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Infiniti Knows What It's Like

"I remember being so confused about how I felt physically- much of the time. Most of the time my body was in a lot of pain,  but there would be points where I would feel pretty good, better than other times. Also, it was always confusing to me why I would suddenly feel so much  worse in certain situations-always involving being out, around other people, or  around particular people it would be ok, but after I was so exhausted.  So, besides the myriad of pain that comes with Fibro, it was also knowing that I was dealing with not wanting to be around people when I really  actually did want to be around them.

The same things would always happen. It would really happen with my own son, which drove me crazy. I would be feeling good after a day of rest and have his dad bring him over, and shortly there after I would have to get in bed and not be able to do whatI planned and it would always create this horrible dynamic with my son and I, easy for him to think I didn't really want to be around him when nothing was further from the truth. It was beyond my control.

Everything was out of my control when I couldn't control my own body-and I really hated myself. " 

"I've always been an open person, I've always considered myself Spiritual,  I've always experienced weird metaphysical and spiritual things- I was a psychic child giving adults messages, I've seen Spirits,  I had done things that I didn't understand and no one could explain  (like levitate)so maybe it's that history that gave me

the understanding that there is more out there than cannot  be seen that we have any idea of and when I was guided in a meditation by the most beautiful divine beings to understand what was truly going on with myself, and later with everyone else-I was so on board. It seemed unreal and like a dream I never wanted to leave,  but it was real and they guided me out of the meditation to hold on to what  they told me their in that incredibly high dimensional plane of Creation.

They did like they always did, guiding me and doing their best to get my  attention and get me to do as I should for my own good. They told me to clear and heal  myself right then-and I did exactly as guided and I never felt so LIGHT in my life,  I never felt so pain free, I never felt so ALIVE and HAPPY and LIKE ME.  And it's been like that ever since.  I never took another pill and I never went back to any of my doctors,  there was no reason to-I was 100% better after 39 years of torture."

"One of the main issues I had with healing-so easily-was that I had to go so  long not knowing. I was actually really mad at the entire situation,  even being healed. I didn't get it at all.


Why if it was so easy to fix me,  didn't it happen WAY sooner?  Why did I have to suffer, why did my son,  and anyone who knew me?  Seriously-what the hell?

I really WAS NOT BROKEN?  It's a weird thing to be mad about.

Mostly, I was mad that I was so ignorant about myself,  and that it took so much and so long to get to the answers I always so  desperately searched for. But we're only ready once we're ready.

Well, it took me a while to understand that all of this was very purposeful.  It needed to take 39 years for me-and now I am in love with my story.  I wouldn't change a thing.

And, in fact, I had been headed down the road to these discoveries  about myself, even after countless ER visits, countless MRI's,  countless upon countless blood tests and doctors visits and sleepless nights spent in pain and misery just wanting to die...I just didn't understand what was happening.  That I was IN THE PROCESS, in THE MAZE, going forward-even if it felt that I wasn't. 

It's kind of complicated in it's simplicity-but we all have our Soul Missions,  and for many of us at this time-we are here to help heal and  raise the consciousness of humanity.

So much is hidden, so much is built to keep us sick and stupid so we don't become the powerful beings we were meant to be.


The first obstacle is figuring ourselves out, after we live a life of lessonsand situations that were all very purposeful themselves. Nothing is without merit, if you feel that way, then you are forced to repeat situations and relationships until it is understood and wisdom and understanding comes from our life to help us now AND later.


We are always slowly being guided-most of us having no idea about this  process-getting us to a level within ourselves that makes us ready for ourselves, connecting deeply with our Soul and our Soul Mission,  hearing our own Soul Song and slowly accepting that maybe we don't know  everything and all of the why's and howswhen we wanted to, but there's a reason for all of it. I promise you that."

Infiniti was gifted with the Soul Story and journey that took her through intense pain her entire life, while she was unaware as to WHY. Again-just like so many people, nearly the entire world is missing this MASSIVE EASY FIX TO REBOOT THE SYSTEM, GET TO NEUTRAL AND WORK WITH YOUR BODY IN THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO.
Not only that, but within a 4-5 years after the day Infiniti healed herself, she began REALLY going through her Universal Understanding, or what's better known as having a
"Spiritual Awakening"
and within a year after that, is when she began healing animals & people and not only the ones she was with, but all over the world. It's called Distance Quantum Healing...And she's been Divinely led this entire way.
There's two parts to understanding how this works. It's simple and it's complicated, like most things in life-but the bottom line is this:
Part One is what's going on in the body and Part Two is how it works to heal these things, especially at a distance. First we'll talk about the WHY of the issue, the actual problem with the body. 
ANY physical issue, illness, disease is a problem is energy. From Cancer to Diabetes to Fibromyalgia. We can look at them like a program the body is running. A program that needs to be deleted. The program is energy, a lot of different, negative, out of alignment energy that is causing system wide issues. This isn't new, but as we get older, or the more sensitive the body-the sooner we'll have actual symptoms. Sometimes those symptoms are obvious and intense, sometimes they are subtle and easily ignored if you are full of static.  
There is energy within the body that is causing problems and depending on the bio-computer made of water and organic material (YOU) reacts a bit differently than others, but the same as others.
What this means is that some people are programed through coded sequences and the different things within the system or things that trigger the system to activate those codes.
It's not science fiction, we're talking about something known as DNA. DNA is your personal code, embedded deep within the structure of every cell of your body and this coded system all works together.
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