Spirit Animal Guide-Original Art & Connection

NEW! Spirit Animal Guide-Original Art & Connection


A 30 minute phone call with me to connect with the Spirit Animal Guide who has a special message for you to assist you at this time on your journey.


Keep in mind that there are many animals that we have had connections to in our current and past lives.


Hearing from one of your Spirit Tribe is what this is, but it’s the animals that want to come forward for us now, as GAIA is connecting more and more with us (listen to her speak in changelings I facilitate on my YouTube Channel: Infinite LOVE Light Energy) and more and more people are becoming healers for her and advocates for her and the animals and our own well being.


The animals have their own messages for you. Take this opportunity to connect with them, keep them with you always with ORIGINAL & LIGHT ENCODED ART!


After we connect, I am guided to draw their likeness in pencil on 9X12 archival paper. The original is yours and that artwork will be included in my Infinite Spirt Animal Oracle Card Deck that I am developing.


$200 Pencil 

$250 Pencil + Digital Painting 

$300 Pencil + Watercolor

$321 Pencil + Digital Painting + Watercolor


What this means is that I will draw your artwork, and if you want it digitally painted, (see The Hamster and The Bald Eagle for an example) I will digitally paint it for you as well. 


We can talk about what color pallet, etc you may want or if you just want me to go with it and see what we get. 


Consider this if you want to have the animal painted in any one or combination of colors and then it turns into CHROMOTHERAPY. This is when we use colors to help regulate our systems we heal get in balance and better flow.


You could let your Animal Spirit Guide decide on the colors or you can request specific colors. 


What you get: 


The pencil drawing, and a digital copy of Unlimited Use as well as a PRINT of the Digital Painting in its original size, 9X12.


I will likely spend a minimum of 4-6 hours on each piece.


Consider this as a gift for the holidays, birthdays or any special occasion for your loved ones!


Your original art/prints mailed within 2-4 weeks. 

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