Renew Now!

with Infiniti

Deep Energy

Clearing & Healing

with DMT Release

We all have to deal with energy build-up, even if it’s neutral or positive energy in the body, it’s a very good practice to work on clearing out your chakras/energy systems, grounding with GAIA, and connecting with our Star, The Sun. 


When we do this, we can vibrate at a higher frequency allowing for integration of the incoming Light Codes activating higher vibrational timelines, making our lives so much easier. 


Through working with the entire main energy system, it promotes the 3rd eye to open more. Not only does your "psychic vision" improve, but your connection with your body, and your Guides & Guardians is much clearer.


Since Infiniti is a Medical Medium, Psychic and Channel, she is able to tap in with your body and your guides-including your Soul, to “feel” and “see” what is happening with your body, and energy. 


Infiniti offers The Evolve Now Program for serious Souls who want to take their health, wellness and spirituality to the next level quickly. 


It's deal if you have chronic pain or any chronic condition or if you're serious about your Soul evolution and ascension. Ideal & THE ULTIMATE healing for all Empaths & Lightworkers.


It's two different healing sessions that takes place over three days, and it is advised to have 5 days of as much solitude as possible while undergoing this transformational experience. 


The RENEW NOW! healing session it isn't nearly as long, deep, involved or intense as The Evolve Now Program

With The RENEW NOW! healing session, you will experience a great deal of energy balance, pain relief and renewed energy!

If you are interested in the EVOLVE NOW PROGRAM but feel it may be more than you are ready for at this time, this is the perfect alternative.


What’s included in this service: 


DELUXE ✵ Psychic Connection-Spirit Guide Meeting

Come prepared with 3 questions about your health for your Guides to address throughout your healing session, you’ll go over them prior to beginning the session. 


✵ Energy Clearing With The Angels


Infiniti works with the Angelic Realms, as such she taps in with them, especially your closest Guardian Angels to assist with clearing energy around you, working with The Violet Light to clear energy throughout your home and vehicle-then we extend that energy throughout Mother Earth GAIA. As we heal one, we heal all. 

✵ Clearing/Connecting/Aligning 11 Chakras

Infiniti connects to you, and your energy body, then guides you through working with each of your main 7 chakras, as well as your hands & feet. 


This process is different for everyone, depending on what the person needs at the time, however in the end all Chakras have been activated and connected, this allows for the body to clear with GAIA in the next step very easily.

DELUXE ✵ 3rd Eye Opening Activation via DMT Release

After charging up all of your chakras, and assessing your current situation with your Guides,  Infiniti guides you through a natural DMT release by working with your physical eyes. It works very quickly and is 100% effective. 


Doing this important step allows for all aspects of the energy work done in the next steps to integrate as deeply as possible with your entire system. It’s the chemical reaction through the 3rd eye that travels throughout your system, promoting you to level up on every level. 


After learning this technique, this is something you can repeat on your own.


✵ Astral Travel With GAIA-Connect, Clear & Ground

Infiniti has been channeling and working with Mother Earth, GAIA for several years now. It was GAIA who came to her, and announced that she would be helping Infiniti in her sessions to help people heal and connect to her, and know about their bodies and themselves more.  


Since then, GAIA has been a part of every Evolve Now Healing, and as of 2021, she began coming through in the Mini Healing’s--projecting a scene for Infiniti to guide her client to.


GAIA speaks: 

“I cannot hold back, when you work with any Soul, I am with you to assist them to their full potential at the moment, what they are ready to receive. I am their Great Mother, I love them dearly, and I will care for them with all of me.”


Once Infiniti taps in with you, gets your chakras active, GAIA will come through-with your destination. 


GAIA always picks the perfect spot for people to travel to, for working on clearing and grounding their energy. It could be in a jungle, or on a beach, in the mountains, etc.


No matter where GAIA takes you, it’s beautiful, meaningful, and can even be very symbolic to you. There, we work with your entire body, chakras and system-wide energy to clear it of dense, negative energy. 


DELUXE ✵ Sol to Soul Timeline Light Codes Activation

GAIA’s connection with our Sun is the energy that allows for life upon her. Our Light Codes, through Stargates, which oversee timeline events for us all, comes through our Star, The Sun. 


A loop of energy is created between GAIA, you and The Sun--imagine a clear highway to travel, versus one that congested with traffic. This allows for all incoming Light Codes to be integrated by you quickly, and deeply. 


This will promote your ability to “master your frequency,” better hear your inner & outer guidance, so you may choose the higher vibrational timelines that are available to you. Essentially, you’re better equipped to make better decisions with the small choices and the big ones as well. 


DELUXE ✵ Merlin Alchemy-Soul Code Crystal Programming

As you probably know, crystals are very important for energy regulation for all humans, put especially for Empaths/Lightworkers. 


Crystals are far beyond just energy regulators for us, they receive downloads of information and Soul Light Codes for the people who own them. Think of it like USB drives that store information for you to tune into when the time(line) is right. 


Merlin will come in to activate your Crown & 3rd chakras to your crystals. 


This greatly amplifies the exchange of energy between you and them. Feeling more drawn to them, intuitively knowing which ones to work with and when.


You’re encouraged to bring a couple of your crystals in with you for your healing, however Merlin will connect to all of your crystals in your home

✵ Shielding & Protection

At the end of the session, Infiniti works with you and your energy to create a spear of light to protect your field from incoming negative energies. This shielding can be worked with and tapped into by you at any time. Infiniti will walk you through how to work with it.