Since this is a brand new product, what is pictured is a work in progress I'm creating for an order of Crystal Gathering With GAIA.


A service I offer for collecting custom crystals for you, now GAIA wants to create their own custom Infinite Love Light Charging Platforms! 


GAIA has asked me to further collaborate with her and create, through her guidance, Custom Charging Platforms for the crystals that I sell-and for the ones you have at home!


Design Channeled by GAIA and the Crystal(s) itself, with colors to help it connect to GAIA, SOURCE and clearly connect to YOU.


It has been explained to me that using these plaforms will allow for further and deeper integration with the information being passed through the crystal to you. 


Your crystals are like one-of-a-kind information devices, able to be uploaded and downloaded. These platforms make that process even stronger, because it keeps the flow of Infinite Love Light Energy in and around the crystal, allowing for it to accept and deliver information directly to you more easily. 


Basically, I'm channeling the encodements through color, design and the mix of elements that is in the platform. Consider it a mix between a platform/docking station for divine information that your crystal is constantly receiving for you, at the same time, it's also clearing or healing or defending your energy. 


Crystals are truly amazing. 

Recharge your crystals with Infinite Love Light Energy anytime with it! Just place your crystal(s) on the platform for at least 3 hours, maximize the energy in the sun or moonlight.


Do this before working with it in meditation or healing, etc.


Not only does this charge your crystal, but just having it around in your home will bring in more of this amazing Infinite Love Light Energy energy. 



Includes genuine 23k gold leaf gilding, corresponding mixed mettal colored foil purple, blue, yellow, etc. depending on how guided by GAIA and the crystals.


They are 9X12", on a 3/4" thich Birch wood panel drawn and painted in watercolor on very high quality hot or cold pressed acid-free watercolor paper and can be hung while not in use, or it may be the platform the crystal calls home. Your choice and you can always switch it up too!


SHIPPING GATHERED CRYSTALS & PLATFORMS: Designed and custom for your crystals that were gathered, it will ship with your crystals.Allow up to 3 weeks for this custom process. 



Please contact via email with the form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions. 




*You may send a video to Infiniti of your favorite crystal you have at home for a Custom Charging Platform. Select this offering and send an email to with a video of your crystal.


If you're unfamiliar with my artwork, check out THEKEYISTOCREATE.COM


1 Crystal Charging Platform-GAIA Channelled



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