When Bug Bites Aren't Bug Bites - Psychic Attack, Transmutation, Ascension & Cord Cutting: Skin

From Episode 85 of my Podcast:

Hello Soul Family, Strap in for a ride. I share with you my newest physical issues dealing with energy and being a Psychic Physical Empath & Medical Medium and WHY this is happening--Psychic Attack, Cord Cutting, Ascension...What comes up with energy can be so intense and so sudden and so jarring that it could make your head spin.

Burning, itching, welts. Not bugs-ENERGY. Acne, Psoriasis-Energy. Energy, Energy, Energy. Each body reacts differently with different circumstances but we tend to have certain things that happen to us. While you may get Psoriasis, I get acne. The causes could be many.

There's a chance that this could come up with you when you go through different process with yourself, and/or are under Psychic Attack.

I get into what's been going on with me lately and an event that happened in my history that falls under the same category.

The category of WTF?!?!

Knowledge IS POWER. Figuring out WHY your body is doing ANYTHING out of sorts is so important, and even for me-it can be SO confusing and that's what I've been dealing with.

It's been really annoying what my body has been doing, but even more frustrating is that I haven't been able to stop it or know exactly why it's happening.

Once enough happened in the physical, namely-facilitating and doing my own Cord Cutting, we hit a peak and my body reacted and is reacting to it.

There's a chance yours can too, or has in the past in the many ways that our skin shows us that something is happening and we're clueless to connect the dots, and if doctors really knew the cause we wouldn't have ongoing problems, chronic conditions. Having a chronic conditions means something is off and you're not figuring it out.

There is a reason, ALWAYS and once you get that, and deal with it and go through the process the issue goes away. The problem is that 99.99% of us are clueless to unraveling the knot and getting to the real cause of it.

The real cause of it could be Spiritual & Energetic balancing & blockages & transmutation & ascension and attack-but Dr. Joe isn't gonna know that. Trust me.

It's easier for me to connect to you and unpack this stuff in a session than it is for me to figure out what my own body is doing sometimes. But that's how it goes. But one thing is for sure-I've always figured it out better than any doctor-that's for sure.

They have NO idea about this stuff. And people who aren't really connected won't well-connected it.

Being a psychic physical empath & a healer, and a facilitator and having to deal with figuring out because it becomes it's own thing to deal with and if the body is doing something-if MY body is doing something IT NEEDS TO GET FIGURED OUT.

I figured it out, and I share this all to empower you to understand the extent of two things-

Cutting Cords

Energy Transmutation

Physical Skin Eruptions

Sometimes when we heal and we put energy back into our system, our physical body reacts-and that's exactly what this is about. Putting the energy back, and having my body react to it. It's intense. Cord cutting isn't just about getting your "freedom" from the attachment to someone or some situation-it's about putting the energy back into your system, which literally EMPOWERS and puts back power into you. Sometimes the body reacts to filling those holes and a balancing of energy. Once you know that's what it is, then you can lean into it and heal it as it's happening.

Even after I told my last client that she could really react physically after her healing, and she did-she wasn't relating the two events-why? Her son got sick too, but because SHE was transmuting and they are very psychically connected-HE began to transmute too. He got "the bug". But other family members did not. Energy.

Questions? Reach out. Check out my website and go as guided.

Have a great day, and look out for today's meditation. It's the New Moon.

Be Well Dear Ones...And,

Live In Love.


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