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Infiniti Has Been Gifted

With A Blessed Soul Story of Divine

& Energetic Connection

She is also able to get information about her clients through their Guides & Guardians, to help them understand themselves, Creation and their place in it.

She can feel in her body exactly what other people and animals feel in theirs-exactly how they feel it, and help clear the negative energy causing disruptions.  

A True Spiritual Liaison In Service





Growing & Evolving

Building Relationships

Connecting With Soul Family

A Safe Place

A Community

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Saturday, 9.5.2020
Time: 12 PM — 3PM Pacific

Symbol: Mirror, Twins, Soulmates
Major Arcana: The Empress
Minor Arcana: Three of Cups
Moon Cycle: Day 18
Moon: 88%
Chakra Focus: 3rd Eye
Themes of Empowerment: Naturally activating DMT, Seeking Comfort, Self Care, Divine Help With Soulmate Relationships, No More Holding Back
Archangel(s): Azreal, Ariel, Chamuel
Themes For Meditation: Balancing of the inner and outer. Community, partnerships, reflections, healing, help & justice.

Friday, 9.11.2020
Time: 10 AM — 1PM Pacific
ymbol: Bear, Shiva, Raw Masculine Energy
Major Arcana: The Tower
Minor Arcana: Prince of Wands
Moon Cycle: Day 24
Moon: 35%
Chakra Focus: Throat
Themes of Discussion & Empowerment: Gentleness, Self Care, Patience, Nurturing, Clairsentience; feeling guidance through your body. Signs, Symbols. 
Archangel(s): Sandelphon, Raguel, Jophiel
Themes For Meditation: Destruction of the old, creation of the new. Creative energy, The Divine Masculine, awakening and transformation of sexual energy. Using water to heal.

Sunday, 9.27.2020
Time: 11AM — 2PM Pacific

Symbol: Kundalini, Cosmic Energy, Mother-Father God, enlightenment
Major Arcana: The Moon
Minor Arcana: 7 of Cups & 5 of Cups
Moon Cycle: Day 11

Chakra Focus: Crown
Themes of Discussion & Empowerment: Receiving Love & Blessings, Gifts from our Guides, Changing Careers, Volunteering, Divine Inspiration, Learning New Ideas & concepts, Teaching Others.
Archangel(s): Sandelphon, Zadkiel, Chamuel
Themes For Meditation: Merkaba activations and expansion of spiritual structures, DNA Crystalline Activations, releasing of old programs, evolution, spiritual connections.




















Thursday, 9.17.2020
Time: 3:00PM — 6:00PM Pacific 
ymbol: Abundance, Horn of Plenty, Crystals
Major Arcana: Wheel of Fortune
Minor Arcana: 2 of Wands
Moon Cycle: Day 1
Moon: 0.3%
Chakra Focus: Heart & 3rd Eye
Themes of Discussion & Empowerment: DMT, Remembering your power & Divine Position, Manifestation Blessings & Magic, Peace & Love
Archangel(s): Michael, Raziel, Chamuel
Themes For Meditation: DMT, Your Spirit Guides, Generosity, giving, being in service, connecting to The Abundance Matrix, working with food and digestion.

Sunday, 9.20.2020
Time: 4PM-7PM Pacific

Symbol: Unicorn, Wings
Major Arcana: The Emperor
Minor Arcana: 2 of Swords
Moon Cycle: Day 5
Moon: 16%
Chakra Focus: Crown
Themes of Discussion & Empowerment: Love From Above —from your transitioned family members, ancestors and guides, Divine Timing, Hidden Blessings, Clairvoyance, Spiritual Sight & Awakening,
Archangel(s):Azreal, Raziel, Jeremiel
Themes For Meditation: Healthy body, Evolution, Changes. Planning for the future and prioritization.


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For Serious Souls

 3 Months of





Ascension Guidance


Divine Feminine ✶ Divine Masculine



Monthly & Weekly Zoom Calls

Weekly Phone Calls


Multi Level Soul Code Work

Private Guided Meditations

Personal Energy Readings

Soul Code Synch

+ Much More! 


For Details Choose:

The LionThe Owl

$3333 - $1888

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Total Body Infinite Love light Clearing & Healing

Phase 1 & 2

See Full Description & Sign Up 

Under Services

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4 Week Workshop


Weekly on Tuesdays Beginning October, 6th 2020

2Hr 30 Min Zoom Meetings

11:00 AM - 1:30 PM Pacific

Spiritual Connections & Communication

All Committed Souls Welcome!

Work with Infiniti and in a GROUP to unlock the doors, break down the walls and help you to

RE-connect with your


Soul & Spirit Tribe! 

Week 1

✶-Learn about the different psychic abilities used to communicate with your guides

✶-Learn how to energetically protect and shield yourself for all occasions

✶-Learn what crystals, etc  to use to maximize your spiritual frequency and psychic abilities

Week 2

✶-Learn how to clear your energy body to receive information

✶-Learn how to create a space for spiritual connections

✶-Learn what feels like to be connected to your Guides

✶-Learn the different ways your guides communicate with you


Week 3

✶-Identify Your Subtle Spiritual Communication Abilities

✶-Learn How To Use Meditation to Communicate with your Guides

✶-Group Meditation: Communicate With & Identify Your Guides


Week 4

✶-Learn how to identify negative energies/psychic attack

✶-Learn how to identify when others are getting in the way of your Spiritual Connections

✶-Introduction to using Divination Tools to connect with your Guides & Guardians: Pendulum, Tarot & Oracle, Runes 


Sign Up By Sept.15, 2020

By 9.22.2020


After 9.22.2020


See Full Description & Sign Up 

Under Services


Healing In Peace

Before. During. After.

Every Healing Session 

You get the time, attention and care you need and deserve

for your transformation to unfold.

Thorough, Consistent & Sensitive

  • All sessions with Infiniti for Healing or Spiritual Guidance are done via Zoom Video Conferencing.

  • To read in depth information about how Quantum Distance Healing works, and how Infiniti connects with you and your energy click here

  • Prior to any healing session you'll meet with Infiniti, you'll have a FREE 60 Min Consultation & Evaluation.

  • With all Clearing & Healing Services:

    • We begin by calling in your Guides and Guardians, and because we work directly with the Divine Angelic Realms, they are called in immediately.

    • We use Violet Light to do a general clearing of your overall energy-the loose attachments around you.

    • We do a general clearing your home, including your food, create a dome of protective Violet light around your home, then extend that Violet light through your neighborhood all the way around GAIA, and back to your home.

      • Note: If you have very dark negative attachments in the home this will most likely not clear them away for very long, this is meant as a general clearing of negative energy using The Violet Light and energy from The Divine Angelics working with us. If there is a need for deep clearing of negative energies and attachments, that would be its own service. Please see the "Eliminating Dark Energy" section of Services below. 

  • A 90+ Minute Post--Healing Interview Meeting is included and scheduled with all healings at no extra charge. This gives you the opportunity to have any questions answered and discuss your status and experience before, during and after your session. A few of Infiniti's clients have made these meetings public so others can get a better sense of these unique experiences. You can watch those videos here.

  • Sessions are recorded and clients receive the audio copy to review and experience whenever guided.

  • Payment plans are available for those who are in need. There's no need to suffer, so please reach out.


Pay Less For Master Psychic Advice & Spiritual Guidance 

Truly Connect With Your Guides & Guardians

Psychic Phone & Video companies charging upwards of $9.99 and as high as $12.99 and above PER MINUTE to speak on the phone or over video for the​ir Master Psychics, making an hour call cost $600+ while only a very small portion going to the psychic! Not only is it not fair, Infiniti feels it is unethical all the way around.


Infiniti decided to do it another way. For you and for her. Work with a Master Psychic without paying the usual prices. Connect and pay her directly, and pay less than what you would going through a Psychic Phone or Video company. Contact to book.

The Complete List of Offerings


Please use the links below to submit your payments. 

*Before Submitting your payment for Crystal Gathering, please add $10 for shipping and $40 if you would like Channeling from GAIA with your order. 


This website is run and all services are performed

by Infiniti, she is a Natural Born Energy Healer, Medical Medium, Psychic Physical Empath & Spiritual Liaison. 


She is not a licensed medical physician.

She works with clients worldwide performing Distance Energy Healing & Spiritual Guidance. By continuing to view and engage with this website you acknowledge that you understand the above. 

Safe Harbor Practitioner Law Compliant CA-SB577-820

                 For The Deaf

  • Live Zoom Conference is used for most sessions, it contains a chat feature.

  • Email & Chat is available to communicate.

  • You are always invited to ask a friend or family member to join us. 

  • Any Tarot/Oracle readings can be requested in a written form instead of having a Zoom Conference call.

  • Contact for accommodations. 


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Infiniti is a holistic practitioner, she is not a licensed medical physician. CALIFORNIA SB577 Compliant.

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