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Northern Lights

The Original:
The Evolve Now Program

Phases 1-Balance & Phase 2-Expand

For Deep Healing & Clearing

Perfect for Empaths & Lightworkers

with Chronic Physical & Energetic Issues



This program is for anyone who wants to seriously level up their lives! 

A total and complete system overhaul, not a clearing or any kind of healing found anywhere else. 

This is to transform your life, not just to feel better. 

Eliminate chronic pain, and chronic conditions, like Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue, remove energy blocks, parasites, tags, karmic hooks, heal from addictions, and so much more! 

Anyone on the planet can benefit from this deep and intense energy work and healing. Empaths, Lightworkers, Healers and Spiritual Advisors/Coaches are highly encouraged to consider this program. 

This program takes place with 2 phases, Balance & Expand, over 4 days of deep energy work & healing.  You're literally transformed after the 2 phases of healing due to the extensive and deep work that takes place. 

Included in the program:

Coaching via email before the actual healing days, up to 24 hours to respond. Reach out to Infiniti anytime with questions or concerns, including before the actual healing days. 

This program consists of coaching for several weeks to a month before the Phase 1 & Phase 2 healing sessions. 

There is prework consisting of several self-healing practices through meditation that Infiniti will coach you through. This includes cord cutting, and other self-healing practices, helping you be as prepared for healing sessions of the program as possible. Go to the SHOP and download the CORD CUTTING E-BOOK NOW!

Sessions Included:

3 meetings to prepare for the healing week. 
1 after scheduling, 1 a week from your healing week, and the third is scheduled 2 days before your healing sessions.

8 weekly 90 minute meetings with Infiniti. Review your current progress, ask questions, receive psychic advice. 

Healing week: 
Phase 1
Phase 2 
1 Post Healing Meeting

After your healing sessions, life will be different daily as you're getting used to living in your new body. Sensitivities, changes in diet, cravings, energy, sleep, dreams, meditation, how your body feels, especially if you had severe pain or issues of any kind. 

These meetings are for you to ask Infiniti anything, for her to tap in with you, your energy and your Guides & Guardians, so they can also help answer questions.
You receive recordings of both sessions, audio and video files. This means that you go through the program live with Infiniti once, then "re-do" them any time you want! Monthly is advised.



Chart and document your healing and ascension through a personal and private journal that you share with Infiniti. Instead of sending emails, you'll use your journal. 



Your prework, and both phases, including meetings, and healing sessions are outlined in a PDF that you'll follow along with through your journey.


Pricing is based on a sliding scale per your financial status.



This Phase 1 is to be done 2 days before Phase 2-Expand=Infinite Love Light Infusion & Targeted Healing. 


Please watch both videos on this page:

Although in itself, this is extremely healing and will make you feel spectacular on it's own-it's important that you go through this process before Phase 2, Infinite Love Light Infusion, as it allows for time and space of the cleared energy centers to adjust before the infusion. 

Working with your 7 Main Chakra's, we work with clearing the energy centers, then dropping the energetic cord down and ground with GAIA, Mother Earth. 

This is a powerful exchange of energy with your energy system and that of our beloved planet. There is nothing like being integrated with her energy, and that alone begins to activate your healing. 

An infusion of her energy with yours is potent healing for your energetic system. 

This calibrates you to her energy system, so you can live your life in alignment with her, and therefore have less disruption in your energy system as the energies from your bedroom to the cosmos and everything in between is potentially affecting you and your energy. 

With each activated chakra, we connect with Mother Earth and infuse your energy with hers, and she connects, speaks with you and works with you to transmute energy and infuse into your chakras GAIA's vibrations. 

This service INCLUDES Channeling from GAIA. She speaks with you for each Chakra that we work with, the theme of each chakra and any messages she has regarding these energy centers to help you heal. 

Meet with Infiniti for a post healing meeting and then 4 additional meetings thereafter is included in The Evolve Now Program.


Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 3.39_edited.png

Laetitia Kind
The Evolve Now Program & The Extended Program with Infiniti


I was guided to Infiniti due to a burn-out, anemia and other involved issues such as chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety as well as having had a topic eczema/neurodermitis practically all my life (just to name the main issues) and having had a lot of medical consultation without any prospect of long-term improvement, I knew a more holistic approach was needed. 

Somehow I knew this can't be it. Feeling miserable most of the time, having no energy to get in touch with my family and friends or to do any sports, needing an enormous amount of sleep and even after that feeling totally exhausted, taking an enormous amount of (high-quality) supplements without seeing any significant results, trying to survive through my working days and requiring the whole weekend to recover, feeling like a victim/like I'm cursed, etc. 

Working with Infiniti involves healing from a holistic perspective and empowerment on an incredibly high level, as well as first-class individual support. 

I've never worked with someone who is soooo real. You can really tell that she lives what she is teaching and that she has really worked on herself. 

There is no personal bullshit involved with which you have to deal as a client additionally to your things (and I've experienced that often before), rather you can see and feel that she constantly works on herself to be as clean as possible and therefore being able to coach in the best version of herself.

I’m so grateful to have been empowered on a whole new level in order to HEAL MYSELF and get rid of all the things that prevent me from realizing that! 

I’m so excited to continue working with Infiniti in the Extended Evolve Now Program. 

Working with Infiniti in the Evolve Now Program is like opening a new chapter to life in fact, a real game changer! Infiniti gives you the tools that you need in order to live an empowered and self-determined life! 


This service is perfect for those with an injury, trauma, post surgery, illness or chronic condition or disease we are going to be healing. 


We can help treat and the healing process of any condition. 


However, this is ideal for any Empath & Lightworker regardless of your health status. 


Since each person and their health issues are very personal, we will discuss your particular situation in your FREE evaluation & consultation. The Evolve Now Program includes 2 Phases of Healing/Clearing & a month of support. 


For a description of this session, please see the page titled:


"Infinite Love Light Clearing & Healing" for the full description of this 2 part service Distance Quantum Healing. 


Part 1-Balance is the Chakra Clearing & Healing that is done 2 days before this session. 


Ideally, you are encouraged to set up your healing sessions when you can take off work, be alone or separate from others for at least 5 days, or longer if possible. 


This is to allow your body to acclimate to the new "dump" of negative energies and infusion of Love Light Energy.


This process is very intense, and the body needs time to regulate. The body will be in "healing mode" for several days after these sessions and becomes ultra-sensitive to other people and energy in general. 


Meet with your Guides & Guardians in 2 meetings, a month apart to go over your past, present and future specifically regarding your upcoming program.


Let's face it, they got you here, having their insight through the many possible Tarot & Oracle decks that Infiniti works with is invaluable. 

This is Deep Soul Guidance from your entire Spirit Tribe, get the information that will most help you on your healing journey as it begins. 


2 hours each, 1 to be done within 1 week of scheduling the program. 

The second meeting will be scheduled 2-3 weeks after your healing week. 

This meeting will offer insight as you close out your first month post healing and help you with important information you need to know to help you into your second month. It will tie into the first meeting from a month before. 

Helpful whether you’re starting the Extended Evolve Now Program after your first month or not! 

Compare to the Tarot & Oracle service, “On A Mission: Life Review”


Ready to begin your evolution?


  • Click on the link below to complete your questionnaire.

  • Infiniti will send you a list of webpages, articles and videos to review before your consultation.

  • Meet with Infiniti for your 2-hour consultation with a Mini Energy Healing. 


Extend your Evolve Now Program with Soul Guidance & Ascension Counseling with Infiniti. 

Complete your "Soul Map" to discover what & where you're naturally being guided to journey.


Aside from your ongoing transmutation of energies that are intense for over 2 months, you'll be guided to discover more about yourself and your world. Visit this page to review the Soul Map



  • Constant Contact: Continue with your access to Infiniti 24/7 through your journal or email and instant messaging. 

  • Monthly Tarot & Oracle: Begin each new month in the know. 2-hours each.

  • Weekly Meetings: 90-minutes each.

  • Online Journal: Continue to have access to document your journey and communicate with Infiniti.

  • Storybook: Continue to add to your book for your monthly and weekly meetings.  


Pricing is based on a sliding scale.

Monthly:  $6K+

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