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I will be either uploading a Daily Meditation to my Podcast or going LIVE on this website or Social Media.

There will be days that both going live or posting a meditation is not possible for a variety of reasons. If this is the case, please choose one of the past meditations to do. They can be done at anytime. 


This is not scheduled for a particular time of the day due to a fluctuating schedule with Worldwide clients. However, I will do my best to post these meditations as early in the day as possible. 

Instagram Posts:

New grid post on Instagram of my art or photography.


All art is available on


YouTube Video- "Energy Update & Weekly Reading For The Collective" on my NEW YouTube Channel; Infiniti-The Healing Butterfly. Every other week these will be LIVE, beginning on 5.25.2020.  


*The Monday daily meditation may take place in this video instead of a post on the podcast. Subscribe to both so you don't miss the meditations whether they are LIVE or UPLOADED.


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New Art Upload-Check The Key Is To for the latest art!