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Please CONTACT TO BOOK for any services that do not allow for automatic booking through the website.


The Free Evaluation-Consultation & Mini Energy Healing requires this questionnaire to be filled out prior to booking. 



through Mid-January, 2021.

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Extended Evolve Now Ascension Coaching

is offered to those who have gone through

Phase 1-Balance & Phase 2 Expand,

and their first month of The Evolve Now Program.

These 3 & 6 month packages are offered for

1/4 of Infiniti's average hourly rate. 

  • Chakra Clearing & Astral Travel Energy Healing

    111 US dollars
  • A Blissful DEEP Dive Into Energy Healing

    234 US dollars



Take Flight Into Your New World


With Infiniti

Psychic Medical Medium

Empowering Fellow Empaths & Healers

Worldwide Distance Healing

By Working Directly

With Your Energy

Discover The Possibilities

The EVOLVE Now Program

Eliminate Pain &

Chronic Illnesses


Align With Your Soul &

Life Purpose

Uniquely Developed


Personalized Healing

By Divine Guidance

The Program Includes Ongoing Support & Advice:

-4 Weekly Zoom Meetings with Infiniti

-Contact Infiniti 24/7 via Email or DM


-Access to the Private Facebook Group &

Website Forum to connect with Infiniti's

other clients. 

Dive Deep Down & Connect

with Mother Earth GAIA


Clear,Heal, Infuse & Ground

All 7 Main Chakras

Session Duration 3.5 Hours

Day 2: Cocoon



Acclimate & Begin Living in a New Energy Flow

Eliminate All Negative Energy/Attachments/Cords

from each Body:

Energetic, Emotional, Spiritual,

Physical & Auric

-Infuse Infinite Love Light Energy into Every Cell 

-The Highest Vibration in Creation

-Your Soul is Made of this Energy

Session Duration: 3.5 Hours

Healing In Peace

Before. During. After.

Every Healing Session 

You get the time, attention and care you need and deserve

for your transformation to unfold.

Thorough, Consistent & Sensitive

  • All sessions with Infiniti for Healing or Spiritual Guidance are done via Zoom Video Conferencing.

  • This is a 2 part energy healing session, along with weekly Zoom meetings to go over your progress after these sessions.

  • In total, you will receive 2 healing sessions, and 8 sessions with Infiniti over the course of a month. 

  • Guidance throughout the first month of your new life for your continued development and progress is part of the entire experience. Longer and more in depth one-on-one coaching is available. 

  • To read information about how Quantum Distance Healing works, and how Infiniti connects with you and your energy click here

  • Prior to any healing session you'll meet with Infiniti, you'll have a FREE 60 Min Consultation & Evaluation.

  • With all Clearing & Healing Services:

    • We begin by calling in your Guides and Guardians, and because we work directly with the Divine Angelic Realms, they are called in immediately.

    • We use Violet Light to do a general clearing of your overall energy-the loose attachments around you.

    • We do a general clearing your home, including your food, create a dome of protective Violet light around your home, then extend that Violet light through your neighborhood all the way around GAIA, and back to your home.

      • Note: If you have very dark negative attachments in the home this will most likely not clear them away for very long, this is meant as a general clearing of negative energy using The Violet Light and energy from The Divine Angelics working with us. If there is a need for deep clearing of negative energies and attachments, that would be its own service. Please see the "Eliminating Dark Energy" section of Services below. 

  • This gives you the opportunity to have any questions answered and discuss your status and experience before, during and after your session. A few of Infiniti's clients have made these meetings public so others can get a better sense of these unique experiences. You can watch those videos here.

  • Sessions are recorded and clients receive the video and audio copy to review and experience whenever guided.

  • Payment plans are available for those who are in need. There's no need to suffer, so please reach out.

Get Started Now!

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Evolve Now Client Questionnaire



This website is run and all services are performed

by Infiniti, she is a Natural Born Energy Healer, Medical Medium, Psychic Physical Empath & Spiritual Liaison. 


She is not a licensed medical physician.

She works with clients worldwide performing Distance Energy Healing & Spiritual Guidance. By continuing to view and engage with this website you acknowledge that you understand the above. 

Safe Harbor Practitioner Law Compliant CA-SB577-820

                 For The Deaf

  • Live Zoom Conference is used for most sessions, it contains a chat feature.

  • Email & Chat is available to communicate.

  • You are always invited to ask a friend or family member to join us. 

  • Any Tarot/Oracle readings can be requested in a written form instead of having a Zoom Conference call.

  • Contact for accommodations. 


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Infiniti is a holistic practitioner, she is not a licensed medical physician. CALIFORNIA SB577 Compliant.

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