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Clearing, Healing, Grounding & Maintaining Your Energy Bodies=

Maintaining Your Life Force Battery

You Have      Bodies


The Organic, the flesh, bones, organs. It works with the matrix of the rest of the bodies. This body is highly affected by negative energy.
The Closest & most sensitive energy body that works with the Physical Body,
but it resides just outside and around the Physical Body.
This body is highly affected by negative energy.
The Third Energy Body is where our emotions are stored. This body can cause a lot of harm to the overall body and mental state, especially when in fear or when triggered at all. This body as well as the The Etheric bodies, are very absorbent and sticky. They also are sensitive to the past and hold on to trauma. This body is highly affected by negative energy.
THE MENTAL Energy Body
Our Mental Energy. What we think about, put our focus into. Where a lot of ideas come from. You could say that THE EGO usually a blend of the EMOTIONAL & MENTAL bodies, however-depending on the person, the ETHERIC body could trigger the other ones if it is the more sensitive body, or more affected at any given time.This body also is in charge of maintaining our foundational structures, aka things we believe in, our BELIEF system.
Regardless of if it being correct or not.
This body is highly affected by negative energy.
This body is the connection we have to our Souls, Spirit Tribe, Mother-Father God, All Beings Divine, The Universe. It is our "Higher Self"awareness and higher level consciousness. This is the last of our main bodies, the one that for the most part for most people, is the toughest to connect to and work with. Especially if the other bodies are out of alignment. However, regardless of the state of any of the above, it can and will be the one that is activated to "Awaken" the other bodies. This process is referred to as, "Spiritual Awakening" or "Universal Understanding". 
This body is highly affected by negative energy.
Negative energy can and does absorb, attach and get stored into any and all of these bodies, causing ALL of the issues in The Physical body. 
Energy Body.png

Aging Isn't About Time,

It's About Energy.

Even the most healthy of people are not connected to their energetic bodies or know that it's even a thing, and the medical community is just as ignorant. Aside from that, if people were to get educated from childhood about what the energetic body is and how to treat it, our civilization would be unrecognizable. 

Imagine a world where there was no illness or disease. A world where the medical community would mostly be treating accidents only, because the need for on going specialized treatment wouldn't be necessary due to the fact that people were taking care of their bodies and energy way before anything became chronic. 

The best part? It's free. 

It's free to know yourself and your body and to regulate your own energy-if you are educated. 

Once you see and feel your body as a complex system looking to communicate with you on an energetic and spiritual level and to be as healthy as possible simple means to listen to your energy and adjust accordingly. 

You must start fresh and clear and in alignment and in a neutral state, for most people they have never felt this before and don't know what it is.


Even those who are athletes and consider themselves to be ultra healthy don't know what it is to be in that type of state of energetic flow because they have never been cleared to that point. They were born and have gone through their lives without being connected to their energy bodies. The energetic body holds on to trauma, emotions and energies from outside of the self, making it very difficult for most people to be totally healthy.


Many people develop psychological and emotional problems that last throughout their lives because they have energies that are disrupting their natural flow. 


Examples would be getting into a car accident or being sexual molested or assaulted. 

After the accident/trauma, the physical body eventually heals, but the energetic body is still very damaged. People go to physical therapy but not energetic therapy and that's really what needs to be healed for long term health.


The different Chakras that were associated with injuries/abuse will cary the energy of the event forever and it will be a constant block, or bruise to the entire system because the energy was not addressed and healed and cleared.


Then, that energy is like a magnet to energy like it, feeding it on different levels, or over doing it in other energetic centers to compensate, which never works because as one goes out of alignment, they all do to some degree. 

This is possibly when medications and/or procedures come into play, and usually end up causing more harm than good because this is not addressing the issue and causing more harm to the energetic and physical bodies. 

This goes on and on, causing more and more problems for the person. This is especially true if the person is an Empath or Physical Empath, because everything is magnified and multiplied for Empaths energetically.



Live Longer


As issues arise, people treat the physical body or the mind if anxiety or depression or stress are the issues, but never the energy body. 

If everyone did know and work with their own energy, then we would all be so much more healthy. 

We would live to the minimum of

150 years old

consistently because our Life Force Battery would be in a constant state of overflowing, not what they are now for 99.99% of the population, which is that the

Life Force Battery 

of most people are

constantly DRAINING

and this is why we get sick and also why we


We are not running at optimal energy flow and are always in a deficit, running down our life clock exponentially, and needlessly because we actually do have control over our bodies and how they feel and perform. 

Because of that fact, people are not in 100% alignment, flow and balance energetically. No where close actually and that is a major problem for people.

How come I've never heard of this before?

Never forget: If you are self healing in your wellness then you aren't paying the medical system: doctors, procedures, and most importantly daily medications.  


Also, most likely you are the type of person who is into a healthy diet and not too into "bad for you food" and lifestyle habits that influence the body and mind to be sick. 

What if we were all like that? 


Let's face it, for the corporations that count on people consuming food, items and living a lifestyle that is unhealthy is profitable for them. They count on things making & keeping the population you sick so we continue to spend money. This includes the medical industry that is tied in to the food and drug industries. They all work together to keep us fat, lazy, brainwashed and sick.


HEALTHY PEOPLE & Holistic Practitioners

Do not make those corporations

any money!


In fact we take way from them-so for those of us who are telling the truth and getting people set up to be healed and stay healed, we are the enemy and until more and more people step out of the mainstream way of doing things, and follow their guides and have the understanding and faith to go where you are led, even if it's still unknown territory. 

It's important for pioneers to step up and head into a new era, we truly are at a place in time when we can see a new world on the horizon. 

It takes the individual

to decide to discover themselves 100%, to reach beyond what you were told and play in a realm of magic and energy and watch how different the world becomes!



Infinite Love Light Energy 

"Evolve Now"


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