and weekend.

I started the week with a brand new structure and schedule for myself that is quite literally MONTHS in the making (more on "readiness" in another post). Aside from the personal stuff, this is a schedule is of what I'll be putting out for The Collective across my homes on the internet.

My Schedule of Events is as follows, and you can go to this link https://www.thehealingbutterfly.org/schedule-of-events to see it on my website which will be updated with new events as they come up, and you can add any of the events to your own schedule, if you like.



I will be either uploading a Daily Meditation to my Podcast or going LIVE on this website or Social Media.

There will be days that both going live or posting a meditation is not possible for a variety of reasons. If this is the case, please choose one of the past meditations to do. They can be done at anytime. 

This is not scheduled for a particular time of the day due to a fluctuating schedule with Worldwide clients. However, I will do my best to post these meditations as early in the day as possible. 

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New Art Upload-Check The Key Is To Create.com for the latest art!

Every Tuesday on the calendar is a BLOG POST. So, here is the "first"!

In case you missed it, I began using my new YouTube Channel (finally) and one of my Monday's "to do" is a WEEKLY Energy Update w/ Tarot & Oracle and the first one was yesterday. The first video is right up top. Every other week it'll be LIVE. For now it'll be on YouTube, but that could change to another platform shortly.

Next week's show on May 25th, 2020 is already scheduled and it will be LIVE at 1:10 PM Pacific.

This is the link to my YouTube Channel, Infiniti-The Healing Butterfly


Yesterday's Energy Update was pretty amazing. With this week we have STRONG NEW MOON energy, and I began feeling it over the weekend.

We are getting guided to connect spiritually, and the veils are thinning for us, especially if we decide to see past the illusion that "this" world is the truth and that what is beyond or what we cannot see isn't real. The opposite is true.

This New Moon energy is very is strong while being sensitive and very Spiritual. With this month's Stargate, The Mirror Gate, and you can see how the 5's and the 2's match up to give us a mirrored 52. 5.5.2020 is the first day of this month's Stargate. The purpose for this Stargate is to help us better align with our Souls, to be pulled to The Mirror, to see beyond this life, and to see our Soul more clearly, to acknowledge our other lives and the many expressions in which our Soul can take form.

Naturally, these energies are coming through for us to open up to whether we are conscious of it or not.

They are very high vibrational, so we must be too. This is why we have been working on clearing and connecting our energy bodies, our chakras and working with our Merkabas in meditation daily via my podcast. Which is the perfect segue into one of my DAILY calendar events, which is to post a daily Meditation on my Podcast. There most certainly WILL BE TIMES when I go LIVE either through my website or YouTube, or even Facebook to do these meditations, so please make sure you follow me everywhere so you don't ever miss it LIVE.

The Daily Meditations

I was guided that The Lightbody Collective needed to maintain their energies on a daily basis more than ever before.

This is also the time to connect deeper with our guides and guardians. We also need to be aware that the ability to manifest things into reality, to create situations, outcomes and experiences, to bring to us what we focus upon. This can be on the very positive side, or the very negative side. Manifestation works both ways, as the universe brings us what we focus on, and our guides and guardians do their best to help us navigate the happenings around our own thoughts and energy. This is why asking for help from them and being open to what comes, and to the messages is essential to get yourself out of and stay out of drama and chaos that we and our negative attachments can create. Fear and anger can drive our ships into places that we don't truly want to be, that's not healthy and no good for us. But when we lean into going as we are guided, and riding THAT energy-it makes things much more clear and easy to navigate. Whereas FEAR makes things way too intense, emotional and impossible many times to be or think logically.

So there's a lot going on, and this is why meditation is so important at this time.

And THAT is the perfect segue into THE CARDS that were the cards that were pulled in yesterday's reading.

Check these out on my Instagram Stories @the.healing.butterfly

If you follow my podcast, you know that my newest Oracle deck, "The Hidden Worlds" has only been around for a couple of weeks, per usual I have not see all of the cards. I didn't even know that MEDITATION was one of the cards, but when I pulled it out, (which you can watch on the video) I couldn't believe my eyes. So much focus on mediation, to the point of me being guided to do these daily mediations.

So, to get this card was pretty mind blowing. The message of course was also really amazing, focusing in on TRUTH. Which, earlier in the day I posted my daily Grid post, and it just so happened to be my new digital art, named "The Truth".

“The Truth” Digital Art By, Infiniti—The Truth lives inside of us. When we strip away the stories, the influences, the wants and ideas of what is true, and we decide to know THE TRUTH, to be TRUTH SEEKERS, we will begin to be led to it. The Truth lives inside of us, and it’s always there waiting to reveal itself to us.

We are The Truth. Our Souls are Pure and knows all of The Truth of us. Our Soul Stories, the missions we are on now, and all that we are connected to.

Getting and being and living wrapped up in conspiracy theories, the drama and chaos of the world, being in fear and anger and pointing fingers, slinging negative energy, allowing others to convince you of happenings that are unprovable, and only serve to distract us from what is REAL.

You make the decision for what and where and how you use your attention, energy and focus. Make the choice to choose YOU, and your Soul Development-not trying to find the keys to locks to problems that are outside of you.

We fix the world, we help the collective, we dismantle the foundation of injustice and oppression by focusing on The Truth. The Truth is inside of us.

If you watch the video, you'll get the messages that came with MEDITATION, and all of it is very connected, of course not to mention the rest of the cards that came up. As you can see, GIFTS FROM GOD...And there it was, THE MOON card, as much of this Energy Update was talking about the energy of The New Moon coming up this week.

All of it is surrounding the energies of Divine Union-but that union is being focused on for our own Divine Union, our us and our Soul Mates and the best way to get there is through our own TRUTH and through MEDITATION.

There's so much connectedness, I can't sum it all up here, all I can say is-it's worth the watch.

Getting back to MEDITATION-so far with my Daily Meditations we have connected with Archangel Metatron, worked on our Merkabas, we contacted by and worked with the energy of Crystals, and today's meditation was about understanding our energy cords, how psychic attack works and preparing for Cord Cutting. If you haven't checked them out yet, take a listen.

You can listen to my Podcast anywhere you get your podcasts, directly from my podcast page or here on my website.

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I'll leave you with one of my latest works that is available on my ART website, www.thekeyistocreate.com this one is called, "Emergence" and it's available in 6 versions. This is #5.

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Be Well Dear Ones...And,

Live In Love.


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