I happen to live right around the corner from the most amazing crystal/rock shop EVER. Why is it so great? They get some very rare hand picked pieces and they are at literally "rock bottom prices". I've never seen anything like it! 

Their prices are incredible. While many other people would shop there then sell outright at a huge mark up, I am passing on the energy that they bring to The Collective.


I don't know what they have decided their markup is, but it's not much from the tremendous deals that they get-basically-they pass on their awesome savings on to their customers. I've been lucky to be one of those customers since 2017.


I have an amazing collection because of this store, and my proximity to it. They don't sell online, or I would just refer you there. You have to go in person to the store.


They don't have an Instagram or do any social media marketing.


I am being guided to offer a service where I go to the Rock Shop and I go as guided when picking out your crystal(s).


I want to make it clear, I am not a crystal expert by any means, although I've made it a point to learn over the years-it is not my area of expertise, however because of my deep and divine connection to GAIA, I know what I know and I know where I'm guided.


This service is me going personally to the rock shop, and picking out what I'm guided to get for you. Once chosen, I will bring them to my home, clear them and charge them with my healing and Divine Infinite Love Light Energy, further connect with GAIA and YOU. 


If you would like me to channel messages for you from her about your crystals and specifically why she picked them and their messages, add $40.


This will come via email either written or audio, depending on how the messages come.


Choose your Gathering: $88 $111 $155 $188 $200 $255


SHIPPING: Due to the nature of the unexpected wieght and size of your crystals, shipping is approximately $10 USPS.


Once your crystals have been picked, shipping will be calculated and a separate payment will be made by you for shipping. Infiniti will contact you when your crystals are ready to ship and payment is to be made. 


Get started now! Purchase the amount you would like and then submit the form for "Crystal Gathering with GAIA". 


For photos and examples of crystals at The Rock Shop, go to this link.


Delivery is 1-2 weeks, depending on inventory and if you would like to add a custom charging platform. Pay one shipping fee.



Currently offering platforms for 1, 2 & 3 crystals.


Be sure to check out the service I now offer, creating custom charging platform for your crystals! Divinely guided artwork directly from GAIA and the crystals it's created for.


Clearing and conducting energy is 23 carat gold leaf, and other metalics as guided, clear crystal quartz, and smokey crystals (possibly others) mounted on a wood platform. Hang it when not in use!


Go to this link for more information. 

Crystal Gathering With GAIA

  • If you're not satisfied with your Gathering, you may return your crystals as long as they are in the same condition as they were when they were Gathered for you. 


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