BRAND NEW, I just got it from Earth's Treasure's on 9.10.2020.


I'm adopting out this amazing crystal ONLY TO A LOVING HOME! Oh yeah, and wishes do come true around here...BOOM! FREE SHIPPING!


You won't believe yourself when you hold this crystal. Talk about MAGICAL!


One of my very favorite crystals---CELESTITE.


This piece is not like anything I've ever seen before. I failed to weigh it, but it must be about 2-3+ pounds, measuring in at 6+ inches and my big man hand had a not so easy time holding it, and I got a bit of a workout with the weight of it and WHAT A BEAUTY!  


If guidance is what you're seeking, this is for you. It's ANGEL TIME!


It's no wonder that as I begin my journey to offer crystals to my community, that the very first one I'm guided to share is CELESTITE. 


Connecting you with your Angelics, this dreamy crystal is everything you need and could ever want for helping you with your spiritual connections. Lifting your mood, creating peace and harmony. It even helps you connect more in your dreams and astral travels. Meditate with it, put it on your third eye (maybe not this huge piece) just hold it and have the intention to go into your dreamland and connect with your Guides & Guardians. 


It helps you to find a clear mind and balance, calming hurt or upset, angry emotions as well--taking you to a higher perspective. 


The high vibrations of Celestite crystal healing properties stimulate and support the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, making it an excellent stone for an overall spiritual detox. In meditation, Celestite helps ease the transition into a peaceful state of awareness, which can be challenging for a troubled mind amped up with conflict and frustration.


If you are looking to tap into and level up your psychic and intuitive abilities, sit with this crystal and feel it work on your Throat Chakra, Third eye and Crown. You may even feel the tingles on your scalp!


Sit quietly with the Celestite stone and use it to tap into your psychic and intuitive abilities. Because the Celestite crystal properties are associated with the throat chakra, it helps you express any message you receive from the heavens with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. Celestite reminds us that the divine light is within us, and the angels will always show up to the party with an invitation, ready to keep the soul burning strong and bright.


Love it as much as I do or you can't have it! 

Celestite Crystal-Throat-Third Eye & Crown Chakras

  • Once purchased and sent to you, normally you'd want to clear your crystals when you get them, but I'll send you this and every crystal I have--infused with Infinite Love Light Energy. 

    This means that I sit with the crystal and charge it after connecting with it and pulling down Infinite Love Light Energy from Source, Mother-Father God. 

    ONCE YOU DECIDE IT IS YOURS AND YOU BUY IT---I'll also connect with GAIA and the crystal and tap in to your energy as well. This is simliar to what I do in my healings. Connecting you with the crystal and GAIA (where the crystal came from!) will amplify the vibrations with her and with Source. 

    Once you get it in your loving hands, sit with it, meditate on connecting to it and GAIA, ask for it to help you in the ways you need. 

    In the future, clear the crystal gently with sun or moonlight as needed to disipate negative energies as you are guided. You can also gently spray it with water on the crystal portions but be very careful with the delicate rock it sits in, as it will wash away!


    Did you know I also offer CUSTOM Crystal Gathering with GAIA? That's where I go to the store and pick out crystals that I'm guided to specifically for you by GAIA. 

    Go to this link for more info! Crystal Gathering With GAIA


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